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  1. Police Chief shoots himself in the leg during gun safety lesson.
  2. "Ballistics by the inch" - free new resource.
  3. Burress Accidentally Shot Himself
  4. Yet another gun show report (Orlando FL)
  5. Another bitter clinger
  6. One Pennsylvanian's Opinion:Semi-Automatic Weapons Should Be Banned For "Civilians"
  7. Gun Control Who's The Stupid Ones?
  8. ruger pc9 or marlin camp carbine 9mm?
  9. Appleseed promo image
  10. Trying to sell gun accessories on e-bay
  11. Lock and load - a op/ed piece from texas
  12. 2nd Amendent Font
  13. Cops shooting themselves
  14. Cowardly cops in Mumbai (prepare to rage)
  15. CVS Health Resources: Kids and Guns
  16. Texas Guns Kill In Mexico (Media Campaign)
  17. Gun club in Salt Lake to close. Sad story, or is it?
  18. More Delaware Government Intrusion
  19. Appleseed for complete newbies?
  20. Self Defense and armed citizen
  21. Dumb question...
  22. More India-specific images
  23. Gun or Camera?
  24. Excellent Day with New Shooters (long, windy tale)
  25. Case or Bag to haul around rifle or shotgun, or both?
  26. Suggestion for gift?
  27. Guns, gun folks, speaking up and history.
  28. Any self-proclaimed gun designers out there?
  29. A Gun is Worth 1,000 Pictures
  30. What's going on w/ all the firearm manufacturer's sites?
  31. DRT = New Extreme Shock?
  32. I think my father wants to buy me a pistol for christmas...but
  33. Poor victim selection skills, Part 8548
  34. Oh, that would be so cool (hit up polls here)
  35. true love
  36. Video about 2nd Amendment
  37. What a Blast!Holiday Fun At the Gun Show
  38. Rifle Inspection Device
  39. Tell me about... Utah!
  40. Chainsaw bayonet anyone?
  41. Does Anyone Know If Essential Arms.....
  42. Parts Kits Import Restrictions?
  43. This is unusual...
  44. Metal prices dropped 60% since July
  45. Victims "decline" to be robbed.
  46. Somebody gets it?
  47. St. Louis City Leader Tells Residents to Get Armed
  48. 'The Life and Death Cost of Gun Control'
  49. Anyone Going To Shot Show...?
  50. See a Doc, get a gun...
  51. gun sales article in newspaper
  52. Posted a thread on my experiences with gun stores in Anchorage
  53. CASS. DADDY - this is for YOU! RUBY RIDGE THREAD
  54. Death of the NRA?
  55. Small handguns for defense - feedback requested
  56. guns I built/customized
  57. Iraq Vet Shot Down in Anchorage,AK By Newly Released Felon
  58. Anti-RKBA Articles on ESPN
  59. Truth In Politics: Gun Sales Boom After Election
  60. Looking for Beginner Instruction in/near Lexington, KY
  61. ATF Ok's "Online" e-4473 forms..
  62. Police: Dad Had Gun In Car With Kids
  63. Police chief indicted after boy killed by Uzi
  64. 5th Grader Takes Gun to School
  65. Gun store break-in
  66. 30 Day Revolver Carry Experiment
  67. 6 month wait in KY?
  68. Girls and Guns!
  69. Easy-to-Use 'Palm Pistol' Aimed at Elderly, Disabled
  70. Video footage from July 4th at my house...
  71. Craigslist for guns?
  72. CA. judge orders two rifles must be destroyed.
  73. Why don't CCW laws affect violent crime rates?
  74. Save THR! T shirts and revolver raffle
  75. Some Interesting Mortality Statistics
  76. AP News Story on Nat'l Parks Carry
  77. Shootign related coin
  78. What does anyone know about NYSRPA?
  79. new "gun" word ??
  80. What happened to all of...
  81. Lausanne Gunshow (Switzerland)
  82. To much stopping power?
  83. Cannons
  84. A repost from my blog
  85. SWAT Team Raids Ohio Co-op
  86. H-S Precision...apology?
  87. I'm watching "House" right now and getting really mad
  88. News story on Campus Carry
  89. hope I'm not off course
  90. Gun related Christmas wishes - giving and receiving.
  91. Florida CCW license correction question
  92. Defense ammo cost?
  93. I have a question about gun ranges
  94. 2nd Amendment - well said
  95. Finally putting AK kit gun together
  96. Anyone ever make a revolver that users shotgun shells?
  97. NRA Endowment.. Worth it?
  98. Sheep and Sheepdogs
  99. Iraq: Spray & Pray Fading Away
  100. Ammo Variation
  101. Savageshooters.com
  102. Defense Support of Civil Authorities
  103. I'm Feeling Downright Bullish About Our Future Gun Rights
  104. Any states in which firearms misdemeanor conviction means no CCW permit?
  105. Blackwater Security Guards under investigation for Iraqi shooting.
  106. Looks like Obama has noticed the gun sales surge
  107. In God we Trust - trying to chip away
  108. 125/158sjhp
  109. Shooting high.
  110. Pro-RKBA turned Anti?
  111. Unexpected Welcome
  112. Anyone know where to get MF-82?
  113. Nobody canīt buy pistol to day
  114. Gun Facts
  115. Supreme Court on Obama's Citizenship
  116. Bravo to the Feds (Illinois Gov. in jail)
  117. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich arrested
  118. Blue Ridge Arsenal: Voting Obama, Making Money Off AR-15s is Win-Win
  119. Helmke in NYC
  120. What does PST mean?
  121. Dont miss these gun photos
  122. Anybody around St Louis, MO?
  123. Sig Forum Gone?
  124. And the best gun grease is...
  125. Question: Sigforum
  126. Rock Island Armory
  127. one less good parent in the world
  128. What is being worn in this picture?
  129. Shooting Ranges in Potter County, PA
  130. Are we at risk of a Constitutional Convention? What could that mean?
  131. antigun research
  132. Video: Massachusetts school may train kids to fight back against gunmen
  133. A small favor - please vote...
  134. Registering a handgun in Michigan...can't find the serial number!
  135. KC gun shop sued over ammo sale
  136. NFL Player is Pro-Carry
  137. The things that break a "streak".
  138. "We Don't Feel Safer About National Park Carry",Sayeth the New York Times
  139. Norwalk, CT Pistol Permit
  140. Shortening revolver barrel
  141. Custom Earplugs
  142. A thought, some may not like.
  143. Oregon Sheriffs Have the Right Idea - CCW Anonimity
  144. Sig 226 .357
  145. I'm depressed. I'm surrounded by anti-gunners.
  146. What is the standard issue handgun for
  147. CCH time to receive it?
  148. Any Idea how long it takes to get an S&W catalog?
  149. Ok, this is bizarre, and seems kinda dangerous...
  150. 23 seconds of the Mexican drug war
  151. Exercise our civil rights, "divide your community." Can't have that!
  152. Gun/Forensics question for class
  153. I need the THR's help
  154. Cleaning Kit
  155. And converted another one
  156. Neighborhood Watch?
  157. PA Woman Divides Community
  158. World War II Hero Dies,But a Remarkable Story Lives On:Enemy to Friend
  159. 3336 (1323 members and 2013 guests) people on THR.us
  160. Eastwood-Gran Torino
  161. Lets see those Christmas Trees!
  162. Its getting bad out there
  163. Subliminalities that make people anti-gun...
  164. Need advice on painting my 10/22
  165. Interesting fact I noticed tonight
  166. Tourist information
  167. Christmas Poem
  168. mail a 2 by 4 to congress...
  169. The penalty for walking in Condition White
  170. Fort Knox question
  171. The news should treat self-defense as a GOOD thing!
  172. Cats can't shoot guns, and don't make good scapegoats!
  173. Guns in the National Parks:Another Zany Anti Speaks Out
  174. keep your finger off the trigger...
  175. I loaded all my magazines today.
  176. Help me understand gun shows
  177. National Geographic Guns in America
  178. Anti gun and constitutionally inelligible?!
  179. The Current Pricing of Firearms
  180. C&R Application Complication
  181. THR.us and EHOWA !
  182. Latest St Louis gun buyback
  183. No shortage of EBRs in the Chicago Suburbs...
  184. Open Carry Weapon Confiscation Case in Wisconsin:A Blood Boiler
  185. Need your knowledge.. (urgent)
  186. It doesnt get more deadly than an AK47
  187. Not quite sure how to word this (fighting pirates)
  188. My new gun-centric pulp fiction story is published!
  189. What's up with OC in TX?
  190. Comments on Blackwater or SigSauer Academy training?
  191. Girlfriends first range trip.
  192. Have you ever noticed....
  193. "The Most Holy Magnum" (humor)
  194. Gun room
  195. Gun Laws in Your State
  196. It's official. I voted for John McCain today.
  197. Hope for Natl. Park Carry.
  198. Ammo comparisons
  199. And this is gun-related how? (Frozen CO2 Cartridge)
  200. My new pistol
  201. Dispelling The Magazine Myth
  202. I had too much to dream last night...
  203. New Orleans guns
  204. Oregon Gun Rights Change
  205. 16 People, mostly kids at my range having a blast.
  206. You didnīt undersrant.
  207. Attn Arizona Residents!!!!
  208. gun vs side arm
  209. California RANT
  210. I did it. I FINALLY did it.
  211. Governor to close state game farm
  212. Personal Defense TV-NEW CHANNEL/TIME!
  213. Pick up a gun or grab a bag of fertilizer - G. BECK
  214. Hunter Shot - Mistaken for an Animal
  215. Anybody know how to contact RRA
  216. Need help on an M1 Garand build
  217. Stupid People should not own guns
  218. Need help from PA Resident.
  219. Thou shalt not...
  220. Reducing Crime?
  221. Rubber Band For Full Auto
  222. 100th post
  223. CZ range trip, the good, the bad, and the ugly
  224. Has anyone managed to actually place an order with Combat Optical?
  225. Who needs guns when you can have....
  226. No guns, now no ammo for the .50 BMG in L.A.
  227. Making the Brady Bunch heads explode...
  228. White threat
  229. One lucky deputy!
  230. Gun on campus poll please vote
  231. No "good Samaritian" in California
  232. Why are rifles cheaper than pistols?
  233. Tragic news
  234. Good comebacks to remarks like "you already have enough guns to...
  235. Airline travel with firearm
  236. An interesting read, from the UK no less
  237. Can I get a C&R Walkthrough? (Military On Base)
  238. how many guns?
  239. First-time owners -- help a loved one purchase? or not?
  240. What Happened to the Site For 5 Days?
  241. Guns and martial arts champions
  242. Self Defense questions
  243. Parallax, why can't I wrap my head around it?
  244. Ohio gun show report
  245. Who is the Greatest Modern 'Gun Oriented' Action/Mystery Writer of Modern Times?
  246. Merry Christmas
  247. Christmas came early!
  248. Washington (com)post article...try not to vomit
  249. David Spade is a "Good Guy" -Donates Cast to Phoenix PD
  250. Gun-Happy Crime Seen As a Trend in South Florida,Says LE