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  1. 8 months pregnant takes shotgun to car thief
  2. Duties to Rescue (or Report) and the Anticooperative Effects of Law
  3. Wistfull recollection of the "good old days"...of 2007!
  4. Gun owners beware: Jim Ryan announces run for Illinois Governor
  5. I think I just found the Snub-Nose from hell!!!
  6. The one man army: How a botanist fought a three-year war against 4,000 Jap troops
  7. shooter at Ft Hood
  8. Odd occurance...maybe
  9. falfiles forums
  10. Want to Adopt a Child in Florida?Have Guns & Ammo at Home?You May Need the NRA.
  11. Nuts! Office Mass Shooting in Orlando
  12. Fort Hood and institutionalized political correctness
  13. You don't hide apple pie
  14. RE: Alaskan Co-Pilot
  15. Response to co-workers
  16. 20/20 reports "cop killer" gun
  17. Fail or Funny?
  18. shotgun/muzzleloader scope on a centerfire rifle
  19. AMW's John Walsh on Automatic Weapons
  20. Paying at gunshows
  21. Dogfight Over Guadalcanal [video]
  22. Ain't nothin' prettier than people who know how to handle a gun
  23. Anyone have an LCP in Nashville / Murfreesboro
  24. Texas under attack of late
  25. Texas sheriff hosting home defense course
  26. Execution for shootings
  27. What stops FT. Hood from happening again?
  28. What defines a 'domestic terrorist?'
  29. US Army Nurse in World War II Europe
  30. Electronic combination on RSC eating batteries??
  31. Excellent commercial!
  32. Utah CWP Class In Idaho...
  33. Ironic
  34. Bar-Sto Moving from California to Sturgis, South Dakota
  35. Happly Birthyday Debel Dogz!
  36. Seattle murder weapon NOT an 'assault rifle'
  37. Firearms suggestion?
  38. Help a Young Lass Debate Gun Rights
  39. Cause of Ft. Hood massacre finally identified!
  40. Western Nevada Machine Gun Question
  41. Flip 'Em The Bird And Die Like A Viking
  42. Thanks
  43. Liberty Gun Safe
  44. A day to remember... Veterans Day
  45. carry question
  46. The Green Notebook
  47. Fort Hood: Daley blames guns, WA Times blames Clinton
  48. A Fine Veterans Day Column: "They Paid the Bill When it Came Due."
  49. Converted another pseudo-anti
  50. A Toast to those who Served
  51. Very tilted video
  52. Terror Gap in Gun Control Laws (And so it begins)
  53. Banning and Confiscation - a reality or myth
  54. pattern: Ammo price vs Surplus rifle price
  55. UK: Ex-soldier turns in a found gun, gets arrested and convicted
  56. Almost got shot by 500 Magnum
  57. NRA Phone call
  58. "Time to Put An End to Army Bases as Gun-Free Zones"
  59. A U.S.Army Officer's Outrage Over Ft.Hood
  60. What was the historical reasoning?
  61. How to get your wife shooting
  62. Gats used by the great fiction detectives
  63. FFL Only Forum Starting Up
  64. shipping to canada
  65. Good riddance to gun registration
  66. Do you have an anti-gun neighbor?
  67. 11th Annual Defend the Roost Shoot Nov. 19 to 22
  68. recovered stolen rifle! What to do now?
  69. The New Gun Shop Opened This Weekend at the PX
  70. Obama revives talk of U.N. gun control
  71. Judge Dredd's Lawgiver is just around the corner . .
  72. I LOVE situations like this!
  73. Fiction title
  74. Tom Gresham thinks we are all cowards!
  75. Craigslist deleted my ad
  76. How long until required by law for citizens?
  77. A modest proposal
  78. Fiction, short story
  79. An odd safety dilemma
  80. Institutional Anti Gun/ Self Defense Bias in Hollywood?
  81. Found myself in an unexpected spot.
  82. Pirates Attack Maersk Alabama Again! Surprise!
  83. Reminder on Chemical Safety
  84. revolver id
  85. Muzzle flash
  86. Cleaning a Remington 1100
  87. Examiner.com: American ships buck trend, sail armed
  88. Howdy----Again
  89. Firearms on "Indian" Reservations
  90. Reno shooting club??
  91. THR.ORG Members Read This (Oleg Volk v. Derek Zeanah)
  92. thehighroad.org users read this
  93. More info on "Red Dawn" remake
  94. Interesting carry handle location
  95. Firearm humor
  96. Diversity vs consolidation: an internal debate
  97. Good Gun-related books and movies that i reccomend
  98. lets have some new "gun porn" (if that is the word preferred...)
  99. Deputy Chief Steven Seagal's Shooting Gallery
  100. Is "paper Patching" real for making bullets untraceable?
  101. where is the dot org site
  102. Poll:What Is the Greatest Book Made Into a Great Gun Movie?
  103. Poll:What Is the Greatest Gun Book Made Into a Great Gun Movie?
  104. The Most Efficient Cartridges in the World
  105. Need some help please.
  106. Small pistol primers !!!!!!!!!!
  107. What about this ammo & component shortage?
  108. An Embarrassed Announcement
  109. Has anyone ever used ROBAR?
  110. Colt AR-15 KABOOM
  111. Shotgun lethality
  112. Shooting shows need to understand self-defense law
  113. SC 2nd Amendment Day
  114. Why Panama is safer than New Jersey
  115. Media Reporting Rise in Militia Movement For 2A Reasons
  116. Is the Second Ammendment Still Valid
  117. Any study proving that Kellerma(n) & Reay study on gun is BS ?
  118. What do you keep for HD?
  119. More Shortage Issues
  120. .22 mag : ballistics, platforms and uses
  121. Mossberg 9200 problems
  122. The movie "The Blind Side"
  123. Interesting read from a provocative source.
  124. "The Pacific" trailer is out
  125. bERETTA 80 Series
  126. bERETTA 80 Series
  127. Ultimate Skeet/trap shooting.
  128. Underwood Ammunition
  129. A Good Read
  130. did another appleseed
  131. Examiner.com: Virginia House of Delegate Democrats appear weak on gun rights
  132. Needed a Laugh
  133. Meaning of "Mall ninjas"
  134. How much do you practice with your Home Defense Weapon?
  135. Critical info for the pro-gun community...
  136. Another victory for 'Zero Tolerance'
  137. MOJO Sights
  138. Submitted for your entertainment.
  139. Giving Thanks
  140. Eric Holder admits support for permanent registry
  141. The East Anglia emails - Scientific Dishonesty
  142. I'm the new Detroit Firearms Examiner - Check it out
  143. Firearms freedom
  144. Depending on police response
  145. Something went thump in the night...
  146. Gun Friendly Airline?
  147. NYC teen killed by cops pulled a gun
  148. The (non-government approved) message of Thanksgiving
  149. More Black Friday deals on guns and gears
  150. Shooting in Berlin, NH
  151. New Chicago area Indoor Rifle Range!
  152. Do you look at gun classified ads when you have no money?
  153. is the BATFE really like that ?
  154. Paypal and Gunbroker
  155. What gun for camel? ;)
  156. Trigger locks
  157. Scope base hole spacing question
  158. Reports of failure to stop
  159. Thanksgiving Theft - Making Sure I Am On Task
  160. right handed but left eye dominant?
  161. Center fire VS rim fire
  162. Many Mass Shooting This Weekend?
  163. Switzerland keeps exporting weapons (including small arms)
  164. They've begun to learn:
  165. Good Things About The Ammo Shortage
  166. Stats on gun purchases?
  167. Examiner.com: New gun rights resource in the DMV: Virginia Gun Owners Forum
  168. If you could own.....
  169. A long history of crime should send a signal
  170. WA Cop Killer Slain
  171. Stuff no one makes but should make
  172. Cop-killer dead; NOW start asking questions
  173. The 10/22 "Chicago Conversion"...I want it!
  174. Could more armed citizens have stopped WA attack?
  175. Why does the FBI need this...
  176. The "low tech" solution
  177. Another trip down Ammo memory lane.
  178. SURPRISE! WA cop-killer had stolen handgun
  179. Your favorite gun daydream
  180. Range Day Report
  181. Very interesting article in Reason magazine about McDonald v. Chicago.
  182. Jim Ryan retracts claim of gun rights endorsement . . .Chicago Gun Rights Examiner
  183. My other (shooting related) hobby
  184. Non-fire lined safes and humidity...
  185. what do you think of this???
  186. A pleasant get-together
  187. New member looking for info
  188. Greetings
  189. What exactly is a "Speer Bonded Unicore Hollow Point"?
  190. New report re V.Teck shooting.
  191. SCOTUS will hear Chicago gun ban case
  192. On running after robbers.
  193. Campus Carry Banned at Colorado State University
  194. New Steven Seagal show?
  195. Give FBI More Time to Access Gun Records, Pleads Bloomberg & Kean
  196. 1903a3 parade guns
  197. Santa's Holiday Setup
  198. Tired of the stigma.
  199. Holstermakers: help wanted. Women in WA state - save this date!
  200. New poster
  201. Deer Hunt 2009...
  202. Oh, great. Jewelry store shootout per SF Chronicle
  203. Found a sunflower seed in my wife's carry piece
  204. Attack by Person with Assault Weapon in Baltimore (no really)
  205. My letter to the local paper
  206. Remington 788 age
  207. Anyone from upstate SC ?
  208. Restaurant CCW in AZ. Go/no go list.
  209. Examiner.com: No fly list gun ban not cleared for takeoff
  210. Singer 1911A1 for only $55,000
  211. What is the strangest thing you have seen someone doing at the range?
  212. New Kindle ad on tv
  213. Prolly been asked and answered before but how many guns would get the .gov attention.
  214. gun safe organizers
  215. Remembering Pearl Harbor
  216. Safariland makes good products, but....
  217. What should my wife carry? thread
  218. Shortest robbery
  219. Oklahoma Homeowner Kills Intruder
  220. The Night Before Christmas
  221. same make & model
  222. The wait is over!
  223. It's that "tenth time" that will get you killed...
  224. FBI getting 20mm rifles! Oh, yeah...I said "20mm!"
  225. PAGING OLEG - Care to tell us what you thought of the PMR-30?
  226. 'We Need to Do Something',Says NYC Anti-Gun Advocate.Its For the Children.
  227. Another "effective" gun free zone
  228. TSA Airport Screening Manual
  229. Where else but NYC
  230. New Reality Show
  231. Massacre followup: The extended family from Hell
  232. Good, new (free) email newletter about FIREARMS
  233. An F-Trooper Arrested in NOLA
  234. On the lighter side...Gun and football humor
  235. Living in Lawless State, Firearm and Sword Required
  236. Firearms you just like to 'fondle'
  237. Taking 'The High Road' and other gun rights forums
  238. AP: Gun laws are getting looser across much of US
  239. Fun switch on a rifle
  240. Tailor made for Bloomberg
  241. Tenn. demonstrates trend of looser guns laws
  242. Armed Citizen: Wounded Jewelry Store Owner Detains Robbery Suspect
  243. Carry in a casino, in Lousiana?
  244. Free online videos explaining firearms
  245. Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World
  246. Is is "highroad" to express a sense of Schadenfreude
  247. Magazine storage.
  248. .357 -- The Most Holy Magnum
  249. Xsapi plates/body armor
  250. new member introduction and Tokarev question