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  1. Union instanity
  2. Two Double Homicides on Valentines Day, Western, NY
  3. What did you score at the gun show this weekend?
  4. Walt Disney World Question
  5. Who Was(Is)the Fastest Person All Time on the Draw?
  6. Raffle to support Christian Gun Owners Site
  7. Gun Rights Week at JMU - A Success
  8. Finding a Reloader?
  9. Alright enough is enough
  10. Article: UT's Low Brady Rating Soemething 2b Proud Of
  11. I think I did pretty darn good at the ham fest
  12. Twilight Zone At U.S.-Mexico Border: 2 Thousand Miles of Danger and Uncertainty
  13. rustish like gunk
  14. A new 9mm 1911 and a box of Thin Mints
  15. M2HB experiences and anecdotes
  16. U.S. Postal Service...WTH?!?
  17. Tight Community
  18. Arthritis pain & shooting...
  19. New Jersey Anti-Gunner Sides With Us (In a Way at Least He's Trying!)
  20. Dick's Sporting Goods: Bad Experience
  21. New Shooter Born
  22. Lock and Load music album (updated cover)
  23. HR 45 and BO's stimulus bill
  24. THR.ORG can bite me.
  25. CALIFORNIA pastor considers gun
  26. Surprise.DOJ Defends New National Park Carry Rules
  27. What gun for Chimpanzee?
  28. Article: Good Citizens and Guns
  29. 1919a4 Forum access?
  30. Eastern Kentucky Gun Show
  31. Economy blamed for increase in concealed weapon permits in Florida
  32. How do you dispose of damaged ammunition?
  33. Dispelling the Myth of 'The Wild West'.Some Startling Stats
  34. Help! AR Stoner Foregrip Question!
  35. Batfe
  36. .22LR Ammo
  37. Built a reloading/gunsmithing bench
  38. Need a little prayer please
  39. I made this Youtube video about the Rhodesian Bush War (many guns)
  40. Least We Forget:Iwo Jima,February 19,1945
  41. FFL License
  42. Fighting Campus Idiocy regarding concealed carry
  43. Slightly off topic public safety notice
  44. ATTN: Mexican/Texas border area
  45. Trunk Gun Criteria
  46. New Gunshop in Delaware
  47. DC City Council enables residents’ easy access to mail order handgun carry permits!
  48. Update to need a little prayer please
  49. Buying from individuals
  50. Why Pray-Tell (rifle to pistol to rifle IAW BATFE Regs)
  51. Buying from individuals
  52. Hockey, country music, a sly plug for the NRA & gun TV
  53. Florida CHL Backlog
  54. Big Brother
  55. A Survival Story, Part II
  56. Trusts and NFA issues
  57. What gun (shopping) websites do you frequently check and why?
  58. Gun stolen at range
  59. Fox TV show "Dollhouse"
  60. Free NRA membership drawing
  61. Ammo is so hard to find!
  62. Solid wood safe?
  63. Guns you want to see made
  64. Gun Savvy On Marco Island,Florida.Women Are Better Students Says Trainer
  65. Parallax
  66. House to House Searches for Weapons Dealers Coming soon to a Neighborhood Near You!
  67. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley: Damn the high crimes rates, full speed ahead!
  68. Lou Alessi has passed on
  69. Glenn Beck? Fearmonger?
  70. If MacGyver had a gun...
  71. Scope tube diameter ??
  72. Open carry is the 2nd Amendment
  73. 3 gun comp question
  74. Personalizing firearms
  75. Bless me Father Oleg for I have sinned
  76. Range Report (Warning: Uneventful!)
  77. New gun for new daughter...
  78. Question for Oleg/Admins
  79. California residents, a shall issue CCW opportunity
  80. Reveal Florida CCW Permit Holders Names,Says St.Pete Times
  81. People Don't Kill People:Guns Kill People!
  82. Another way to sell guns
  83. ANother 3 gun competion
  84. Gun Cleaning Safety Question
  85. Gun-related deaths in regulated states vs non-regulated
  86. Sliders
  87. Homemade Gun Vise
  88. Question for you FFLs
  89. My gun purchases for '08 tax return
  90. How do you move a big gun safe into a house?
  91. Ammo bonus
  92. I got lectured on carrying a snubby
  93. How to get my collection across the country?
  94. Do "Cold" Ranges Exercise Gun Control?
  95. Can't decide which to get: FEG hi power clone or Taurus PT92 Beretta clone.
  96. Big Toy Guns?
  97. FFL Annual Publications Now on CD
  98. Scared The Hell Out Of A Cop The Other Night. Advice?
  99. visual musings
  100. Sturdy Gun Safes
  101. Nahant to donate rare machine gun
  102. To h**l with thehighroad.org
  103. Having a plan is a real comfort sometimes
  104. About the recent run-up in gun prices, RGR and SWHC stock prices
  105. Becoming a small town Dealer/FFL
  106. BATFE letter with CD-ROM statute set
  107. Dream collection
  108. Go to the legal section on THR.us please. AW BAN dung!
  109. New to THR.us Banned from THR.org
  110. Which gun in Lolita?
  111. Holder starts right in (Chicago Tribune)
  112. Here it comes!
  113. Please Critque My Letter
  114. Opps !!
  115. Gun Cabinet
  116. Could We PA-LEEZ Look Before Posting?
  117. If you were president of the USA
  118. There's always a way...
  119. Pistol/SBR constructive posession.
  120. Poll:Civil War II.Is It Inevitable Over the Second Amendment?
  121. Dangerous lead!!
  122. The book burning will continue ‘till public safety improves!
  123. Policing Our Selves ( Oh The Irony)
  124. New CCW T-shirt
  125. Garland ISD teaches gun safety (Eddie Eagle)
  126. Reminder: function check your carry weapon
  127. Cavalry Arms Raid +ONE YEAR
  128. National Guard Pulling out of New Orleans
  129. Awesome day at the range
  130. Ideas for dummy ammo usage
  131. Nerf Maverick
  132. New Sniper Scope for USMC
  133. And the winner is...
  134. What is selling in handguns?
  135. flying with weapons / shipping ammo?
  136. We don't talk about guns anymore on THR
  137. bad timing to pick up new hobby?
  138. Professor Called Police After Student Presentation
  139. HD Gun - what I learned today at the range.
  140. If you could travel through time....
  141. Another one of the "good guys" is gone
  142. 80 million gun owners?
  143. Suicide Attempt/ND at the Range
  144. Back From 48 Hours Alone In Everglades National Park:But This Time With a Gun
  145. Not a dream collection, but...
  146. Poll:Will a New AWB & Gun Show "Loophole" Closure Be In Place By Jan.2013?
  147. Even the NY Times is coming around...
  148. An open letter to Senator Jim Webb and pro-gun democrats
  149. Planning a Trip (It is Gun Related)
  150. I want to thank everyone
  151. Primer famine
  152. If anyone wants to see the ATF CD...
  153. And another winner!
  154. Going to be in Colorado and in Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twin Cities) - and Denver AWB ??
  155. Gun epiphany - what happened to you.
  156. Ex-FFL, Frustrated by Town Zoning Issues, Gets Back at Town
  157. Kentucky ammo encoding question
  158. Cracker Barrel, but for gun business idea
  159. Nostalga Thread
  160. Knoxville, TN
  161. Weird Anomaly in the Ballistics by the Inch data
  162. CNN: Should hunters switch to 'green' bullets?
  163. Would you who have owned or shot a Hi-point recommend one.
  164. Hours of training
  165. CWL holders, how old were you?
  166. Big Boomers:New Dangerous Threat to Police Says VPC
  167. 3-3-09 Wal Mart in SE Denver, Handgun Ammo In Stock
  168. Do you think the Glock carbine will ever actually happen?
  169. Nine-Year-Old Shot Father and Plead Against Mom's Wishes
  170. My brother laughed at "Jesus is Lord" on classicarms.us
  171. Economic benefit of guns
  172. Positive Law Enforcement interaction while carrying
  173. What Obama's new budget could mean for new rifles.
  174. Okay, this one is interesting.
  175. Is anyone going to the Irlene Mandrell Celebrity Shoot, or been to one
  176. NRA drawing: That was fun, let's do it again!
  177. Something on .22's I'll now pay more attention to....
  178. In A Better World...
  179. Massachussetts Cities Cutting Police Work:The Free Fall Continues
  180. Has my frequent visits to the LGS and frequent purchases put me on the no-fly list?
  181. Any Los Angeles Residents?
  182. Parker County woman reporting intruder calls 911, receives no answer
  183. Taurus PT92 owners, UNITE!!!
  184. What Cal Rifle for Central Tx????
  185. May be spending a bit less time on THR pretty soon
  186. Mag Interchangeability
  187. Help help help
  188. Kitchen Gun
  189. My CCW "experience o' the day"
  190. Driving to Chicago next week. How to carry?
  191. Fresno PD Nice lookin' Sidearms , realy , really dumb citizens
  192. Poll:A Life & Death Struggle at 7 Yards.One Handgun Caliber Choice:Which One?
  193. new website that crawls the internet for the day's lowest ammo prices
  194. Home invasion possibilities
  195. Refinishing Old Rifles
  196. Shiny new NRA membership
  197. Any suggestions for storing large paper targets?
  198. Is Hollywood Finally Paying Attention?
  199. Accurate statement of self defense principles from 70's cult horror classic?
  200. Desert shooters
  201. The first thing you do is drag him inside
  202. Florida Residents of THR.How Many are We And What Do We Carry?
  203. .Cheese. is in Denver
  204. 4 arrested in Nev. probe of anti-government group
  205. Harris County Sheriff Deputy shoots self
  206. Church Shooting in Illinois
  207. Congresswoman Norton tells pro-gunners to "pipe down"
  208. Okay, what just happened? Backfire?
  209. Pastor killed in Illinois church shooting
  210. Pizza man fires on attackers, kills one
  211. Steve Crowder -- short segment on 2A
  212. Busy day with a camera.
  213. Throughly P***ED OFF But I Didn't Do Too Bad.
  214. No Political or Judicial Support for 2A
  215. Tx Caliber range war
  216. New DC lawsuit attacks registration scheme!
  217. Austin stores/ranges?
  218. Bad choice of victims
  219. Have Gun-Will Travel, 1957-58:Great Pro-Gun Dialogue on CBS.
  220. S&W M&P for $399 (only for "qualified" customers)
  221. Wall Street Journal lapses into newspeak when it comes to guns
  222. You may be a mall ninja if....
  223. 'Responsible' Guns:Why People Are Arming Themselves
  224. Traveling Pennsylvanians might find the following of interest
  225. Connecticut Citizens Defense League Forms
  226. Gun Investments and Planning for the Future
  227. Gun Control and Foie Gras
  228. NRA membership winner for March
  229. Alabama rampage
  230. 1. Rob Bank. 2. Fly to Minnesota
  231. Update about THR.org
  232. ammo availability
  233. "Green" Bullets
  234. Any advice on AIRGUNS for the range, due to lack of ammo
  235. After attacks, Europe hurries to tighten gun laws
  236. How Can a City That Bans Handguns Lead the Nation In Murders?
  237. At Least 15 Die In German School Shooting
  238. How to save the NRA some money.
  239. Georgia state sales tax exemption for ammunition.
  240. Gun Rights Examiners weigh in on Alabama
  241. Mosin Nagant -- nice motion schematic
  242. National parks / wilderness as a collateral for national debt
  243. Poll:You Want to Live In the Most Pro-Gun City(Not Metro Area)In the USA.Your Choice?
  244. Just got back from IGOLD . . .
  245. Hit This Poll on CNN
  246. thank you all
  247. .cheese. is in Minneapolis/St. Paul
  248. How to take pictures of muzzle flash?
  249. Alarm fees and quintupled speeding tickets.
  250. interesting: wilderness bill fails to pass House because of gun provision