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  1. Another BATFE persecution.... How can any honest person justify BATFE's existence?
  2. Serial home invasions coming!!!
  3. How is this possible?
  4. Fox "news" radio just called f & f a "gun tracking operation"
  5. Comments and observations
  6. Wait WHAT? A "mac" pistol in 5.7mm?
  7. Inside the mind of a killer: Peter Keller's bunker video
  8. Gun rights and spouses -- help a guy out with advice
  9. Why Are "Gun Rights" Organizations Giving BATFE A Pass
  10. Charges unlikely against man who shot robbers
  11. A "gun-friendly" restaurant?
  12. Poll: Do you support the UN Small Arms Treaty - or even the idea of one?
  13. 8 million CCWs so Feinstein opposes nat'l reciprocity
  14. Aurora CO. Shooting
  15. High velocity low weight projectiles?
  16. Silencers
  17. It's amazing, considering the title of this forum, that I didn't post this here!
  18. Another police entry into wrong house, another citizen shot dead
  19. Mother of Armed Robber Sues Store for her Son Getting Shot
  20. My comment on the Colorado Massacre
  21. Maybe this poster says it better
  22. Be advised,the Brady bunch are changing tactics as well as their name....
  23. Fifth Columnists?
  24. The AHSA...just another way to spell gun grabber...
  25. Bloomberg steps on tongue about police strike
  26. Stories My Father Told Me
  27. What did they all have in common?
  28. Gun sales up, along with rhetoric
  29. My response to a friend after the movie shootings
  30. Obama 'out of closet' on gun control
  31. Is a Standing Police Force In Every Locality Necessary in the United States?
  32. Is the damage to society from guns worth the freedom to have guns?
  33. BULLETIN: US will not sign Arms Trade Treaty !!!!
  34. Looking for informed responses to friends gun control question.
  35. Obama - "I believe in the Second Amendment"
  36. Sooo, is Olympic Arms violating the logo rights of the corporate fascist olympic com?
  37. Taking psychotropic meds then no gun possession? Theater guy drugged up.
  38. Does DHS really have a need for 90 million rounds of .40 S&W?
  39. The myth of 'high powered assault rifles'
  40. An interesting take on the "Scalia Says the Second Amendment may be limited" articles
  41. Anyone keeping track of businesses the ATF has ruined?CPSC=ATF going after buckyballs
  42. Newbs on their way...
  43. The Immediate Future of the RKBA:Will the Next 4 Years (2013-2017) Be to Our Gain
  44. Seattle shop owner will swap 2x4 for gun
  45. Unexpected good news: RINO anti gun candidate in TN defeated!
  46. Another Shooting in WI.
  47. What's up with this Gun Broker auction?
  48. Opinions on Diane Rehm
  49. It's all Springfield's fault!
  50. Bloomberg and spent brass
  51. Best gun for dealing with activated spree killers
  52. Experimental photography - new pistol
  53. Anyone here from Finland? They've lost all gun rights.
  54. Soliciting suggestions for home defense and .22 handguns
  55. Bloomy, Holder turn down Gun Rights conference invites
  56. Paul Ryan on the 2nd Amendment
  57. Why are some gunowners so royally stupid?
  58. Naked government tyranny: courts rewriting constitution. You have NO RIGHT to a mg
  59. Would tougher gun control improve safety?
  60. DC v Heller: Not much protection
  61. convention fobia
  62. The Horror!
  63. Perry, Romney dis new gun laws after shooting
  64. how did this happen?
  65. NPR: Pro-gun!?
  66. That's a lot of ammunition!
  67. Way to go, idiot.
  68. Now, Social Security Admin is ordering ammo!
  69. Pro-extended magazines op-ed
  70. Indefinite detention IS a gun ban. Obama ignores federal judge Forrest
  71. Another shooting: >100 victims!
  72. No traction, no relevance
  73. Politician with UZI accidentally shoots his ex wife...
  74. Ruby Ridge anniversary
  75. Illinois moving in the "right" direction
  76. Too subtle?
  77. Empire State Building shootout
  78. GOP set to OK most pro-gun platform ever
  79. Klamath Falls Open Carry Stop
  80. Whitehall PA OC Stop
  81. Anti-Gun Wacko of The Week: Grand Island NE School Board
  82. Mandatory Milsurps
  83. D.H.S. to aquire 7000 NATO PDWs in 5.56mm!
  84. Armed mother saves 2 year-old from kidnapper
  85. Good news: Americans still fighting back
  86. So, I left my gun out in the rain a year and...
  87. Another UK home sd shooting. Residents arrested after sd shooting burglars
  88. Outdoor shooting in Brevard County
  89. Firearms Industry Status Report - Sales, Imports, Exports, etc...
  90. 92 Year Old Kentuky Vet Kills Home Intruder
  91. Key to surviving a gun fight
  92. Election 2012: The battle of the platforms
  93. More NYC cops killing innocents
  94. New firearms friendly pay site PistolPay.com
  95. Nazi's on crack
  96. Public apology and a request
  97. More Guns, Less Corruption?
  98. Press bias v. WA gun shows? You be the judge
  99. Killers Post Photos of Dead Policeman
  100. Hollywood’s evolving take on gun rights
  101. Rick Rescorla: A Real 9/11 Hero
  102. Hollywood Hypocrite: Karl Urban as Judge Dredd
  103. Carrying in the waistband of your zubaz pants isn’t the ultimate stupidity after all
  104. Buffalo Bill Cody Historical Center
  105. Cops and their Side Arms
  106. Another anti-gun lie exposed in Florida
  107. Embassies without ammo?
  108. Lots more Heat on the Street in WA
  109. We need more gun related stuff,so let me introduce this video...
  110. Here is a Little Common Sense Article That Will Get the antis All Fired Up
  111. Here are Some Interesting Stats by Dr.Gary Kleck
  112. Self Defense Pistol 101
  113. Killing in SD Lead to Misery for Man
  114. Raul Rodriguez SD Shoot.
  115. Does anybody have a gun they like to use, but hate to practice with?
  116. You Have the Choice of 1 Handgun to Save Your Life,Any Location. Which Gun?
  117. Guns and Travel
  118. Otis McDonald will appear at Gun Rights confab
  119. Interesting manhunt
  120. "Evidence-based"???
  121. For Home Defense You Have 3 Choices:Shotgun,Rifle or Handgun.Your Pick? And Why?
  122. Handgun "accidentally" discharges as police officer examines it?
  123. Univision unearths more Fast and Furious victims
  124. Russia to consider AK-74 modifications
  125. Deployment Guns
  126. Campsite Defense.Lower 48.Remote Wilderness.You HaveThese Handgun Choices.Which & Why
  127. Debate Topic: Gun Control?
  128. George Zimmerman sues NBC
  129. Ted Nugent's "Gun Country"
  130. Airline travel experience
  131. Cook County pol proposes gun, ammo tax
  132. Loss of a true American hero
  133. Gun Ranges near Gatlinburg, TN?
  134. Shotgun shell exploded!
  135. Raining shells at the range
  136. Debates and the election
  137. Suicide by cop?
  138. 410 barrel
  139. Do You Believe Unfettered CC or OC Should Be Allowed at Gun Shows?
  140. You Are In Alaska.A 1400 lb. Brown Bear is Charging You.50 Yards.Your Caliber Choice?
  141. Extremists Strike Again... WH Smith (in Britain) has lost their corporate mind!
  142. Obama admits to new AssaultWeapons Ban!
  143. fast to silence
  144. Gunsmithing
  145. T. Martin's parents fight his school records as evidence
  146. more guns or ammo??
  147. Magazine sleeve/ spacer for Beretta CX4/M9/92
  148. If we could ever them off Class 3 status, how much should a suppressor cost?
  149. Our goal is to reach 1,000. We are going to bribe you to get there.
  150. Video reply to Justice Stevens
  151. New gun after elections?
  152. "Gun Homicide"? Truth vs Propaganda
  153. One of the dumbest things ever said for the record...
  154. First Day of Permitted Open Carry in Oklahoma
  155. My article on how to reduce lead exposure from shooting
  156. Oklahoma Pro Gun Democrat Rob Wallace
  157. What do you Think About These Pro Gun Political Ads?
  158. Congratulations, Johnny Dollar
  159. To protect and...disarm?
  160. What would you do?
  161. Election Poll Pool.
  162. The Election Is Over and We Lost, Now What?
  163. That was quick: Obama admin agrees on new UN gun treaty talks
  164. Check this out: The UN treaty is BAAAAAACK!
  165. My article on James Bond's movie guns
  166. AZ gun dealer tells Obama voters to stay out
  167. Very Interesting Timing to say the least...
  168. Ruger LCR and 4th Generation Glock 19 Quality Control issues
  169. Veterans day
  170. I went to the library today...
  171. Veterans Day SD Article
  172. Louisiana gets it!
  173. Secession petitions - Wyoming is tops!
  174. Your papers, please!
  175. Gun/Ammo Websites
  176. American Express
  177. Fire at Dan Wesson
  178. WA woman pulls gun on sex offender
  179. Obama Increased Gun Sales by 400%?
  180. Gunsmithing Schools and gunsmith training
  181. It's sad what others realize and we don't
  182. Deputy attempts to justify seizing CCW handguns during traffic stop
  183. Questions
  184. Gunowners Against Illegal Mayors
  185. Reports: Attorney General Holder to Remain in Administration
  186. UDATED LAWSUIT FILED Changes at CSPD after man wrongly arrested for carrying gun
  187. Hot off the Press Obama's Gun Ban List (Proposed)
  188. Customer shot by gunshop employee (NM)
  189. One man's Thanksgiving, and a gesture
  190. Well, the holiday season is off with a bang...
  191. NICS overload on Black Friday? It was $$ green for gun sales
  192. Gun Pulled On Black Friday?
  193. exessive force?
  194. SCAM-ALERT: Armslist
  195. FYI: That 'gun ban list" e-mail is a fake, says Korwin
  196. New Secretaries??
  197. Interesting video
  198. Any bets how long before this is banned for civilian use?
  199. The upside of killing zombies
  200. Merry Christmas from Tiger Valley
  201. lots of first
  202. Another take on "Lock and Load"
  203. i hate when this happens
  204. Happened a few miles from my house
  205. Jovan Belcherr and GF are dead because he owned a gun?
  206. Best range day ever.Guns Of The 111th
  207. Coming from a cowshed near you; death and destruction!
  208. People Come To Me With Problems...
  209. The Legendary AK-47
  210. Little Falls Shooting
  211. in case you havn't seen it
  212. Burglar Calls 911 to Save Himself From Gun Wielding Homeowners
  213. West Virginia Mountaineer Mascot Told to Stop Using Musket For Hunting
  214. Experience with Gunsmithing Schoos? Please share!
  215. OMB's of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your printers?
  216. Violent confrontations end badly...
  217. Report:Players Turning In Guns to NFL Personnel After Belcher Murder/Suicide
  218. What movies/tv shows portray civilian gun ownership as totally normal?
  219. Uberti 1847 walker colt
  220. Concealed Carry Legal in Illinois in 180 Days?!
  221. Gun "buy-back" turns into found treasure for one woman
  222. Clackamas shooter used stolen rifle
  223. Oregon shooting
  224. non military calibers/current nato calibers
  225. Florida Set to Reach 1,000,000 CCW Permit Holders Next Week
  226. Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School
  227. Illinois gun banner faces weapons charge
  228. Shooting In CT: Is it the fault of gun rights or America's depravity?
  229. Researcher:No Rise in Mass Killings, But Their Impact is Huge.
  230. How Many Times in US Hitory has Our Miitary Take Up Arms Against its Citizens?
  231. Video Game Violence vs. Gun Control
  232. Guns in MI gun free zones
  233. The one victim of the New Towne shooting that the antis seem to have no sympathy for
  234. darn highway patrol state policing again.....
  235. child murderer in connecticut was.....
  236. Feinstein to introduce confiscation bill
  237. Rather interesting videos
  238. AWB Timeline
  239. News Story or Op- Ed piece ?
  240. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to give up,
  241. LAPD gun buyback program. Sell your junkers!
  242. Pearl MS, High School Shooting
  243. Cheaper Than Dirt Suspends Firearm Sales "To Review Policies."
  244. Texas Seems to be Getting Serious About Protecting Schools
  245. Hit This Poll
  246. Theories of RKBA
  247. Whoops...
  248. Interesting and Useful Information
  249. nra speaks
  250. Any thoughts on how long till the AR pipeline is refilled?