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  1. Great source for pro-gun info.
  2. Police Encounter with CCW: Uneventful.
  3. Inspired to buy something because of book/movie?
  4. Who Is the Greatest American Firearms Inventor of All time?
  5. Cabela's - Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Compact ~$410 (~$360 with $50 Rebate)
  6. Dealer's machine guns, rifles are stolen
  7. Project and various pictures (56k will die a violent death)
  8. Different conversation with Uncle...
  9. Merry Christmas from the NY Times!
  10. Bohica
  11. Mexico Wants the United States to Renew the AWB
  12. Gunshots or not?
  13. Merry christmas
  14. Gunsmith's annual predictions thread!
  15. K98
  16. 'Santa' opens fire at Calif. party; 3 dead
  17. Thank you for working today.
  18. ARFCOM blocked ?
  19. 1,792,000 Students annually at Front Sight ?
  20. Got to play with the new X-ray machine at work (picture)
  21. Guns as investments?
  22. If you can't do it for Ruger...
  23. My Oleg-inspired picture
  24. DRT ammo....
  25. Eastwood's Gran Turino -- Good for RKBA?
  26. What's on your gun rack?
  27. Grains
  28. Man shot in theater; family talked too loud
  29. Another too crowded gun show!
  30. Another too crowded gun show!
  31. Guns for Gaia
  32. Terrible horrible awful scary inauguration fear!
  33. Loose ramblings on a snowy day
  34. Geezer with a gun vs. two armed thugs
  35. Wii--experience?
  36. Nerf revolver with auto slide action (post server hiccup)
  37. Texas town makes shooting dogs legal
  38. Two interesting things at the local gun shop today.
  39. Military-related "cartoon"; Christmas Eve
  40. KABOOM! What a .308 Win. does to a .25-06....
  41. SUPPORT TheHighRoad & CGN & CGF - Buy this Unfired M468 Barrett OLL Rifle!
  42. Selling a firearm question.
  43. A Basic Silent Pellet Trap Build In Case Anybody Is Interested
  44. Brownells has 22 lr conversions in stock
  45. Hearing test
  46. Paul Blart: Mall Cop
  47. Score!
  48. 22 year old life lost in a waste
  49. 686 4"
  50. Gun Store owner goes off on me...
  51. Fribourg Shooting Plaque
  52. Crooks Posed As Cops - Media Calls Them Grinches
  53. New Addition :) (+ PICS)
  54. New gun show on the radio in St. Louis...
  55. Deadly Weapons Firearms and Firepower
  56. Weirdness on the range
  57. Deterrence value
  58. Close that loophole!
  59. To those of you that survived AWB '94
  60. Which handgun for a bear :-)
  61. Ohio CCW in public "festival" area question.
  62. Question about Steel Targets
  63. The Official 2008 Round Count
  64. "I just didn't get around to doing it."
  65. South Florida Store Manager Shoots Two Armed Robbers
  66. A belated Christmas present and a great day of shooting
  67. Guns and dream psychology
  68. Southwest Ohio Gun Show Every Friday
  69. shooting gun new years eve
  70. Huntingtons
  71. What'd be your dream collection - limit 15 guns
  72. What the heck happened to Trijicon prices?
  73. Cost to abrasive blast a stripped rifle?
  74. Texas: CHL Holder Kidnap/Murder/Suicide
  75. Vietnam Weapons question
  76. Carjacker Shot and Killed By Own Gun in Omaha
  77. Whats the deal with Taurus
  78. Wikipedia need Mall Ninja Added.
  79. Need a reputable dealer/appraiser in NC
  80. Selling some excess iron
  81. my new job requires me to carry......
  82. BSA Sweet 17 scope
  83. Gun Show in Odgen, UT Today
  84. How they do it in Illinois...
  85. MAC mle 1950
  86. Calibers - The good, the bad and the ugly.
  87. Weird....What are the chances????
  88. New to the range
  89. sale of estate firearms
  90. Aussie officers afraid of guns...get training simulator
  91. Ammunition Accountability Act
  92. Freedom Underscored...
  93. Keep your eyes open and stay sharp at the range!
  94. In the event of emergency
  95. SCOTUS quote
  96. Would you shoot 45acp ammo that is 28 years old?
  97. Workshop temperature and chemicals
  98. New Haven robbery victim saved by armed neighbors
  99. More Bad Guys Posing as Cops
  100. Korwin: New Democrat/Brady bill coming
  101. Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S. and Civil War
  102. Baffled when purchasing ammo.
  103. The Law of Unintended Consequences...
  104. Tax return, what to buy?
  105. Need advice on internet puchases
  106. Afternoon kidnapping attempt while mom present
  107. grizzly and black bear anatomy question
  108. Good old fashioned gun porn....(work safe) thanks to Oleg Volk + Hero-Gear
  109. Police: Angry Ohio boy, 4, shoots baby sitter
  110. Stolen Guns recovered
  111. Loaded Topic:Who Can Carry a Gun.In Iowa,Sheriff's Decide
  112. Ever seen this with factory ammo?
  113. Opening a shooting range
  114. pakistan's buying guns to protect themselves when government fails
  115. A New Years experience
  116. Another new years experience...
  117. Bullet setback
  118. nainc confused... please help!!! (TX CHL Related)
  119. Poll:Who Is the Single Greatest American Hero In Our History,Fireams Wise?
  120. Seventy-year-old woman holds home intruder at gunpoint
  121. open letter to FFL's from ATF: 4473 shortage
  122. Cop Shoots Handcuffed Man in the Back
  123. If you could build your own gun vise...
  124. Stupidity at its finest.
  125. 2 Million Bullets Face Potential Obama Assassins
  126. I requires assistance with a debate
  127. Gun Art
  128. Maryland - MSI Update - 1-07-09
  129. Righteous shoot in FL
  130. If I Ruled the World(Firearms Wise).11 Wishes for 2009
  131. Preban?? Since the ban as expired why do people
  132. sand blast finish?
  133. Day by Day Comic and Poll
  134. Gun Shop Documentary
  135. I too need help with an argument...actually a calm discusssion....
  136. Just Once I would like to....(gun related)
  137. How straw purchasers get caught
  138. Thank you all for making me feel better about my state.
  139. Question over here
  140. The push for guns and ammo
  141. toy guns
  142. The Bielski Brothers
  143. Calling all Chemists!
  144. Questions about NRA membership
  145. Steyr and Para Ordnance
  146. What pistols are old enough to have pre-94 mags available?
  147. how true...
  148. My visit from the BATFE (Re: C&R)
  149. 12 yo shoots 2 yo...
  150. Shooting at my old work place...
  151. Man arrested at LAX for having guns.
  152. Passengers pounce on man who made threats aboard L.A.-bound flight
  153. "The Bullet Ownership Bill".A Proposal Whose Time Has Finally Come!
  154. Emergency prep for drug dependents
  155. Chicago Again, Huge shooting
  156. Monk (writer) makes a point?
  157. I'm looking for some quotes
  158. I probably asked this before (Gun stores, Havelock, NC)
  159. $20 cleaning...
  160. Hunter/bodyguard
  161. The Firing Line
  162. 2A Book Bomb
  163. Which Gun for Jack Bauer?
  164. How Well Did the National Park Gun Ban Work?Not Very Well,Says This Columnist
  165. Gun companies~~~
  166. Absolutely first rate article
  167. Game controler? (yes it's gun related)
  168. Ethics subforum
  169. Slam fires
  170. self defense for women
  171. Venting about a (non)-buyer
  172. What Is the Single Most Historical Day In American Firearms Since 1775?
  173. What Is the Single Most Historical Day In American Firearms Since 1775?
  174. HR45: Canada Style Registration for the US
  175. CMP eligibility requirement question
  176. The Coming Crime Wave
  177. That famous, ancient body-armor demonstration video is now on youtube!
  178. .22 ammo shortage?
  179. Rosoboronexport To Develop New Models of Kalashnikov Rifles
  180. FOX News Article on Holder...
  181. Need Prayers...
  182. "Fully Automatic America" airs 1/14/09
  183. LdF 3 Gun Videos 1-11-09
  184. what do you think about SMGs/MGs?
  185. Writing my Legislators...
  186. Liberal Orlando Sentinel Publishes Pro RKBA Editorial
  187. cop kills
  188. Anyone know if MEK will melt / dissolve plastic?
  189. It pays to help new shooters :D
  190. Device for your bow that shoots .22 pellots
  191. A Question about Guns when you were a Kid
  192. Christian Gun Owners
  193. machine gun shoot
  194. Gun goes off in Utah restroom, shatters toilet
  195. Question Re: Dry Lubes
  196. The British called, they want their guns back
  197. North American Hunting Club???
  198. Band of Brothers to Have Pacific Theater Counterpart
  199. -22 F at the moment--anyone going shooting today???
  200. Yellowstone N.P.Tangled Up On the New Rules For Guns
  201. Ex- NFL Player Becomes Border Patrol Agent:A Breath of Fresh Air
  202. Dropped pistol caps crapper
  203. Recovering Serial Numbers on 1911
  204. Finally got my license!
  205. Short SHOT Show Summary
  206. Good shoot? Bad shoot?
  207. Chromed bore
  208. Dumb Question of the Day
  209. Eric Holder speaks during today's Senate committee hearings
  210. Thoughts on sights for HD/range gun
  211. Darn UPS!
  212. Funny
  213. SWAT Team Searches Gun Rights Supporters In the OC
  214. Oh - so this place is still up
  215. Child Killed when Uncle unloading his gun...
  216. Poll:You Are In a Gunfight For Your Life.You Get to Choose 1 Partner:Who Would It Be?
  217. Q&A with Tom Diaz
  218. Dominion brand ammunition
  219. Modular and/or light-weight gun-safe.
  220. Spanish Mauser Question
  221. Positive Defensive shooting video on CNN! (Atlanta)
  222. CAD models of firearms
  223. Craigslist Apology - Gun Humor
  224. REMINGTON .223 Quality Question
  225. long SHOT Show 2009 review
  226. Idea for a pistol...
  227. CO sheriff calls it right
  228. Aguila Sniper Subsonic .22lr
  229. After a shoot, talk to the police... or not?
  230. Best Wii game for shooting
  231. Don't do this on TV either
  232. Young woman shoots road rage man
  233. Getting expelled from law school for having guns in an off-campus apartment?
  234. Osprey International
  235. A world without guns
  236. Carry more than one...
  237. Just back from SHOT show
  238. Arizona vs Pitt in the Super Bowl 43
  239. Montana Shooting - CCW - MSSA Update
  240. SHOT SHOW - Guns and Gear - MSSA
  241. ISRA Winter Wars V after event report
  242. Death at Whatcom County rifle range believed to be a suicide
  243. In Honor of Inauguration Day ...
  244. Florida to Alaska and Back Road Trip.Need Gun Advice
  245. Fire Breaks Out at Beretta Gun Factory in Maryland
  246. Reminder About Vehicle Security
  247. Martin Luther King's Stand on Guns
  248. Ballistic program for iphone
  249. The buying frenzy and rimfires
  250. Brand New WhiteHouse.gov. File under "Urban Policy"