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  1. Possibilities of New AWB Poll
  2. ? 40% of guns bought without a back ground check?
  3. Group to push gun ban at Vermont town meetings
  4. Why the Gun Control Movement Is Doomed
  5. Greetings
  6. Video Clip of Piers Morgan Show with Geoffery Canada
  7. Wayne LaPierre on Meet the Press
  8. Brownells Reports Record Magazine Sales
  9. White House petition to prevent new gun laws
  10. Merry Christmas / Happy New Year
  11. Results of an unscientific poll
  12. Newspaper publishes names and addresses of gun owners.
  13. Interesting editorial in Washington Post
  14. Stupid Hobby
  15. Would the 94 - 04 AWB even be Constitutional now?
  16. Feinstein's next try at an AWB...
  17. buy or sell from strangers?
  18. Utah Training Teachers to use Firearms in the Classroom
  19. Obama back with his UN truck
  20. Ban as rider on fiscal cliff legislation?
  21. Schwarzkopf raised money for kids at Sporting Clays classic
  22. An Inside Look at Some of the Atitudes in Politics About Gun Control
  23. dicks sporting goods
  24. Get a Load of This Propaganda!
  25. My article about Newtown
  26. talk but no talk
  27. Join three pro-gun organizations for $20
  28. Interesting article on the Second Amendment and the Militia
  29. Gun Control
  30. Nuff Said
  31. I hate to say "we told you so...."
  32. The Wrong Approach?
  33. Guns and Medical questionnaires
  34. AR15/ ammo speculators
  35. Does Anybody Actually Have the Feinstein Proposal Yet?
  36. Preaching to the Choir
  37. Bringing this over from another Forum I belong to
  38. Gift NRA Memberships
  39. Rational article from another media outlet
  40. Media Doesn't Like "Good Guys"
  41. Of all the stupid $%^&@, Non Fatal Ammunition???
  42. Hypocrisy, thy name is "Gun Control"....
  43. Gun sales record, more Washington CPLs
  44. Trying to get a law changed
  45. Journalists Who are Really Activists
  46. Examiner.com anti-gun?
  47. Marine Sends Letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein: An Emphatic No to Gun Grab
  48. Gun Show Cancelled
  49. Did she lie?!?!
  50. Here is Some Good News!!
  51. The bright side of a total gun ban
  52. Joyce Hornady Hornady Manufacturing
  53. Things are Looking Up!
  54. what guns?
  55. U.S. applies gun laws to Somalia
  56. bomb plot against high school
  57. Police Deaths Reach Historic Low In 2012
  58. "‘We believe you should not be selling guns and parts on the Internet."
  59. Mother shoots home invader
  60. Sheriff Pulls Business From Dana Safety Supply Because They Stopped Selling Semi-Auto
  61. How registration and firearm ID cards work so wonderfully in Hawaii
  62. Sign petition to stop new gun laws
  63. Gun buybacks are deceptive political theater
  64. Response from OK Senator on Request to Block Anti Gun Legislation
  65. One would do well to fear the Government that fears his arms!
  66. target fixation
  67. Man shoots himself
  68. Gregory and the mag, no arrest
  69. How would YOU define a "dictaorial action"?
  70. Biden threat: 'Executive Action on guns'
  71. Just How Serious is Obama About His Gun Ban?
  72. Gov Cromo NY ban 7 things he will do
  73. clarify something...please
  74. Outed NY gun owner speaks
  75. Gottlieb calls 'B.S.' on anti-gunners
  76. NRA statement from meeting today
  77. I Just Got This Email Regarding The Pro 2A Petitions @WH.gov
  78. Blowing smoke to find out how much we are willing to spend??
  79. cali high school shooting
  80. Pieres Morgan Is An Arrogant $@&
  81. People are funny creatures
  82. A Note On Publication of Home Addresses
  83. How many jobs has the ban threat created?
  84. pro-gun rallys next Saturday at noon at all state capitols
  85. Good Samaritans take down armed robber
  86. Dr. Williams discusses the Second Amendment:
  87. Food for Thought!
  88. Good News for Ohio CCW Permit Renewel
  89. I'm back.
  90. Great Video
  91. Ban Cell phones while driving ! How many people have they killed!
  92. President Obama's eo's will sign 23 today
  93. The List?
  94. Hi all, I'm new, & i have a question about lefty shooters :)
  95. The hidden danger to gun owners behind Obama's executive orders
  96. Dr. Walter E. Williams is spot on again!
  97. Ruger and S&W stock prices on the rise.
  98. buma and his usual number game
  99. Alaska has spoken!
  100. Chicago Police Superintendent comes out against CC Law
  101. Other Tyrants Who Have Used Children As Props....
  102. the 40% of buyers no check
  103. 47% of US households have guns
  104. The White House has a Long Row to Hoe According to My Local News
  105. Is Magazine Confiscation the Same as or Lead to Gun Confication?
  106. academy ammo policy
  107. Dreaded Wait Time
  108. Tactical goals of current gun control efforts
  109. Australia's John Howard is lying to you
  110. Big turnout at capitols on Gun Appreciation Day
  111. Thoughts About the Resistance
  112. Congress Nuclear Option?
  113. will a bayonett mount constitute/ assault riffle?
  114. Cracking the code on the 'party of gun control'
  115. Stop gun control
  116. Homeland Security and Billions of pistol rounds purchased
  117. IBD's Michael Ramirez writes about gun control....
  118. Again, why do we oppose universal background checks?
  119. north carolia joins the ranks
  120. New 7 Round Ammo Law in NYS
  121. Gun store price gouging
  122. 5 reasons why you shouldn't support universal background checks
  123. Article that the GOA is Circulating?
  124. 2nd Amendment Definition
  125. Yakima County, WA sheriff speaks out
  126. Wlll a National AWB Be Passed During the 113th Congress Session?
  127. Guns: the superior form of battlefield posturing?
  128. C-SPAN Live Stream
  129. Feinstein's new 2013 AWB
  130. Sandy Hook shooting - new info
  131. Quote from Allan Gottlieb VP of the SAF
  132. why does the NRA use this type of talking points
  133. Banks: New Anti-Gun Tool?
  134. The great 'gun safety' fraud
  135. Message from J&G Sales
  136. NOT wrong headed
  137. the brain washing of the children.
  138. Even in AZ the do-gooders are busy as Africanized bees....
  139. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma Talking Background Checks
  140. Fox News Gun Poll. It's All Good
  141. Will a Mandatory Background Check be Passed for All Gun Sales?
  142. Seattle gun buyback aftermath (and questionable math!)
  143. Interesting article by David Mamet
  144. Potential NRA Ally to replace Jesse Jackson?
  145. “calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option.”
  146. The scene in CT
  147. Gun Ownership: American Exceptionalism
  148. NY State is using pistol permit interviews to collect info on long guns, magazines,
  149. So soon we forget.
  150. Matt Mattioli, Father of Sandy Hook Victim Speaks Out For Us All
  151. Washington Post debunks claims about NRA members supporting background checks
  152. Homeland Security buys 7000 Assault...er.. Personal Defense Weapons.
  153. Very Interesting Read: A Liberal Who Likes Guns
  154. Trying to remember the man's name, early 80s Amry training videos.
  155. Here is an Interesting Fire Side Chat with Joe
  156. Colorado Sheriffs issue strong pro-gun position statement
  157. Bloomberg asked about armed security
  158. Granny got her gun
  159. 1000 Green Berets speak!
  160. Was the Sandy Hook Dad Really "Heckled"? The Video Suggests Otherwise.
  161. Brady Campaign New Strategy
  162. Wounded Warrior Project Anti Gun?
  163. school bus attack/abduction
  164. It's happening again...
  165. Gun rights hearing blisters ban plan
  166. SURPRISE! BATFE bungles another one!
  167. I hope this is helpful for some folks - lots of PDF firearm manuals.
  168. Help: "Statistics?"
  169. A suggestion for cops
  170. Thomas Sowell's column about "Gun Control"
  171. Reply from Tom Colburn Regarding his Efforts to Infinge on our Rights to Private Sale
  172. Freedom is not a destination
  173. Barak Obama "does skeet shooting"?
  174. "Influence" Stats favor NRA
  175. Pew poll: Majority thinks feds threaten rights
  176. Trivia Prize Quiz
  177. Two men, one an ex-SEAL, fatally shot on gun range.
  178. write them be Heard
  179. Oll13052s.l.c. Awb 2013
  180. Hr 437
  181. More
  182. Non-AWB ban in Senate
  183. Is it guns or hoplophobia that is the public health issue?
  184. Is Joseph Farah "Full of It" or does he have a valid point?
  185. Idaho: More Guns
  186. You gotta love Michael Ramirez!
  187. Another Trivia Honor System Quiz.
  188. What Caliber For Python?
  189. Whooopsie!! They Didnt Have a Gun After All.
  190. No more illegal guns
  191. David Keene........Fireside Chat
  192. Tony Bennett should stick to songs, not guns
  193. Pebbles New Forum Member
  194. This is what gun control laws get you....
  195. Resistance!
  196. Retired law enforcement officers exempt from AWB
  197. Cop killer calls for stricter gun control
  198. 2nd amendment
  199. Militia
  200. An Inside Look at Allan Gura of the SAF
  201. Pro gun march?
  202. Registration of guns and/or gun owners...
  203. Just say no to compromise on new gun laws
  204. Ive said NO to compromise
  205. Erie County (NY) Sheriff's are on our side.
  206. Trayvon Martin Redux
  207. The Rising Voice of Gun Ownership is Female
  208. Here is a Video Worth Watching!
  209. A gun in the hand
  210. A SECOND case of mistaken identity!?
  211. Scientific fallacy
  212. Ted Nugent to attend State of the Union speech
  213. Marines at inaugural with something missing
  214. Machine Guns Vs. Assault Rifles
  215. The shot heard around the world.
  216. Olympic Arms cuts business to New York State authorities
  217. Obama on gun control
  218. Mockery
  219. Obama on gun control 2
  220. What do you think?
  221. New, Intense Video of the Shootout Between Police, Dorner
  222. Prices on Gun-Broker
  223. the worsed of the bad
  224. It begins.......!
  225. A poster from todays range trip
  226. correct me if i'm wrong
  227. America and Weapons
  228. King County, WA sheriff says 'NO' to NY firm wanting CPL names, addresses
  229. I am the proud new owner of what might be a vintage 20 gauge dbl barrel
  230. Six gun companies to cease sales to government
  231. Colorado Gun Owners
  232. mother of slain chicago teen in ad for gun control
  233. Wonderful Day
  234. Sample letter to a state representative
  235. McCready death quickly exploited versus guns
  236. 25 Famous People Who Support Gun Rights
  237. Washington State Liberals at it Again
  238. Pistorius
  239. "Sheriff Warns Of “Second American Revolution” If Gun Grabbers Get Their Way"
  240. Biden says to fire shotgun in the yard...huh?
  241. NRA Email asking us to contact these senators phone numbers included
  242. Firestorm in WA over background check discussions
  243. WA PO blows lid on anti-gun deceptiveness
  244. Sexual misdemeanors and gun control...The camel's nose
  245. Woman shot by oven trying to cook waffles!
  246. What we owe the children
  247. Say WHAT!!!? Disabled Vets can't have guns?
  248. Obamanoids launch $100K campaign against pro-gunners
  249. Update on antigun tactics
  250. NRA ad on self-defense: Just Ask Joe!