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  1. Harsh Gun Control Will Seem Like the War On Drugs,Opines a Harvard Professor
  2. Daily Show segment: Battle of the Bans (Video)
  3. Magic Number
  4. Senator Coburn (Rino) Joins the Antis on Meet the Press
  5. New Years Resolution
  6. SMG 22 Full Auto Pellet gun
  7. Using Olegs' work
  8. Many NW companies at annual SHOT show, but there’s an undercurrent - Workman
  9. A Voice of Reason:Father of 9 Year Old Shooting Victim Christina Green, Speaks Out
  10. Let's round up twice the usual suspects
  11. And to think some people thought all the possible guns have already been invented
  12. Arkansas Open Carry Bill
  13. California's AB 962....UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!
  14. Martin Luther King and His Gun 'Arsenal'
  15. Political Pundits Surprisingly Good At Getting Inside Unbalanced Shooter's Head
  16. Phoenix BATF Walking Guns into Mexico
  17. SHOT Show: Kel-Tec KSG Bullpup Shotgun Explained
  18. CNN Poll on Magazine Capacity. HIT IT!
  19. Proposed magazine ban another pointless feel-good exercise - Workman
  20. NPR identifies 'false flag' anti-gun as 'gun rights advocate' on show
  21. Hell no’ right back at you, Seattle Times - Dave Workman
  22. No Shift Toward Gun Control After Tucson Shootings
  23. the "Patch Catcher"
  24. ATF FFL Compliance Inspection Statistics
  25. What caliber killed Dr Martin Luther King Jr?
  26. Man sneezes bullet
  27. Saiga and the ATF
  28. Between Las Vegas and Coupeville, common sense v. nonsense - Workman
  29. Teach, your children well...
  30. Help me find a Brady quote?
  31. Who Here Owns A WORKING Firearm That Is > 100 Years Old
  32. The Wal-Mart Walk
  33. Bringing a new shooter into the fold
  34. Pro-2A Wilbur already being demonized as state GOP chair - Workman
  35. Obama expected to talk about 2A rights at State of the Union Address
  36. NRA Basic Pistol Class for the Wife & I
  37. OK gun store offering $5 ccw course for politicians
  38. USCCA sells it's members email addresses!
  39. Will Obama Waste a Crisis Tonight or Push for More Gun Control -Workman
  40. Prepare for gun, ammo, and accessory shortage
  41. The shoulder thing that goes up
  42. Cross Breed Hosters - SuperTuck - Super Service
  43. Auto theft and General rule #3
  44. Utah lawmakers propose M1911 as official state gun
  45. Did Obama skip guns, or just postpone remarks in State of the Union? - Workman
  46. Here is our favorite rebuttal in real life
  47. Obama may have seperate gun control speech
  48. I'm becoming more proud of SC
  49. Pictorial dictionary
  50. Starbucks profits up: Brady Campaign misfire - Workman
  51. New ATF shotgun "study"
  52. guntrustlawyer.com and the NFA trust...?
  53. Another Reason Why Party Voting Can Get Us in Trouble
  54. The expert shooters spouse on gun control
  55. I found this great forum, You guys are going to like this
  56. Here is a tactic that will surely shut us up
  57. Gun Rights Media, in perspective
  58. Guns Kill, Pencils Misspell Words
  59. If I may, an update on CZ Forum
  60. Here is a little coloring execise for the children.
  61. Poor poor pitifull me. Poor poor pitiful me.
  62. I think this was intended as a troll or maybe it wasnt
  63. Paging all Democratic Underground members
  64. New posters
  65. Is this a true and worthy arguement?
  66. Taking immigrants shooting
  67. It's 'Oscar' Season: These great Westerns were shafted
  68. Sample Letter To Your Elected Representitive
  69. Bloomberg's after AZ's gun shows
  70. Man, 72, fights back, shoots teens in home invasion
  71. NYT Article: Watch Out! The Assault Vehicle Is Loose!
  72. Logic Fail- Gun control
  73. BATFE and Project Gunwalker
  74. Are we winning or losing the arguments?
  75. Bill to require SD citizens to buy a gun...
  76. Ciener... damn it!
  77. Should Gun Ownership Be Mandatory In the United States?
  78. What Is Your Normal Everyday Handgun Caliber For Concealed or Open Carry?
  79. "If squirt guns are outlawed, only outlaw squirts will have guns!"
  80. Is it a gun, magazine, type of ammo or is it something completely different?
  81. Sporting purposes
  82. A little trip back in time...
  83. Egyptian gun rights
  84. A conversation between me and my liberal state senator
  85. organizing a public shooting range?
  86. .22lr mp40?
  87. Blustery Saturday range report
  88. Russia: AK-47 Replacement
  89. What are your gun categories?
  90. Idle curiousity question: how much is a typical gun worth as scrap metal?
  91. Florida Lawmakers Come Up With More 'Zany' Gun Laws,Says Anti-Gun Columnist
  92. Comment period extended on ATF mandate to report rifle sales
  93. Justified, Season 2
  94. No Oink About It, Feral Pig Problem Spreading
  95. Range report: Keltec SU16-CA, Hornady training ammo.
  96. New poster
  97. Proof That "Cooling Off Periods" dont work
  98. Student sues Idaho College over gun restrictions
  99. Huffpo at its Finest
  100. This is an intersting trade off
  101. D.C. is Still Keeping the Public Disarmed
  102. I Cant Believe This was Denied
  103. An Oldie , but , a Goodie
  104. Egypt: The Army is in charge.
  105. "Why The Gun Is Civilization" mis-attribution
  106. 22 bullet trap -- first use
  107. Gun Sales Rise Around Valentines Day: A Positive Love Story
  108. A Wise Opinion:Be Careful of Numbers In Gun Rights Debate.
  109. Federal Ammunition recall
  110. Why do people want to believe [irrational] rumors over facts?
  111. Interesting comment from an Egyptian demonstrator
  112. Constructive Possession?
  113. BBC Opinion- D.C. Gun Ownership Is Crazy
  114. NRA and Seattle convention center
  115. Some Congressional Black Caucus Members Are Leery of Newcomer,Pro-gun Allen West
  116. 2 ICE Agents Are Shot in Mexico.One Dies
  117. There Is Hope.WaPo Columnist Begins Gun Training.A Positive Response
  118. Is This Really Common Sense?
  119. They are Going to Ban 30 rd Magazines
  120. Michael Nutter on Common Sense
  121. IL. Dem Taking a Big Step Forward
  122. Do you agree with this interpretation of the 2nd?
  123. ATF Acting Shady
  124. Who here lives in a state that does NOT have a training requirement for CCW
  125. Swiss vote for guns
  126. New poster
  127. Very good blog article on OC
  128. States complying with NICS mental health requirement
  129. Gun Bounty.A growing Trend. Drop a Dime,Report a Crime,Get a Grand
  130. Looking for new targets?
  131. Iwo Jima Remembered.February 19,1945
  132. Announcing carryfriendly.org
  133. Commerce Clause...
  134. Have you ever seen a movie that
  135. More Guns equal More Killings?
  136. Bloomberg is trying to Keep US Citizens From Being Murdered
  137. Brady Center Opposes Attempt to Dismiss Suit Against Badger Guns
  138. AD in The Parking Lot of Gun Show
  139. Here is an Interesting Article About US Guns in Mexico
  140. The Brady's pipe Dream
  141. Stupid Criminals
  142. Advertising firearms ownership?
  143. JPFO Looks Towards Returning to the Basics: Pre-1934 Gun Society
  144. Is the 45 ACP The Best All Around Caliber For Defensive Carry?
  145. Who doesn't want to spend $20,000 on a machinegun?
  146. Firearm Manufacturers 2011
  147. Close Combat Knife fight takes out a pirate
  148. Guns on Yachts
  149. Should CC and/or OC Be Allowed at Athletic Venues In the USA?
  150. Ugliest Gun Thread!
  151. How To Teach Someone How to Fire a Gun in Two Minutes or Less
  152. BULLETIN: CBS to cover 'Gunrunner' scandal Wed.
  153. Video: This will bring a tear to your eye...
  154. Gunwalker hits MSM
  155. Idaho: Permitless Carry Bill Introduced
  156. Colorado Permitless Carry Bill Advances
  157. NRA Board election?
  158. Schumer Gun Bill
  159. Legislation to Allow Importation of M1 Carbines
  160. Father of Student Killed Objects to Campus Carry
  161. Here is Last Years FBI Crime Stats.
  162. Maricopa County Roof Contractor Shot in the back for Shoddy Work
  163. Fl Trying to Pass a Bill that Will Restrict Dr's From Asking about Guns in the Home.
  164. Bill for National Reciprocity
  165. Oral Bling Saves Life
  166. Is "prohibited person" compatible with "constitutional carry"?
  167. Larry Correia's New Book -- Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles
  168. Criminals for Gun Control
  169. NY state proposes long gun registration
  170. Wounded dog, rather disturbing...
  171. Trip With Daughter and Her Best Friend to the Range
  172. Last WW-1 doughboy, dies at 110
  173. Another Shooting in a Well Armed Zone
  174. Not a fan of CLP, am I using it properly?
  175. You Need One Hollywood Gun to Win My Fast Draw Contest.I Choose:
  176. You Need One Hollywood Gun to Win My Fast Draw Contest.I Choose:
  177. Sam Colt Made Them All Equal
  178. USA Today Anti-Gun Article
  179. The Brady Spin
  180. Attorney General of Illinois wants the State Police to Release Names of Legal Gun Own
  181. AZ Highest Rate of Gun Deaths in US
  182. U of Texas Chancellor Concerned About Campus Carry
  183. Guns in mainstream media
  184. Breaking: Attack on soldiers in Frankfurt bus, 2 dead; Update: Air Force, not Army
  185. When Did You First Become Aware That You Were Pro RKBA?
  186. Bulletin: CBS 'Gunrunner' followup !!!!
  187. Status of Florida open carry?
  188. Former "You Know Who Members"
  189. ***Warning*** Winchester Ammo Recall
  190. Help with a little fading history...
  191. Help Me Find Ranges In Boca, Fl Area
  192. Philadelphia - be "proud" of your mayor!
  193. Ajax Custom grips are back!
  194. Another Thriller! Tom Clancy (?) Shakes Up Baltimore With Proposed Condo Gun Range
  195. FBI gun violence chart.
  196. IL Waiting Period for Transfers
  197. 12 Yr Old Boy Shoots Father of a 9 Yr Old Boy
  198. Black Eye for the VPC
  199. AZ is at it Again, They are Sick of the Feds
  200. Tales of SD in WA
  201. This is NY's Version of a Pro Gunner
  202. A Rabbi's Letter to Michael Bloomberg
  203. Intruder calls 911, afraid homeowner has gun.
  204. White House Pleads Ignorance To Project 'Gunwalker'
  205. One gun store I would NOT want to work at!
  206. And in the middle of it all, AZ state firearm passes Senate
  207. Low Seattle murder rate bad news for antis
  208. Congress takes (some) base commanders to the woodshed
  209. Lock and load?
  210. 85 year old WW2 vet picks off targets at 1k yards
  211. How to calculate trajectories and velocities.
  212. Fort Hood Killing
  213. Charlie Sheen's antique registered firearm seized!
  214. Law on the open seas?
  215. Think you can improve SIG Sauer firearms or services? Here's your big chance...
  216. Carryfriendly.org down?
  217. Why are the Mexican cartels smugging in AK-47s when they seem relatively easy to make
  218. Jacketed, RNL or LSWCHP???
  219. Obama Calls For Stricter Enforcement of Gun Laws
  220. Dead Men Risen: The snipers' story
  221. No, I'm not paranoid...
  222. assault clips
  223. Schumer, McCarthy bill requires NICS checks
  224. Had gunfire in my hood this evening.
  225. Shooting the M3A1 'Grease gun'
  226. Too bad we don't have a 'Wierd News' forum
  227. do you have what it takes?
  228. Unique new way to carry a gun
  229. Tinfoil Hat Party
  230. Great day at the range yesterday
  231. 1960s vintage gun for a novel?
  232. Simple Shoot/Don't Shoot advice for Korean Neighbor
  233. A gun control compromise for everyone
  234. Member of original 29 Code Talkers dies in Arizona
  235. Watch out for your 92 y.o. neighbor lady!
  236. Armed Beauty Queen Kills Intruder With Pink Gun
  237. Speaking of paranoid
  238. Words of Atonement - Short Film
  239. Homicide and Assault rates vs. Gun Control
  240. NRA,Evangelicals Will Be the Force Winning the Election In 2012.A Debatable Article
  241. Odd Range Interaction
  242. This is what we do for fun out here
  243. Front Sight/promo photos/miscellany
  244. Man carries assault umbrella in mall
  245. Only in Montana
  246. Gun truth as humor
  247. Oleg On Internet Radio Tonight
  248. Does a permit by any other name smell as bad?
  249. Gabrielle Giffords Surgeon:Guns to Blame For Too Much Violence
  250. Philly's finest does it again