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  1. Video:NRA's Wayne Lapierre Responds to Giffords Surgeon's Gun Accusations
  2. Izzy Reborn!
  3. WA Legislature passes suppressor bill!
  4. Bianchi Cup
  5. TB Major Leaguer Has AK-47 Stolen.Press Wants to Know Why He Owned This Evil Weapon
  6. Checklist?
  7. Every Handgun Is Aimed at You by Josh Sugermann; anyone else read it?
  8. Bomb shelters/survival supplies?
  9. Battle Rifle: .22 LR
  10. Hand gun to LEO?
  11. I am going to the range this weekend no matter what.
  12. Clever, tie the AR-15 mag release to the bolt catch
  13. possible presidential candidates?
  14. Gun Owners Have a Right to Privacy Says John Stossel
  15. HD hearing protection?
  16. My daughter, the cover girl...
  17. Gun Related STUPID Movie Mistakes
  18. Most Peaceful States in the Nation
  19. Gun Numbers In Everyday Life
  20. Major win for visitors into Illinois
  21. More People Carrying Guns Into Kentucky Capitol
  22. Dreaming about guns
  23. Putting A Face To The Name -- GRM Meet & Greet
  24. The Miami Shootout,April 11,1986:A 25 Year Retrospective
  25. Yet Another Reason for Buyer Beware on Gunbroker
  26. WA governor signs supporessor bill!
  27. Man finds missile in house's wall!
  28. Brady bunch releases two new ads
  29. Chuck Norris Speaks His Mind On the Future of the RKBA
  30. Average SHOT show to market time
  31. This Day In History: The Gun
  32. Speer Gold Dot .22WMR Personal Protection Round
  33. Caliber Companion Pairs
  34. Thinking twice before saying "try this!"
  35. Diane Feinstein:The Paradoxical Personality on Guns and Some Hollywood Quirks
  36. Best Art Deco Guns?
  37. Massad Ayoob Video Tips on Traffic stops
  38. Three Cheers for an Outstanding Governor
  39. Is this one of our members?
  40. One of the best videos of all time
  41. My Oleg-esk IPad2 screen lock.
  42. Second Amendment music video-Hogjaw
  43. New bill to allow returning military to register NFA "trophy" weapons
  44. Ruger 1911 To Hit The Market.
  45. The Rubber Bullet Debate
  46. LEO Shoots at a Dog 33 Times in a Residential Area.
  47. The NAPO honors 2 of the LVMPD officers that shot Erik Scott
  48. Indianna law proposed will stop employers from being able to ask about guns in cars
  49. CT bill banning high cap mags dies
  50. Heroic NYC bystander grabs wounded cops gun and returns fire
  51. Arizona Lawmakers Name Colt Revolver As Official State Firearm
  52. I'm back, and crazier than ever :)
  53. Second Amendment Day - Oklahoma!
  54. XREP Taser-in-a-12-Guage Round
  55. Chicago Police are Concerned About CCW Law
  56. This is How Anti Gunners Feel
  57. Gunnie Fundamentalists
  58. Hypothetical:10rounders versus revolvers/scatterguns
  59. Only in the UK....?
  60. Shhoting in Nixa MO Tests New Castle Doctrine
  61. Happy Easter
  62. Happy birthday oleg!!!!!!!!!
  63. USA Today calls us extremists
  64. Does anyone remember this photo ?
  65. Robbery or dumbassery? Louisville, KY
  66. PoliceOne.com: 8 tips on contacts with 'open carry' citizens
  67. A really ugly shooting from Philly...
  68. Ownership Dropping
  69. Study, "Guns at home more likely to be used stupidly than in self-defense"
  70. .475 Wildey Magnum
  71. Walmart increasing stores that carry guns.
  72. I dont know who this Dr. Michael Brown guy is , but he is a riot.
  73. 8 Yr old gun salesman
  74. Does this radio station sound Anti?
  75. A little mix-up?
  76. Senator Mensch brandishes pistol.
  77. LV citizens charged for shooting reality TV show crew
  78. AZ has new state firearm
  79. Gun prices around the world: this post'll make you feel good
  80. Keystone Cops Redux:Police Search For Burglars,Find Pistol Packing Judge
  81. Wife and Daughter Did Right Well for My B-day
  82. 'The NRA Abets Gun Violence',Says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  83. The Brady's tell it like it is(snicker, roll eyes)
  84. Prohibited Persons ??
  85. Breaking News: Usama Bin Laden is Dead
  86. [video] Criminals For Gun Control
  87. Guns and Grenades
  88. OBL:'Got Him-All By Ourselves'
  89. Eric Holder is Extremely Offended!
  90. This is a Very Humerous Little Video
  91. Another Face Book Shooting
  92. DA/SA?
  93. shooting a case of clays
  94. What is your Favorite "Gangsta" Term for a Gun
  95. The 2010 Brady Scores are in
  96. Tomorrow, my Dad gets to meet one of his heroes - OT
  97. We're #1! Brady Says Florida Wins "Craziest Gun Laws'" Award
  98. The difficulty of buying a handgun in Chicago post-ban
  99. Gaston Glock... the engineer and man
  100. Is USFA in trouble?
  101. Finally, a Cabela's in Oregon
  102. New Indiana gun laws...
  103. Brady Campaign hypocrisy
  104. FL. Weighing in with Some Common Sense Gun Laws
  105. Question for any reasonable people out there.
  106. "Modern Marvels"
  107. Fun videos: Freddiew (action flicks/FPS parodies)
  108. Some strength exercises that might help reduce gun shake
  109. Russia Today ROCKS!!!!
  110. WA police shooting brings out hysterics
  111. In one video Rachel Mad Cow Lies about Plastic GLOCKs, Cop Killas and the AWB
  112. Andrew Traver: Liar
  113. The Gold and Gun Boom
  114. Pirate Attacks+Weapons
  115. Dictators & Gun Control
  116. Kids and guns
  117. Puerto Rico Court Recognizes a 2nd Amendment Right to Carry Guns in Public Places
  118. WI concealed carry debate heats up
  119. ConsumerReports for June 2011
  120. The Gun That Killed Osama bin Laden Revealed
  121. The Great Gun/Caliber/Ammo Debate
  122. Montana Gov vetos unpermitted carry
  123. SEIU goes commie
  124. Cannibalistic sysadmin with a gun habit...
  125. Firearms Rights Group CCDL Collecting Canned Goods for Needy
  126. Good Gun Book Recommendations
  127. CA District Court Judge: No Right to Carry Guns in Public
  128. ATF shake-up in Phoenix
  129. "Law & Order: LA" last night; citizen with gun & conceal permit portrayed positively
  130. XRail Magazine
  131. What Was That Caliber For Zombies? The CDC Sends Out Urgent Alert!
  132. Man shoots attacking pit bulls
  133. NRA; Money, Firepower, Fear by Josh Sugermann ... anyone else read it?
  134. Modern Field Artillery celebrates 100 years
  135. 14 Year Old Shoots & Kills 20 Year Old Deaf Mute Intruder:Self Defense or Crime?
  136. Jerome Ersland Trial?
  137. New gun from Ruger
  138. Fun With Tracers
  139. Memorial day
  140. RIP Stephen A. Camp, at 59
  141. WA has record ## of CPLs (Yay team!)
  142. America's Third War: Is the U.S. Arming Mexican Cartels?
  143. Hip Hop Travail:A-Dozen-Officers Involved in Fatal South Miami Beach Holiday Shooting
  144. Aluminum Alloy Hi Power
  145. The last stand of Don Alejo.
  146. Joel Rosenberg, RIP
  147. "equipping them to become killers"
  148. My report on the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot at BulletFest 2011
  149. D-Day.June 6,1944: Boundless Courage & Blind Luck
  150. James Arness,1923-2011.A Real American Hero
  151. Bob Munden on Netflix
  152. What Was the Most Decisive/Crucial Day In American Military History Since 1775?
  153. Funniest Gun Experience?
  154. Fantasy Gun Thread
  155. Gun Show Etiquette
  156. U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms
  157. Why does the Dept. of Education need 27 Rem 870's?
  158. The Antis will have a field day with this...
  159. Quick Quiz:Why Does 3/4 Of the World Drive On the Right? Hint:One Man and a Weapon
  160. What's the best, most economical way to buy ammo?
  161. Isn't it illegal to carry a gun in NYC?
  162. Another reason to mistrust the Washington Post
  163. Woooo! Wife gave me permission to buy a suppressor! Got some research ???s
  164. Air Force Academy training
  165. Plaxico Burress Working With the Brady's To Prevent Gun Violence!
  166. Tom clancy spreading anti rhetoric ?
  167. Guns where alcohol is served
  168. PASC Denies NRA Suit Against Stolen Gun Ordinance
  169. Another Good Proposal from OH
  170. Gun Industry Militarization Drives Mexico Gun Trafficking
  171. New TV show might be promising
  172. Random and disjointed thoughts from someone (somewhat) on the other side of the fence
  173. For all you fathers, and sons of fathers...
  174. USFA deactivates its forum
  175. Maybe Mr. Bishop shouldnt be armed
  176. Darwin Nominee
  177. Has the Montana Survivalist been Captured Yet?
  178. Eyes failing me???
  179. NY Pharmacy Masacre
  180. Intersting Facts from a Member of Another Forum
  181. Kansas City Missouri Man Defends Home
  182. Mega-Scandal: Was ‘Gunwalker’ a PR Op for Gun Control?
  183. The English are largely Germans
  184. Boinking the little head on the Keltec
  185. DIY Weapons of the Libyan Rebels
  186. Please Explain!
  187. For the history buffs...
  188. Man Shot, Killed at U.S.-Mexico Border
  189. Samuria vs. Cowboys?
  190. Fast & Furious hits The Daily Show
  191. Sex Offender Burglar Shot and Killed by Homeowner
  192. Is This Guy Trying to Sell His Gun or What?
  193. These Guys Thought They had a Victim
  194. Good Samaritan Stops Assault of Elderly Woman
  195. Helmke leaving Brady Campaign
  196. Updated list of firearms related apps for iPhone/iPad/Touch
  197. Would be terrorists sacked in Seattle
  198. This is Sad and Funny at the Same Time
  199. Homeowners Association Shoots Down Man's Request to Sell Guns from his Home
  200. Woman arrested for filming traffic stop
  201. NRA News scores Fast & Furious interviews
  202. firearms storage on a military base.
  203. Police officer leaves rifle on car
  204. Bottleneck definition
  205. Al Capone's Colt sells for $110,000
  206. Does anyone else see this as unsafe and unnecessary?
  207. Bears...
  208. Possible Darwin Award winner? So Close!
  209. SWAT Kills Marine Gun Owner
  210. the low down on Air Force m-16A2 qualifications
  211. A Properly Handled ATF Case
  212. Does firearm training improve safety?
  213. Attack On A Family Pet ( Actually Happened In Co Springs)
  214. Am I in the Twilight Zone?
  215. Questions concerning a website...
  216. ranges with rentals in the san antonio area.
  217. Ex-cop says he helped cover up Katrina shootings
  218. AZ state senator does a big NO NO :what:
  219. Thinking about doing some backyard bead blasting
  220. Armed Italian-French Police Evict Passengers on Milan to Paris Train:A Curious Tale
  221. How does one pronounce...
  222. CLP can cause rash
  223. Took three Korean Colleagues of my wife's to the range today
  224. Mayoral candidate proposes $1 per round tax
  225. Is It Me Or Are People Getting Dumber?
  226. The "lessons" of the horrible attack in Norway...
  227. Let's Put The Sheep Dog Myth to Sleep
  228. Regarding the Canton, Ohio police incident
  229. For Real Men Only
  230. The Star Super
  231. What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Cremated Ash Ammo
  232. Hypocritical ?
  233. Canton Police Officer Daniel Harless Is A Busy Man
  234. Ten years later ... why were so many gun-shy?
  235. We've won the war although individual battles will continue
  236. Arg! Trying to understand laws for out of state, face to face rifle sales
  237. The mission to get bin Laden
  238. Operation Gunwalker T-Shirts!
  239. Josh Sugarman on Breivek's Mini-14
  240. Good Documentaries related to guns
  241. Now, the U.S. Must Fight For Its Life
  242. Coverage of gunwalker at DangerRoom
  243. Race riots at the Wisconsin State Fair
  244. GOOD NEWS: WA sets new CPL record!
  245. Enormously Loud Gunshot at 3 AM. Wakes the Neighbors,Enlivens the Police
  246. WA: Armed citizen intervenes
  247. Man has an AD.
  248. Gun Crime and Penalties
  249. The Juvenility of Gun Lovers and NRA Members
  250. Oly Park goat attack: A hunt might have prevented it?