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  1. A "silenced" AK?
  2. Crime rates continue decline while gun ownership rises - Dave Workman
  3. How Would You Handle the "Neighborhood Watch"
  4. Coming this weekend: 25th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference - Dave Workman
  5. 38 special ID ?
  6. First Rule for Rescuers
  7. NFA section
  8. Typical Anti/Pro-Gun discussion------funny video
  9. Surprise in a box of WWB 38 specials.
  10. Hunters sighting in on Google's infrastructure?
  11. Two sides of youth violence; hot air and a sensible solution - Dave Workman
  12. Need Help finding the CZ guy.
  13. LVPD COSTCO Shooting Inquest Begins Tomorrow
  14. New NBC "Chase" program
  15. Is he anti-gun?
  16. May The Best Bullet Lose (Army vs USMC)
  17. I miss The High Road.
  18. Anti-gun mayoral criminals have something else in common - Dave Workman
  19. THR.org betrays members' privacy
  20. Need Gun Auto Travel Advice Please.Miami to Illinois,Roundtrip
  21. Hope he picks up the right rifle!
  22. Madison WI PD Uses Disorderly Conduct Charges to Suppress Second Amendment Rights
  23. Insurance
  24. Is this legal under the 4th...?
  25. Tough Women in Montana!
  26. thug in Kent: ‘Gun culture’ didn’t create this little jerk - Dave Workman
  27. Any interested cartridge collectors
  28. Mass shooting an excuse for anti-gun hostility…and speaking of which… Dave Workman
  29. Since my camera is broken...
  30. Great movie, a few gun questions
  31. How would you respond (Told you violated a fictitious law)
  32. Is there an Interactive Illustrated hammer fired automatic demo
  33. Madison alder declares constitutional freedoms to be 'childish'
  34. shooting cars?? why
  35. how much?
  36. Gun Rights conference off to roaring start - Dave Workman
  37. Hawaii Five O 2010.Lots of Guns,Fun,Action in Premiere
  38. ‘Arms’ are not just firearms; knives and the 2A wrap-up GRPC - Dave Workman
  39. Something to remember if you are on trial...
  40. The Mayor's Mafia is at it Again
  41. Paintball guns for self defense?
  42. Thoughts on paintguns designed specifically for self defense
  43. Idiots, slobs and…champions - Dave Workman
  44. Would You Pay $500 Yearly For a Carry Permit? A New Jersey Senator's Proposal
  45. Campus shooting at UT Austin
  46. Gun control isn't for YOUR safety! (poster)
  47. Size matters
  48. Remington 870 Wingmaster chamber conversion
  49. Jon Stewart attacked by Brady Campaign
  50. Pizza Hut Shooting.
  51. One less skill for soldiers to master at boot camp: bayonet training
  52. 'Constitutional carry’ and the challenges it presents - Dave Workman
  53. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life
  54. Buying the holster first
  55. Israel Adopts The Lapua Magnum
  56. Open Carry group plans Saturday solidarity gathering in Pierce County - Dave Workman
  57. Video: “True Grit” trailer
  58. Fort Hood soldiers told to list private weapons Base requires make, model, serial num
  59. Be sure of your target and what lies beyond… Dave Workman
  60. ANY new word on the NRA challenges handgun ban??
  61. Lame Duck AWB?
  62. Gun Toting Grandma Hero or Villian?
  63. New York's Finest - Broad Side of a Barn
  64. Local Gun Show.
  65. How will the new California pot law effect your CCL if caught.
  66. "Guns make people nervous’ - Dave Workman
  67. More States Are Allowing Guns in Bars:Tennessee joins AZ,GA and VA
  68. Self-Aiming Sniper Rifles Coming Next Year
  69. MHI: Vendetta
  70. How many times have you wanted to do this?
  71. Eight reasons to be thankful deputy isn't a crack shot
  72. Any shooters from Idaho on here?
  73. Is ‘hunter orange’ requirement responsible for accidents? - Dave Workman
  74. State Laws Pertaining to "Discharge of Weapon"
  75. Why OC protects CC
  76. What society will tolerate... then and now
  77. Remember the imaginary “National Republican Association”?
  78. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Supples
  79. Phoenix cop kills man; arrested for agravated assault
  80. The "excuse" for the next ban?
  81. Madison, WI newspaper compares gun rights to civil rights…huh? - Dave Workman
  82. Fun guns
  83. Planning a holiday in Aust and you're a LAFO, don't go to Dreamworld.
  84. Study the ‘Castle Doctrine’ debate in PA, it has a familiar ring - Dave Workman
  85. A topic from the past. Baby shot and killed
  86. Gun Review: Chiappa Firearms Rhino
  87. Firearms Courses? Too Pricey? Too Inconvenient?
  88. Guardian Angels?
  89. Another CCW Justification!
  90. Justifiable SD Shooting?
  91. ATF Memo on Importing M1's from Korea
  92. State ID & DL
  93. What a US Assualt Weapon Ban for the sake of Mexico could cost for no benefit
  94. United Way and donating appropriately
  95. Guns are the litmus test of freedom - Dave Workman
  96. Free book Lone Star Planet by H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire
  97. Guns and Religion
  98. Striker fired V. Hammer fired
  99. Inquest proper in questionable police shootings - Dave Workman
  100. C.J. Chivers' book about the AK now in print...
  101. West Virginia Governor Shoots Down Cap and Trade Bill.Literally!
  102. Got a Hot Gun? Trade It For Gas,No Questions Asked
  103. How To Calculate Velocity For Different Barrel Lengths
  104. Do you open the door for trick-or-treaters?
  105. Pierce Co. prosecutor gets it right, ATF gets it wrong - Dave Workman
  106. Best bargain in guns today?
  107. Interview with Kel-tec engineer
  108. What is this?
  109. Unjustified shooting’ report good cause for reflection by police, gun activists Workm
  110. New FFL looking for advice
  111. Ayoob on "Monster Hunters"
  112. Wisconsin ruling affirms importance of SAF’s McDonald case - Dave Workman
  113. Two steps forward, one step back
  114. Georgia Veteran Loses Second Amendment Rights for a 40 Year Old Maryland Misdemeanor
  115. Portable Folding Tables for the Range?
  116. Animal attack: Man gored by mountain goat in Olympic National Park bleeds to death
  117. PUMPKIN TIME! Post your pics!
  118. A little firearm humor to start the week...
  119. Dalton and Gwinnett gun shows
  120. Don't see it here, as much, but ...
  121. Lawsuit against GPal (GunPal)
  122. Idaho governor pulls off gloves on wolves - Dave Workman
  123. Need some input regarding a compact defensive handgun
  124. Statute of limitations on straw purchases
  125. New posters
  126. Man shoots teens in his driveway
  127. One wounded in Darlington Robbery attempt
  128. The usual suspects have their panties in a wad
  129. Fairfax County VA CCW training
  130. CCDW while voting in KY?
  131. Mid-term election IS about gun rights; John A. Nosler, in memory - Workman
  132. Lack of safety training
  133. How can New Jersey imprison a gun owner who broke no laws?
  134. Carjacking suspect killed in gunfight Detroits westside
  135. Georgia man shoots home invader
  136. The importance of knowing your target
  137. Remington 700 misfires??? On TV last night
  138. Olympic Park tragedy underscores guns in parks issue - DAve Workman
  139. Yet another reason to ban 'no knock' warrants
  140. Robar
  141. Cooperation doesnt always ensure safety
  142. Who wants hear another Sd story? (me me me )
  143. SD in SC
  144. "its a gun thing......"
  145. Keep Those Pockets/Barrels Clean
  146. Sportsmen gearing up for vote; how this relates to the Juan Williams outrage -Workman
  147. Clerk Gets Lucky in Robbery
  148. First Day on the Job Shooting
  149. Homeowner gets a shot off
  150. Midwest City, OK Lady Kills Home Invader
  151. Buyers remorse in OH castle doctrine
  152. Will they ever learn?
  153. HD shooting?
  154. More MSM retardery about firearms
  155. Point Shooting
  156. 45/70 marlin 1895ss using unique 405 gr sp bullets
  157. 1911's
  158. Scalia Takes Kagan to Gun Range
  159. Why gun rights activist Gottlieb was right about Nov. 2 elections - Workman
  160. Gun Slingers
  161. First Appleseed for me
  162. Blogger wonders "What harm was done?"
  163. Lesson on how to make a straw purchase
  164. Creach WA shooting still no word???
  165. Sniper shoots gun out of man's hand
  166. Vet denied gun rights while illegals campaign for Murray -Dave Workman
  167. Is this love?
  168. Should Floridians be allowed to carry weapons openly?
  169. Shooting Apps for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
  170. Bloombegr's At It Again
  171. Accidental shooting triggers revival of ‘safe storage’ debate - Dave Workman
  172. Whoa, What is all this stuff worth? What are these weird cartridges? PIC HEAVY
  173. What would YOU do? 'Fess up or hunker down?
  174. 911 Call after shooting intruder
  175. Yet another problem with a DOC-supervised felon - Dave Workman
  176. Superior Safe Company
  177. Raising 'em right. [pic heavy]
  178. CCW Map Tool
  179. Ten Reasons To Support The Marines
  180. Alan Gur'a Post McDonald Talk
  181. Gunman Opens Fire at Walmart
  182. High stakes for gun owners in Tuesday’s Senate election - Dave Workman
  183. "reasonable gun laws..."
  184. Video: Pumpkin carving with style...
  185. Election Day Looming.Will You Vote For the Best RKBA Candidate Regardless of Party?
  186. Recommend a San Antonio pistol range
  187. Marines show UFC fighters what real warriors are
  188. Boise ID: Nightfire at the Idaho Military History Museum Nov. 6th
  189. Short history lesson
  190. Proper lubrication of an auto pistol
  191. "The Walking Dead" on AMC -- gun stuff
  192. .22 Magnum, the underappreciated round
  193. Advocacy Group Wants Guns For Bodega Owners
  194. Bangor police officer denied right to vote after refusing to surrender weapon
  195. More States Add Youth-Only Hunting Seasons
  196. It is time to vote; use it but don’t abuse it - Dave Workman
  197. Argumentative Essay/Gun Control
  198. Is it time in Washington for ‘constitutional carry?’ - Dave Workman
  199. Election Results
  200. A Note to Oleg and the Moderators
  201. While dust settles, gun owners count wins, losses - Dave Workman
  202. TGC closing pistol and rifle range
  203. More posters
  204. Earn this’ is message to Republicans; A note for KIRO’s Dori Monson - Workamn
  205. Kopel on election night results
  206. Ammo bans...
  207. Name your most useful gun(s).
  208. Concealed carry into Reliant Stadium, Houston?
  209. Starbucks redux: Money talks and B.S. walks - Dave Workman
  210. As promised...
  211. Should a College Coach Be Able to Deny RKBA Rights to Age Eligible Players?
  212. 45GAP in Revolvers Built for .45 ACP?
  213. Brady Campaign Touts Their Big Win
  214. Do we have a resident hydraulic expert
  215. Storing in the basement??
  216. Shipping firearms
  217. 3 New Additions
  218. Please recommend a small gun safe / vault
  219. Fitting end to a barbaric crime, and other news items - Dave Workman
  220. Curious about Hi Point handgunss
  221. BearAtack .375 H&H Not Enough
  222. Request from Hawaiian gun owner site
  223. Shooting the Kriss Super V Vector .45 ACP SMG
  224. Range in Philly?
  225. Disarming Remembrance Day (UK)
  226. Antique guns trigger UMSL campus scare
  227. Please review my video, and make suggestions for future ones
  228. What I did doesn’t deserve a life sentence’ - Dave Workman
  229. How do you conceal a S&W j-frame?
  230. My Wife FINALLY said the Magic Words!
  231. New member here, looking for advice from the "wiser" individuals on here
  232. 1917 floorplate needed
  233. mounting a handgun in a pickup
  234. The Wife Wins Four Freedom Points Today
  235. Have a great Veterans/Remembrance Day
  236. Portland mayor sends signal that WA gun owners better heed - Dave Workman
  237. What do I tell my wife?
  238. Kimber, Para, 357 Sig
  239. The LIbs love Remington
  240. Is there a list of good CCW instructors by states?
  241. Hard ‘Boyle-d’ justice - Dave Workman
  242. examiner.com - Black is back
  243. examiner.com - open cary Governors win elections
  244. Print your own shotgun?
  245. New aquisition - SKS.
  246. Guy in backfiring van gets shot at
  247. Israeli Contract Hi Powers
  248. Question about a T.V. Movie
  249. Three new essays on gun control
  250. 'Winning firearms freedom, one lawsuit at a time’ - Dave Workman