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  1. Cerberus on the prowl again
  2. Herter's ammunition
  3. Guns as an investment?
  4. Finally!
  5. Buyback disconnect
  6. ABC World News and Grenade Launchers
  7. New Site for Next Austin, TX Gun Show
  8. A couple of Oleg-style posters
  9. Use of firearms in the movie Legion
  10. Found a place to shoot at 2 miles from my house!
  11. Is there an SMG in .357 SIG?
  12. Hometown newspaper strikes again!
  13. Firearms in Contemporary, ahem, Music...
  14. Fear and loathing of Open Carry in Olympia, WA
  15. California Pizza Kitchen and Peet's Coffee Announce Ban on Open Carry
  16. Charles Daly going out of business
  17. CMP ammo.... What are your thoughts?
  18. Remington Model 11 in 16ga, to buy or not to buy?
  19. Let's talk guns: New model Walther PPK
  20. Child Endangerment (fiction)
  21. Stopping power ? weak 5.56 ? (explicit pictures)
  22. Jim Watson
  23. KBI out of Business
  24. Open Carry to a job interview or at work...
  25. Link - NC Estate Auction - Guns and Pictures!
  26. Flying Pigs! Milwaukee paper supports CCW
  27. Common sense, from GB..
  28. Gun Literatre
  29. This just in from "one of the safest countries in the hemisphere!
  30. Ban knives because people might commit crimes!
  31. Friend won't give felon his gun back :D
  32. Gilbert Arenas is Sorry: "Guns Are Neither Glamorous Nor Desirable"
  33. Shoot second in a gunfight?
  34. November 10th
  35. IMFDB.org; a cool new firearms related website..
  36. IRS Buying short-Barreled Shotguns
  37. Are these nice shotties? And why does the IRS only need 60 of them?
  38. Age old problem solved???
  39. A new felon and his guns
  40. Here some high caliber humor I hope hits the mark.
  41. New posters
  42. Why no one invades Switzerland~~~
  43. New gun
  44. Email from the Bradys about Starbucks Open carry
  45. Is there no end to the U.K. "violence engineering" lunacy? Pint glasses to be banned.
  46. Brady Campaign declares war on Starbucks - Dave Workman
  47. Student threatened after found with toy lego gun
  48. Great New Patriotic Video!
  49. Who's familiar with MN law--"Terroristic threats"?
  50. Follow-up to the Brady Campaign v. Starbucks case - Dave Workman
  51. Ran across a deal on PMC 223 with free shipping...
  52. Winchester Primers from Cabelas
  53. What's keeping me busy
  54. Maine legislators consider banning guns in National parks and Appalachian Trail
  55. Bush at Ft. Hood
  56. What makes an anti an anti ?
  57. Reading ad nauseam (GCN)
  58. "Prank"
  59. King NC Bans Alcohol / Gun Sales during
  60. K-19 Widowmaker Guns~~~
  61. Gun store parking lot AD, Jupiter Florida...
  62. Zero Tolerance Strikes Again -Dave Workman
  63. How many of us have had an AD ?
  64. Storing Ammo above an electric water heater
  65. Seattle mayor seeks input on new top cop - Dave Workman
  66. Crack In Witness 9mm Slide
  67. Teacher Shoots 2 Principals @ School
  68. Police: Man with weapons cache was preparing for 'Armageddon'
  69. Guards (?!?) stand by as girl is attacked~~~
  70. Growing up without guns around?
  71. She thinks that the government should know what
  72. Yeah, this seems about right (humor)
  73. How Often Do SWAT Teams Shoot Anyone?
  74. Charges, backlash in wake of bus tunnel beat-down in Seattle - Dave Workman
  75. Am I The Only One That Thinks This Was Incredibly Stupid?
  76. Boss outed me at work...
  77. Happy St. Valentine's Day (A target)
  78. Is it just me or did America forget the 94 AWB?
  79. Interesting paper on the military 5.56
  80. For CT Residents-- Party Time!
  81. Anti-Starbucks campaign affirms fear, loathing and bigotry of anti-gun lobby - Dave W
  82. Active shooter on U of Alabama campus.
  83. Dawson Precision
  84. POLL: Is it a weapon?
  85. anyone know UAG ?
  86. an amusing moment on Craigslist about guns...
  87. 303 brit.
  88. KS: No more "stop or I'll shoot..."
  89. New pictures of my rifle range~~~
  90. Oh another case! Man hoarding guns, ammunition, etc.!
  91. Texas Church Arson and ATF?
  92. Gun Rights Advocates Target California Detective Following Facebook Posts
  93. Seattle mayor wants law changed to suit his whims
  94. James Brady and the Brady bill
  95. More On The U Of Alabama Shooter
  96. Hand lee loader Instructions
  97. Mas Ayoob: Sippin' on Starbucks and Listening to the Radio
  98. Deputy Sheriff Kills 3 (including himself), wounds 1
  99. Does anyone remember this thread?
  100. I so have to have one of these...
  101. Marine Corps to start fielding new ammo!
  102. Da Vinci: Gun manufacturer and warmonger
  103. Alabama Permit?
  104. Campus shooting, Clemmons tapes show fallacy of gun control - Dave Workman
  105. Shotgun Revolvers Are the Newest Thing In Gang Weaponry
  106. "Just an average house mom"
  107. Sabre Defense Raided This AM
  108. New poster.
  109. Finnish commission recommends handgun ban; Wire Paladin, San Francisco - Dave Workman
  110. This is a must see for gun owners
  111. Anyone notice the newest Kel Tec ad in American Rifleman with Oleg's photograph in it
  112. Another new poster
  113. BATF Loses Guns
  114. Open Carry Deters Armed Robbery
  115. A question about Dragnet
  116. Pocket Declaration of Independence/Constitution of The United States
  117. National parks gun regs change, but anti-gun hysteria never changes - Dave Workman
  118. Gun Shows and Crime
  119. Any Kel-Tec RFB availability?
  120. Latest on "Guns in Parks" from the WaPo
  121. FREE Pocket DoI/CotUS REDUX
  122. Starbucks should say "Yes" to Brady Campaign
  123. New Brady state scorecards are out.
  124. I Know This Shouldn't Bother Me But...
  125. NRA class instructor shoots student in the foot....
  126. Another conversation with an anti
  127. Billy Joel's Garage
  128. NRA Board Elections
  129. Why not Oleg for the NRA Board of Directors
  130. Well, it's happened again. . .
  131. Marine is shot in head, walks away
  132. This One Will Get Your Blood Boiling
  133. My Daughter Discussing Double Taps...
  134. Louisville Shows,anybody go?
  135. VIDEO: Gunkata
  136. Tonite: News features restaurant ban repeal in VA
  137. What's wrong with this picture?
  138. NRA Instructor Shoots Student
  139. [TIME SENSITIVE] Call and say "Hi" to Mayor Daley of Chicago
  140. My lucky day!
  141. Is there an "Arsenal" Law?
  142. Gun prohibitionists can't be confused by facts -Dave Workman
  143. Another school shooting
  144. Gun shop break-in, over 29 firearms stolen, ammunition lost...
  145. My first legal carry in a National Park.
  146. Firearms expert sets bad example
  147. Poll:Carrying a Handgun into a National Park, What Will Be Your Most Likely Caliber?
  148. Utah Senators Favor Browning Holiday that Covers MLK Day
  149. Customs Agents Nab "Machine Guns" in Tacoma
  150. NOPD Police LT Pleads Guilty to Cover-up of Murder - Dave Workman
  151. Which guns for Libyan terrorists ?
  152. SD Hunters have a Great Sense of Humor!
  153. Gunman dead in Calif. rampage
  154. New online "target training" game from Fox
  155. What's in your office?
  156. Another school demonstrates the value of gun bans
  157. A liberal ant'-gunner's hypocrisy exposed in WA state
  158. The great registration myth
  159. I really love LA!...
  160. Has Anyone heard...
  161. Zero Shots To Stop A Threat?
  162. Struck by lightening and carrying concealed?
  163. Gun owners vs doctors
  164. Volunteers for West Virginia Gun Owners
  165. Security gaurd at college has a ND
  166. Homeland Security loses 200 guns
  167. NRA Board Elections Warning
  168. Sherriff says he will not enforce campus gun ban
  169. Zero tolerance for the fail
  170. The Actor William Smith from the Western Laredo.
  171. All eyes on SCOTUS gun rights showdown Tuesday - Dave Workman
  172. Last Gunshow?
  173. An "only ones" video
  174. 1 year old girl shot during home robbery.
  175. Fox not talking McDonald vs Chicago??
  176. Robbers baby shot by victim during getaway.
  177. NPR: New McDonald facts!
  178. Why Brady hates Utah
  179. Irony:Son Accidentally Shot to Death After CCW Holder Disarms For Post Office
  180. Brady Bunch brings anti-Starbucks campaign to Seattle
  181. FL CCW Renewal Turnaround Time
  182. Have you read the McDonald case arguments?
  183. Bad Luck Magnet?
  184. BBQ grill
  185. Starbucks Stands by Gun Policy
  186. Jury awards man $2.1 million in gun case
  187. Justices may extend gun owner rights nationwide
  188. Oklahoma City police describe relative’s shooting as self defense
  189. Man charged with murder in Wilmington shooting
  190. Charges filed in Luke AFB shooting
  191. Murder suspect put on probation day before shooting
  192. Score dispute ends in shooting at Northeast Phila. gym
  193. Lifting handgun ban makes no one safer
  194. To Keep and Bear Arms
  195. Gun rights and SCOTUS: Chicago will lose and the nation will win - Dave Workman
  196. My local range is being severely restricted
  197. Lady Shooters. Please Read. Thank You.
  198. Going long (range) in afghanistan
  199. Shooting @ the Root Beer Stand
  200. What is Mayor Richard Daley drinking? - Dave workman
  201. Do you trust OTHER people W/ guns?
  202. Shooter at the pentagon?
  203. Does anyone own a Pendleton safe?
  204. Hey... it's in a mainstream gun magazine so it must be acceptable
  205. Okay... who want's a "glow in the dark" handgun?
  206. I love my local gun club!
  207. Importing Firearms to the USA
  208. Rossi Circuit Judge
  209. Central Florida sworn LEO fires a "warning shot"...
  210. how do you pronounce "Česká zbrojovka" (CZ)?
  211. Newspapers take different approaches to McDonald arguments - Dave Workman
  212. Knife-Wielding Attacker Shot Dead
  213. kindergartner suspended for making gun with hand
  214. Only because I care so much, free S/H for orders...
  215. Ever fire a gun and then wonder why everybody doesn't own one like it?
  216. need some feed back
  217. Texas Walmart shooting
  218. Ever ruin your own day? or Stupid should hurt more
  219. Defensive shooting and hearing loss.
  220. I had a nightmare
  221. Intellectual vacuum of 'temporary' tax hikes and anti-gun politics - Dave Workman
  222. Best home defense weapon
  223. What the.. Band of Brothers on BluRay??
  224. Rust!
  225. Does the Presence of a Licensed Firearm Create A Threat to Officer Safety
  226. They came for our guns, they came for our freedom...
  227. Hit This Poll
  228. University Sporting Clays Club
  229. I saw a cute gun on the History Channel~~~
  230. Gun in school goes bang.
  231. NEWS and POLLS: THR Discussions and Archive
  232. Lowering the common sense threshold, upping the ante at Starbucks - Dave Workman
  233. Shooting at Ohio State University
  234. Surrounded by Police for Open Carry
  235. Is a safety a safety mechanism?
  236. The Robbery Victim who shot the baby..The Charges in the case
  237. Remington Shotguns--Solicitation Number: EDOOIG-10-000004
  238. Another reason to carry?
  239. City petition to not infringe on 2nd Amendment rights.
  240. Why does the Department of Education need 12-gauge shotguns? - Dave Workman
  241. 2A, 4A, 14A...doesn't mean jack squat in Oregon...
  242. Weapons license approved.
  243. Reciprocity
  244. What Would You Do?
  245. Camouflaged US Weapons Now Legal on the Battlefield
  246. Department of Education buying shorty 870s?
  247. New York Times gets an education; Seattle Times wises up - Dave Workman
  248. Call center armed robbery...
  249. umarex .22 mags in a sig 522
  250. Woman mauled to death by wolves