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  1. Homicide drops out of the Top 15 causes of death
  2. SHOT show
  3. Canada Confiscates semi-auto rifles~~~
  4. "Should civilian shooters get same treatment as OIS survivors?"
  5. Teenage girl carjacked at gunpoint. What would you do?
  6. SHOT Show opens in Las Vegas
  7. What happened to HR822?
  8. Blog: An open response to Joan Peterson
  9. 'Packing Heat'? Want to Visit a Florida Hospital? It's OK!
  10. NYPD developing mobile gun scanner
  11. Yet another home invasion thread
  12. New Member Introductions
  13. New Jersey S810
  14. Gunsand ammo forum
  15. When England banned handguns
  16. ATF seizing airsoft 'guns' : claim their lowers work just like in real ones
  17. Slostin Gatling- Soviet 7.62x54R Gatling gun from 1946
  18. Building a safe room
  19. Korean Garands are back?
  20. Antis going after Starbucks...again
  21. What has Newt's Stance on Guns Been in the Past?
  22. Introductions: Start Here
  23. Given the ongoing (but cyclic) erosions of shooting opportunities on BLM land....
  24. A question about a hypothetical gun situation
  25. Sensible gun control!
  26. "Bullets Rip the Will of the People Apart":Leonard Pitts About Giffords Departure
  27. Very specific question: Anyone own a Subaru Outback and a 1911?
  28. Burglar shot practically out my back door
  29. Laser-guided machinegun bullets...
  30. Positively shocking
  31. How Much Freedom Do You Feel Is Conveyed By the 2nd Amendment?
  32. Break the Boyott
  33. Ron Paul's numbers are not high enough, WHO is pro 2nd amendment then?
  34. CSS Hunley finally revealed.
  35. What happened to the shotgun section....
  36. A couple changes to the forums
  37. Anti-Gun Ad To Run During Super Bowl
  38. Who to donate money to?
  39. Obama invites an air cannon into the white house
  40. New study: Tough Targets...
  41. Do you want tanks in your community?
  42. Trivia thread?
  43. Guys, you're gonna love this.. [humor, guns, parenting, snotty kids]
  44. NRA official: Obama wants to outlaw guns in 2nd term - NRA LaPierre
  45. Prepper has his guns confiscated by the
  46. Lt.Col Davis's unclassified report on the Afghan war..
  47. Dang it was cold!
  48. Russian Songtress Sasha Gradiva Guns Up the Grammy's
  49. Firemission: Hit this poll and stand for freedom!
  50. Pigeon Shoot Turned into Whirlybird Shoot
  51. Trainer who won't train Muslims or Obama voters
  52. Canada ends long-gun registry!
  53. Remember the guy
  54. How do you NOT know?
  55. ICE agent shoots his boss in the office
  56. Houston Astros Remove Gun From Throwback Colt .45 Uniforms: PC at Its Finest
  57. Brady Campain
  58. Another /terrorist/ loser made and jailed.
  59. I HATE the nra right now.
  60. Burglars in the bull's eye
  61. Ammo Recall
  62. WA gets low grade from Brady Bunch
  63. Turned out to be a good day today
  64. Some One Just sent me a PM
  65. Two shootings in two days...
  66. 9-year-old boy accused of accidentally shooting classmate
  67. Guns Sales and the Mood of the American People
  68. Grab your guns! There's a "race war" coming!
  69. VA One Gun Per Month Law Repealed
  70. Are "Human-Like" targets prohibited on any of your ranges?
  71. House Democrats leave Iowa Capitol in protest of gun bills
  72. Pro-gun blogger Breitbart dead at 43
  73. Are Rules Rules?
  74. Glad to be here
  75. Fuse Length
  76. Does Anybody Remember a Certain Shooting Thread?
  77. "Veterans Administration Overdoses on Anti-Gun Prescription," Says NRA
  78. The Christian Science Monitor Examines Americas Gun Carry "Culture".
  79. Anti-gunners want to invade your privacy
  80. So you've decided to carry a gun? feedback from personal experience.
  81. Congress considering measures to expand access to shooting ranges
  82. Federal LegislationState LegislationPublic CommentsGrassroots AlertAction Center
  83. Marines disarmed for Panetta visit
  84. "After third child shot ..."
  85. Nonprofit Charitable Organization anti-gun activity
  86. Great expectations?
  87. Eric Holder wants to "brainwash" people about guns?
  88. Remember the thread about IRS buying SBS's?
  89. That unarmed black teen injured the watchman BEFORE being shot
  90. Prototyping
  91. "It's for the children"....
  92. Ruger Statement - Ruger temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.
  93. double barrel 45
  94. New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of George Zimmerman
  95. Trigger spring for a wells fargo .31 cal
  96. Steven Crowder Interview
  97. Just a thought
  98. What Handguns to Take For Northwest Road Trip in Mid May
  99. A Kodiak Bear Mauling - free!
  100. How Many People Feel Zimmerman Will Get Billed and be Tried
  101. Why no ban on axes, hatchets?
  102. A small request.
  103. Praise for Crossbreed holsters
  104. Something the main stream media will never mention...
  105. Stand Your Ground, Wisconsin Edition, Now Playing
  106. When will Zimmerman get his gun back?
  107. Justice for George :)
  108. Trayvon Martin's Halo for sale on Ebay.
  109. MI Militia charges dismissed... some gun charges.
  110. Which M16 fire control parts are ok with our tyrants in an AR these days?
  111. I friggin LOVE SAF! They sue, and they WIN!
  112. WA citizen defends home, intruder dies
  113. April Fools: Denver Post editorial writers
  114. California shooting -> cop kills unarmed black teenager (19)
  115. CA campus shooting brings out extremes
  116. 2012 obama related gun hoarding is real. Anyone participating?
  117. CC thwarts robbery
  118. long term storage
  119. Engineering thread: is it possible to design a projectile that hardens...
  120. Zimmerman's father on hannity
  121. Your level of 2nd amendment activism?
  122. Tactical items learned from the Trayvon/Zimmerman altercation
  123. Zimmerman Trial Outcome Poll
  124. Open Carry Utopia! In Which State Would You Be Most Inclined & Relaxed?
  125. OC and CC and how it relates to the duty to protect one's community.
  126. Shooting Spree in Tulsa,OK
  127. Dumb question on state constitutions versus GCA68
  128. Bill Cosby weighs in on Trayvon Martin case
  129. It's 'Bash the NRA' week..let the fun begin
  130. No Grand Jury for Zimmerman
  131. Nat'l CCW surge; WA on front end
  132. 5 Real-life weapons from Sci-Fi
  133. Prosecutors lying about SYG all along?
  134. Will Zimmerman's Case be Thrown Out or Heard?
  135. NRA Happy if Zim Guilty?
  136. Smith&Wesson Shield just released today
  137. Lock & Load time for Romney @ NRA
  138. Someone who has signed a ban on our guns will be our next president
  139. Good pistol transfer FFL, Northern VA?
  140. "Stop the NRA!", Cries Indiana Reverend.
  141. Reflections from the NRA
  142. FYI: News Report Zimmerman
  143. Police Ordered Z to Follow M?
  144. Ron Paul stance as far as the Second Amendment...
  145. Did Nugent go too far this time?
  146. Here once the embattled farmers stood...
  147. A matter of priorities
  148. Gun industry’s economic impact skyrockets during Obama years
  149. Bank of America to McMillan - Drop Dead
  150. 10K new CPLs in WA state since December!
  151. A new pic, that got slammed at THR
  152. Range report on various shootin' arns
  153. Is this ammo corrosive?
  154. Tampa's Mayor Wants a GFCZ: Gun Free Convention Zone!
  155. Here's an off the wall question concerning the ATF's power
  156. PA man shoots teen dead
  157. Bloody pic of Zimmerman's head released: prosecutor could be charged
  158. Open Carry debate US News & World Report
  159. Oleg's Stealth Birthday
  160. Fiction book, circa1773
  161. Oil filters as suppressors? (legal)
  162. Is This Fireman an Idiot or What?
  163. 'Get Ready For the New Face of Gunowners'
  164. Ammo Sponsor
  165. George Washington Quote
  166. ??? Forum Changes ???
  167. And so, it begins
  168. Senate bill S1813 does not allow the IRS to take your guns
  169. George Washington's feelings on "Wounded Warriors" - our veterans.
  170. Not to self:
  171. Need quick advice on caliber
  172. Seattle Times and gun safety
  173. Brother, Guns, Long Day
  174. Brady Campaign wants MY opinion about guns? Are they kidding?
  175. A good Samaritan to the rescue
  176. Patriot Games: How FBI hunted domestic terrorists for years and missed McVeigh...
  177. Need help with old 39a Golden Mountie
  178. 'Guns At GOP Convention? Bring 'Em On!'
  179. NEW! Armed Citizens Alliance
  180. Woman attacked in a wal mart parking lot-dumb reporter says she did everything right
  181. A Los Angeles Cop Opines:On Zimmerman,and the Neighborhood Watch Philosophy in the US
  182. Opinions please
  183. PA looming background check shutdown under fire
  185. Dumb Criminals?
  186. Army veteran kills himself with his own carry gun, not on purpose.
  187. Format change coming to Wash. CPL
  188. Clip vs magazine lol
  189. New Darwin Candidate Leader? Letter Writer Blames NRA For Death of Junior Seau
  190. A surge in training?
  191. Medical Report on Zimmerman....
  192. So, today I went out and shot a brown bear with a cannon...
  193. How does Obama feel about the Pink Pistols?
  194. This is a sign. Should I buy a .223 with it or a .45?
  195. What Kind of Ammo did I Buy at the Gun Show Today?
  196. Playboy talks protection and ‘baring’ arms
  197. MAIG grants funded city anti-gun positions
  198. My comment to the ACLU
  199. 2012 run on guns, my Model1 order on April 12th was processed YESTERDAY
  200. SAF has new 'Molan Lave" patch, new lawsuit
  201. SOST Ammo?
  202. "Swatting" conservative commentators
  203. WA tops 365,000 CPLs!
  204. Dairy Farm Gets Raided at Gun Point
  205. For petty criminals, the 20 gauge is the ultimate HD weapon?
  206. Call us names..please
  207. The Trayvon Martin Factor.Coincidental Irony or Truth?
  208. Make ABSOLUTELY sure of your shipping information!
  209. Most expensive non-collectible personal weapon
  210. How Many Of You Practice With One Caliber.. But Carry Something Different?
  211. Don't bring a barstool to a gunfight
  212. ATF releases 2011 gun trace data
  213. Wait WHAT? Whoopi is an NRA member?
  214. Will THIS gestapo action by ATF wake nra up?
  215. How is 'gun violence' different from other violence?
  216. Why doesn't the nra push to remove SBRs from the NFA?
  217. When despicable reaches a new low....
  218. Toronto Mall Shooting
  219. New Gunner
  220. Using a .22 to shoot steel targets
  221. Target Rich Environment Signs
  222. What are the gun laws in Greece? Does this say what I think it does?
  223. Do you work to restore the 2nd amendment by RE-leglaizing drugs plants?
  224. Some might say this is a crazy Idea....
  225. New Study: SYG Kills People
  226. Co2 pistol vs Pit Bull? I think it's a bad plan, neighbor disagrees
  227. Another cop just wanted to get home safe....?
  228. Remember the "Kindness" hichhiker that was shot in Montana?
  229. dog the bounty hunter
  230. Fathers Day range trip
  231. Indianans Can Shoot Cops Making Illegal Entries
  232. Be responsible shooters
  233. A thought on home defense
  234. Choosing America's 50 State Guns
  235. Obama grants "executive privilege" in Fast & Furious
  236. The agenda of Obama and gun grabbers
  237. I Hope were all voting for Ron Paul
  238. Found a use for the Memphis Commercial Appeal handgun permit database
  239. Question about 7.62 x 39 ammo
  240. IS the RKBA in Jeopardy With a BHO Re-election?
  241. Attacking bear shot by man in National Forrest
  242. Huh? Recreational shooters started forest fires?
  243. Oh, Gawd! I think now I may have heard everything!
  244. Hear ye HEAR YE new version of our national gun registration form-aka the lovely 4473
  245. gun finishes
  246. The Brady Campaign must be "brain dead"!
  247. U.N. gun ban update
  248. Shotgun totin' Granny shoots gator in Oklahoma
  249. Took the wife shooting
  250. Cheek piece for a rifle -- where to get it?