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  1. OMG! That must have hurt!!!!
  2. ...whirling fan blades of death
  3. Thinking of Carrying the CZ-82 9X18 Makarov Cocked and Locked. Opinions?
  4. London riots
  5. My interview with Phil Morden of Top Shot Season 3
  6. Sales of baseball bats soar in London, UK
  7. another 'just turnin' his life around' fatality
  8. Will the English riots stimulate gun and ammo sales here?
  9. Some stories will make even a grown man tear up a little...
  10. Detroit carjacking suspect shot, crashes, dies
  11. florida CCW for military.
  12. Glock steps up to the plate!!!
  13. Once again, buy NORMAL capacity mags = be a terrorist.
  14. A Holocaust survivor raised a fist to death
  15. 100-Round M-16 Magazines
  16. Herman Cain on CCW: dateline Indy 8-15-11
  17. Changed Carry Piece to S&W L Frame .357 Magnum 686P.Good Move,Bad Move? .
  18. The Insanity of Horror Movies
  19. Atlantic Magazine article on gun control
  20. Gun Crime in Virginia Bars and Restaurants Down 5% Since CC Allowed a Year Ago
  21. Teen Driving Stolen Car,Looking For Victims,is Shot Dead By Friend
  22. This isn't London...
  23. Best "dying or dead" handgun caliber?
  24. How the Ultimate Sniper Rifle Was Made
  25. 70% want "Other"
  26. Gun Rights Campaign ?
  27. Should It Be Obligatory to Notify LE That You Are Carrying Concealed With a Permit?
  28. I can't believe this! Wife of deputy sheriff shot in face while commiting buglary!
  29. Contemplating a CCW but concerned...
  30. We still hardly talk about actual guns on GRM
  31. Can My Employer Search My Car?
  32. Burglar's family awarded $300,000 in wrongful death suit
  33. How Do You Define Quality In A Firearm?
  34. Gun related story because of hurricare Irene?
  35. Gun Crime Soars 35% In England In One Year
  36. C&R renewal
  37. Mexico's President blames us for casino hit
  38. Mercenaries-R-Us
  39. 'Whatever the NRA Wants,the NRA Gets'.A Columnist Mourns
  40. Disarming the Libyan rebels
  41. Never saw a gun safe like this before...
  42. Walmart S&W 15-22
  43. Lead Away by KleenBore
  44. iPhone app Gun Log
  45. My first OC
  46. Rethinking The Bat belt
  47. If both OC and CC is/were an option, which of the following best applies to you:
  48. IHOP Shooting in NV
  49. Another Win in PA
  50. My C&R came today :D
  51. Which State has the Worst Gun Laws???
  52. Took a New Shooter to the Range Yesterday
  53. Would a gun on the planes have made a difference on 9/11?
  54. Q.You Can Buy Only 1 Handgun and 1 Long gun.Budget is $2000.Your Choices?
  55. Disappointed?
  56. Why do you carry a gun?
  57. If you could go back in time...
  58. Video: Congressional hearing on interstate handgun carry reciprocity
  59. What’s the Most Beautiful Handgun Ever Made?
  60. It's true; anti-gunners really do call a rifle a "assault weapon" based only on looks
  61. If One Person Knows, Everyone Knows
  62. Another what if from this weekend
  63. Point Shooting
  64. NY Times creeps toward irrelevancy
  65. Telling friends you have a gun...
  66. FBI: Murder Rates Drop to Lowest Level Since 1963
  67. FBI
  68. Rare 1836 Colt revolver draws record price of nearly $1 million
  69. Great Marketing
  70. Video: Old 2 gauge shotgun: Lets go duck hunting!!!
  71. 2nd Amendment possible in Russia?
  72. New Guy from MO
  73. Device legally converts AR to full Auto
  74. Police Deaths Up
  75. Participating In A Volunteer Church Security Team
  76. RFID Chips in Firearms? -- Italy now requires
  77. Mexico
  78. Just Right Carbines. A Feel Good American Success Story From New York State
  79. Tales of the Armed Citizen
  80. Victim or not a Victim?
  81. Favorite Gun Songs Thread.
  82. David Codrea named 'Gun rights journalist of the year' at 2011 GRPC
  83. For when people ask why you have a "need" for multi-round magazines
  84. ATF sells guns DIRECTLY to cartels
  85. Oct.1. PUMPKIN SEASON!!!
  86. You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night
  87. Another ATF-DoJ Fiasco
  88. White House polls for guns by Gunnies
  89. charging people for a breaking in a gun?
  90. A paper trail "to protect myself"
  91. Mandatory Dealer Transfers
  92. 1942 mauser luger.
  93. ID bowhunter kills wolf: Self-Defense?
  94. Should form 4473 and the NICS be removed?
  95. Incident at DNR today...
  96. The death of gun control - via the hobby machine shop
  97. CA governor signs law banning Open Carry
  98. ...gun control is utterly dead...
  99. A new French Revolution (in America)
  100. Shooting Illustrated: Seven New Guns
  101. Who wants to be the first to say it...
  102. Will the new South Korean free-trade agreement impact the price of ROK ammo? (PMC)
  103. "Carry Condition Tactical Butterscotch"
  104. My neighbor begged me to sell him a gun
  105. Back up gun to your back up gun
  106. Hot weather carry
  107. Field-stripping and cleaning a Glock
  108. I'm calling it: Obama CANNOT win reelection
  109. No gloves
  110. Would you like to debate Obama about guns (and anything else)
  111. Phil Morden talks about why Jake Zweig quit Top Shot
  112. Which president has signed pro-gun legislation?
  113. Exotics on the loose, OH
  114. Clerk Kills Would-be Robber as he robs and tries to steal her daughter
  115. Terminal ballistics as viewed in a morgue
  116. The Man With The Golden Gun
  117. No, it's safe, really...
  118. Would you buy from a Fast & Furious dealer?
  119. California open carry question
  120. Top Shot targets
  121. What Makes Somebody Anti-Gun?
  122. Pro Gunner Classifications
  123. What do you do to protect the 2nd Amendment?
  124. WOW! Gallup poll says Americans support handguns
  125. Tide turning even in Jewish community?
  126. AK-74 & AK-Draco video
  127. Who wants to go to Vegas and report back to us?
  128. CCW Trainer won't train Obama voters or Muslims
  129. Dirty cops (NYC) selling guns, slot machines, cigarettes
  130. gun safety for school teachers?
  131. PNW Arms Moving from Seattle to North Idaho
  132. Is the FFL system a gun registry?
  133. OCing as part of a Halloween costume?
  134. Packing while handing out candy?
  135. What not to do if you carry as a part of your costume
  136. Ultimate Drama:Florida Highway Patrol vs Speeding Miami Cop
  137. Get more women shooting/carrying?
  138. Disarmed for the first time
  139. Ultimate Drama in FL Poll
  140. Wyoming campaign commercial
  141. More proof of anti-2A media bias
  142. Walmart selling ugly rifles
  143. Home Invaders Shot Dead
  144. The Deadliest Handgun In History? A .32? G&A Asks the Provocative Question
  145. Requirements for pistols no matter the role
  146. Mama always said nothing good happens after midnight ...
  147. Good folks down South!
  148. This is Amazing
  149. An old idea revisited!
  150. Man has an AD Resulting in his Own Death
  151. Recent Surge In Violent Crime In CO Springs
  152. Buy Ammo Day November 19th
  153. Good Judgement? Washington State Judge Starts Carrying Concealed After Death Threat.
  154. Miami illegal gun operation
  155. The difference between us and criminals
  156. A late Veteran's Day Thread...
  157. What Was the Most World Changing Gun Assassination Since 1800?
  158. Black Friday 2011 gun and gear sales for shooters
  159. Dick's Sporting Goods - anti-gun?
  160. Take That Miami! We Can Take Guns Away Too,Says Broward County
  161. BLACK Rifle Friday
  162. 10-yr-old hero defends mom with BB gun
  163. Happy Thanksgiving!
  164. Gun Show Intrigue
  165. Black Friday Shopping Equates to Deer Hunting,Say Researchers
  166. Gun Issue is Tough For Obama
  167. Tasty Thanksgiving Leftovers,With Gun References
  168. Cheeseheads Are United! 45,000 Rush to Get CC Permits
  169. 2010 NYPD Shootings
  170. South Florida Cyclist Fatally Shoots Unleashed Doberman. Owner Left 'Stunned'
  171. Storage Hunters Gun Find
  172. Why Do We Make Such A Big Deal Over Police Encounters?
  173. Crime: It's everywhere....
  174. Police Encounter while CCWing
  175. Man Invades Chicago Police Station With AR-15. Really!
  176. The "better, stronger, faster" thing
  177. ATF classifies pot scrubbers as machine guns
  178. Going Postal: The P.O. Gun Ban Should Be Tossed Says the Denver Post Editorial
  179. Gunshots,Then Escape.Amazing Story of Courage & Survival From 12 Years In a SA Prison
  180. Little Noticed Provision Kills ATF Shotgun Ban Plans
  181. The establishment is trying to MAKE Gingrich the nominee but he's an enemy of the 2nd
  182. Obama Admin Seals Records of Murdered Border Patrol Agent
  183. Closing The Open Carry Loophole Hoyt Hilsman
  184. Dog shoots man
  185. What is the "sporting purpose" rating of your arsenal?
  186. Should I renew my NRA membership?
  187. Black Friday - Record Sales
  188. Are Rising Gun Sales Responsible For Declining Crime?
  189. Are Liberal Gun Owners More Willing To Accept Restrictions
  190. A Billboard Of Rights
  191. Man fleeing from cops breaks into home, gets shot
  192. Cannon ball through house! Big rule four violation!
  193. With New Gun Law,Florida Lawmakers Can Now Hit the Panic Button!
  194. Here we go again....VA Tech - Shots fired
  195. Has anyone donated to help Walter Reddy?
  196. Does Carrying a Gun Everyday,OC or CC, Make You Feel More Confident?
  197. Good video about Ariza Sheriffs
  198. Fun At The Co Springs DMV
  199. Keeping Your Online Life Separate From Your Real Life
  200. A Gun Is Pointed At You In Play How Do You Respond?
  201. That unmistakable sound
  202. A DGU collection for my neighbor
  203. Two year old shot in head by unloaded gun
  204. Hunters Shoot Kids at Basketball Tryouts. A "Major Crime," says Sheriff
  205. Wow, NRA has already essentially endorsed anti 2nd amendment Newt Lautenberg?
  206. December 13 attack in Belgium....
  207. 22 crickett or heritage 22
  208. Bloomberg's on line gun sting
  209. I have failed as a parent...
  210. Wood finish supplies
  211. Can't tell if paranoid, or just bad at writing comedy
  212. Shipping Question
  213. A Very Merry Christmas!!
  214. When Your Time Is Up, Your Time Is Up
  215. LOL, THIS is why I won't shop at sport chalet
  216. A new investigative tool?
  217. News of the strange, and stupid
  218. Marrying into Guns
  219. Two in two days
  220. Surefire lobbied for NDAA
  221. Is AL mayor against illegal guns a hypocrite?
  222. Think I Need To Stay Out Of This
  223. Top gun rights stories 2011
  224. "Obama Arms Sales"
  225. Yes, Virginia, there really is a ...
  226. Clearly, Gecko Was NOT On The Job
  227. 100 Dollars Would Have Been Some Cheap Insurance At The Price
  228. Read BEHIND the lines about police fatalities
  229. gunsmith's annual predictions thread for 2012
  230. Late Christmas present
  231. Slightly OT: Gun Rights Examiner Wins Award
  232. Don't Go To Stupid Places
  233. Starting the year right
  234. Flagstaff,Arizona Paper Seems Upset That City Finished 2011 With No Murders
  235. Doesn't The Gun Owner Bear Some Responsibility?
  236. ATF Agent Shot in Long Island
  237. They don't need to ban your guns anymore, just deny you
  238. A Good Cop Story: Former Officer Uses Gun and Knife to Rescue Kids From Frozen River
  239. Mother defends herself
  240. Good News For the New Year: United States Is the Most Heavily Armed Country
  241. 'I just shot the man': Boy, 14, kills intruder
  242. Securing guns vs. gun legislation
  243. Cops 'raid' Philadelphia store..., hold clerks at gunpoint, disable cameras..
  244. Blast from the Past
  245. Texas target shooter
  246. Black powder for home defense loads.
  247. 4473 Changing
  248. Remember Back When?
  249. Harless Fired!!!
  250. Gun-Friendly Employers