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  1. Bloomberg $ vs IL Candidate
  2. NY Gun Violence Lowered Because of Unconstitutional Searches?
  3. Midway USA e-mail
  4. Unarmed Miami man killed defending his family in home invasion
  5. Even Fox News is imcompetent!
  6. Sad but True Funny Little Cartoon
  7. NPR recidivates
  8. why .22 shortage?
  9. Dog shoots man...
  10. New video demolishes myth of hi-cap mags
  11. Beware: Successful Gun Bans?
  12. Little Known American Historical Event (Battle Of Athens)
  13. get a load of this...bs
  14. Wilson Combat 1911 Pic
  15. sequester; what effect?
  16. Is DHS at it again?
  17. MidwayUSA Donates $1,000,000 to the NRA/ILA
  18. Background check surge continues
  19. No SYG hearing for Zimmerman
  20. Sheriffs just say 'No' to 'O' and WA CPL's top 400,000!!!
  21. bragg about your sheriff
  22. Kid stops killing, school authorities come down on him
  23. Trayvon Martin's girlfriend is a perjuror.
  24. JAMA prints more pseudoscience!
  25. DHS Drones Designed to Identify Citizens Carrying Guns
  26. Anti Gun Justice Blocked from Appointment
  27. Death by 'turning his life around'
  28. No guns for rape victims in CO
  29. the neglected .22 magnum
  30. 45-70 Navy Arms
  31. Putting holster on belt - empty or with gun?
  32. Radio Interview EL Paso County Sherriff Terry Maketa WRT The Gun Control Debate
  33. Senate Strikes Back!
  34. The Second Amendment as a Prophylactic
  35. I have been asked to join the GRM staff
  36. Guns & Ammo Ranks the Top States For Gun Owners
  37. 20 Great Hollywood Gun Crime Films. Which One Is Your Favorite?
  38. Congresswoman Admits "Assault Weapons" Ban is "Just the Beginning"
  39. Oh Shock! Felon nabbed with stolen gun in pocket
  40. Interesting language in HB13-1224 (Colorado)
  41. Air Force veteran prevents school shooting
  42. DiFi's ban bill pulled from Dem package
  43. Cruz vs. Feinstein
  44. New poll shows Illinois voters support the right to carry!
  45. Kerry Commits U.S. To U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gun Grab
  46. PBS: AWB Unconstitutional!!!
  47. Publius Huldah
  48. Why gun ownership and training should mandatory
  49. Who here owns a WORKING firearm greater than one hundred years old?
  50. LaPierre a 'tired old white guy, eh?'
  51. Gun Store refuses Mark Kelley purchase
  52. Definition of Arsenal?
  53. Mayors mount 'Day of Action' today
  54. Chicago, Los Angeles, New York Prosecuted Fewest Federal Gun Crimes
  55. Turned out to be a good day today
  56. Now I'm beginning to get PO'ed....!
  57. Sikh man cites religion in lawsuit against gun controls
  58. CCRKBA: 'Shame on YOU, Mr. President!'
  59. House should resume CDC ban
  60. The Revolver is Dead?
  61. Oh, the humanity! .50 cal -vs- Peeps & Cadbury eggs
  62. Calendar check: Bloomberg, billion$ and 'buy the NRA'
  63. Slate: Mental Illness is Common Thread
  64. Is it irresponsible to leave your firearms unsecured?
  65. Montesano, WA mayor says 'NO' to MAIG membership
  66. Death Penalty for Aurora Shooter?
  67. Imagine a world without guns
  68. NRA: We'll train the teachers!
  69. And now, from my favorite Democrat & yours....!
  70. U.N. passes sweeping international arms regulation...
  71. OK, so let me get this straight.....
  72. Fight is lost in CT
  73. Gun Control ≠ Mental Health Care
  74. Meanwhile, in Colorado....
  75. enough guns?
  76. as aprill 19th draws near
  77. If you had it to do over what would you change
  78. congress defeats un treaty
  79. Here is One of Bloombergs Finest MAIG Buddies
  80. Cerakote
  81. Ammo Crisis??
  82. Sheriff Terry Maketa on UBCs
  83. Man kills bear in backyard - faces multiple criminal charges.
  84. PoliceOne survey: Support CCW, pan "buy-backs"
  85. Should Crimes Involving Guns be Punished More Severely?
  86. Gun free zones work great! No?
  87. Another school attack - universal background checks would not have stopped it
  88. Dave Kopel on UBCs
  89. Pistol permit suspended for use of prescribed anti-anxiety medication/ Reinstated
  90. Backdoor Way to Gun Registry
  91. Nearly 411,000 concealed pistol licenses in WA
  92. The grabbing has begun in NY OOPS
  93. A look at the April 11, 1986 FBI Miami shootout 27 years later
  94. Here is the Latest from GOA that was Posted on my FB Page
  95. How to make antis crazy: auction an AR-15
  96. There are 61 guest viewing our forum right now
  97. Hypocrisy at its Finest
  98. new gun bills/ ammo shortage
  99. They just don't get it....
  100. Now What Do We Do?
  101. Profile terrorist bombers, not gun owners
  102. Backpacking with a rifle in Colorado
  103. How rich! Oblame-o calls NRA "liars"
  104. We've all been cleared of capital murder
  105. Pelosi Vows to Get Gun Control Passed
  106. Did Oblame-o really "throw a tantrum"?
  107. GOA Gives Chris Christie RINO of the Year Award
  108. I finally got tossed from D.U.!
  109. San Francisco to ban the evil Black Talon Round
  110. Terry Maketa on "90% of Americans Support UBCs"
  111. 2 Men With Bombs,Grenades,Guns Shut Down a Met Area of 3 Million. Is this the Future?
  112. US not even in top 100 of world nations highest murder rates
  113. The logic of gun control
  114. Hello there!
  115. Happy Birthday Oleg
  116. Where Have All the Posters Gone?
  117. charged with murder
  118. What on earth would someone want an illegal MG 3 w/tripod for?
  119. Dear Gun Control Democrats: 6 Ways to Make a Better Argument
  120. Joe Biden does it again...boosts sales
  121. Gun Control:As Seen Through the Eyes of Jim Morin,Americas Most Antigun Cartoonist
  122. I hate it when I'm right
  123. Assault Backpacks?
  124. 2 Houston schools reject Eddie Eagle because....
  125. Explosive gun control documentary Disarmed: A History of Gun Control
  126. Five year-old shoots sister, 2
  127. “HIPAA Privacy Rule and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
  128. Kansas joins Montana and others in excluding intra state trade from interstate regs.
  129. Plastic handguns printable at home
  130. Winchester Ammunition Manufacturing Plant East Alton Illinois
  131. Is One Round Really Going To Make THAT Much Difference ?
  132. Ammo: What's your life worth?
  133. What is Your Favorite Varmint Caliber?
  134. Safe or not
  135. This'll make 'em squirm in D.C. - new book coming
  136. Crime down, ignorance high!
  137. Seattle to melt down buyback guns .. for plaques
  138. Instagram star '@Gun_Collector' talks about guns, photography, and the media
  139. ??Nat. Assn. for Gun Rights??
  140. DefDist Goes Dark; DoD "asked" them.
  141. Press needs to ask the tough questions
  142. Missouri legislature NULLIFIES Fed gun laws
  143. Extremism = Ignorance?
  144. A Must See Independent Film That Supports Gun Rights
  145. NY man charged for having 9 rounds in a magazine
  146. WA tops 426,000 CPLs
  147. "Your Gun of the Week"
  148. Fatal WA home attack might explain why people own guns
  149. New Insta-Sniper Gun!
  150. 'Shrinking gun ownership' a myth
  151. Handing A Weapon To Another Person, Did I miss Something?
  152. What is a gun? What are "arms"? What does the Second Amendment protect?
  153. Common Sense Discussion Of Firearms Safety
  154. Here's a good one...
  155. Can Carrying a Gun Lead to Recklessness?
  156. Remember the heroes this weekend
  157. Profiling wrong...unless you're profiling gun owners
  158. Background Checks For Firearm Purchases Violate First Amendment
  159. Concealed Carry Clothing, Good Idea Or Shameless NRA Marketing Ploy
  160. Rackin' up the Windy City body count....
  161. Brit newspaper poll says they want handgun ban repealed
  162. On Geckos and Geico and Teflon and the SKS
  163. old hand gun
  164. Obama to sign UN gun treaty June 3
  165. An open letter to the South African Gun-owners Association (SAGA)
  166. Lautenberg passes away - perennial anti-gunner
  167. SAF, CCRKBA reveal 'real war on women'
  168. Gun-Rights Activists Turn In Petitions To Recall Morse (Colorado)
  169. Info
  170. The 10 states with the most gun violence? Really?
  171. Kid suspended for talking about.................wait for it................. GUNS!!!!
  172. Phone records scandal and background checks
  173. Bloomy's big $$ anti-gun bus tour
  174. D-Day's 79th historic anniversary
  175. Texas woman arrested for ricin letters to Bloomberg and Obama. Is she pro gun or not
  176. Houston's Armed Citizen project v. Seattle's liberal arrogance
  177. need help with resizing lube clean up
  178. Yes, California really is insane....
  179. Federal gun control failed so where's the ammo and guns?
  180. Hickenlooper Defends New Gun Laws
  181. (gasp!) Biden to speak on gun control
  182. HA! Now IRS taking heat over training with AR-15s
  183. Major Thompson recall
  184. Gun accessory friendly search engines?
  185. Gun related geek humor.
  186. Attention Darwin awards - your newest candidates have arrived!
  187. Is Colt Firearms building 7.62x39 AR15 rifles?
  188. 'WaveRunner' Case of 14 Year Old Shooting Thief Finally Resolved
  189. Colorado Senate President Will Face Recall Election.
  190. Protect your rights
  191. Alleged terrorist a 'gun victim' and MAYORS apologizes
  192. What I did today
  193. Fighting the Liberal War on Women
  194. Does Cleaning A Gun When It's Hot Make A Difference?
  195. "Whooped Em Again Josie" Another Gun Grab Attempt Bites the Dust
  196. Have. A. Gun.
  197. I'm thinking the "shortage" may be reaching the end....
  198. Canadians' firearms confiscated after flood
  199. CCRKBA blasts 'bloody Baltimore' and MD gun law
  200. New gun group launches July 4...amid skepticism
  201. Hooray, shortages moderating
  202. Is a nonlethal weapon really a viable option?
  203. Handgun in NJ
  204. George Zimmerman Won't be Getting His Kel TEC 9 Back Any Time Soon
  205. How Gun Friendly is Detroit MI ?
  206. Why isn't this news? Arkansas adopts constitutional carry
  207. Had a Debate with my Anti Gun Lawyer
  208. Oh The Irony: Gun buyback canceled because of new gun laws
  209. O'Mara on Zimmerman's gun: "it should be destroyed"
  210. If guns are so bad, why are so many packing????
  211. Bloomberg having a bad week
  212. Here is a Not So Good Shoot Maybe?
  213. Is This Really A Design Characteristic?
  214. My review of the full-auto Skoprion vz 61 machine pistol
  215. There really IS a 'gun control playbook'
  216. Senate picks new head for BATF&E
  217. Identification smith & wesson 38 special snubnose
  218. No outcries for car, rope regulation...
  219. Don't mess with Texas
  220. Kahr Arms is the first to vacate New York after SAFE Act
  221. CO Marine vet must choose between guns and home
  222. We may be 'back to normal' on gun control
  223. More ammo @ Walmart than you might think!?
  224. George Zimmerman Getting Special Treatment on Guns,Says Letter Writer
  225. 50th Wedding Anniversary Coming Up: Need a Gun!
  226. George Zimmerman Verdict per Miami Herald Cartoonist Jim Morin.
  227. Shotgun News Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in the US
  228. Anybody ever heard of the no ammo after 2200 at WalMart Policy?
  229. More Fast & Furious guns show up
  230. Maybe the NRA was right after all, eh?
  231. Sports writer suicide outside Kansas police station
  232. What Is the Most Gun Friendly State You Can Comfortably Live In,Year Round?
  233. Anti-gun social bigotry in Seattle
  234. Do you favor ANY Gun Control?
  235. Murder in Oklahoma
  236. Is freedom a myth?
  237. Milwaukee bar owner defends business
  238. Josh Sugermann is hypverntilating about "un-sporting" shooting of feral hogs
  239. Emily Miller to highlight Gun Rights Conference in Texas
  240. 50 States: Which One is the Most Gun Un-Friendly?
  241. The rumor mill has it Zimmerman visited Kel Tec
  242. 50 BMG ammo in stock, ready to ship
  243. "Point em Out" "Knock em Out" Game Meets CCW Holder in Lansing
  244. Gun control vs Firearm owners
  245. Harvard study reveals gun control counterproductive
  246. Bad Shoot Really is a Good Shoot????
  247. Another gun victim?
  248. What Was Your Introductory Rifle In the Military? When & Where?
  249. Fatal Texas school stabbing
  250. Navy Yard shooting