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  1. AK-47 Used to Stop Home Invasion, Capture Killer
  2. NRA Lobbied Against License to Carry Bill in IL
  3. Paintball glorifies murder and teaches people to kill.
  4. .22lr is how much?
  5. Museum Guns
  6. How does it feel to be part of a "myth"?
  7. Restocking
  8. Next step? No guns allowed for right-wing 'extremists'
  9. Isn't this device a machine gun?
  10. India: Homemade Firearms
  11. Good Gun Movies Revisited - War, Western, etc.
  12. How to handle confiscations...
  13. A question for any Norwegian members
  14. Serious Trivia "game" - AFTE calls for assistance
  15. decoding production codes on surplus ammo cans
  16. Some Texans really do think anything goes...
  17. WA ranks low on freedom scale, except for gun rights
  18. Aspiring Rapper Robs Florida Store to Gain 'Street Credibility,' Police Say
  19. Why are there few gun stores at indoor malls? Contracts, or something else?
  20. The Electromagnetic Gun and its Strategic Implications
  21. And to think the ex said I was "obsessive"
  22. Tactical bacon
  23. Weaponizers on Discovery
  24. Anti-gunners scream over Obama gun trace data plan
  25. NRA-ILA Notice Received re: Florida Legislature
  26. Should gun owners abandon the Republican Party?
  27. Bug out bag
  28. Dirty, Filthy, Ickey Rimfires
  29. Senior Olympics - Marksmanship
  30. gun related business, low startup costs?
  31. NRA meets this weekend in Phoenix
  32. 50 bmg question and building
  33. Reporting from Canada
  34. Fired my weapon with no ear protection
  35. New poster about carry guns
  36. Best LEO interaction... ever :)
  37. Time Magazine Takes Note of Montana:States Rights the Next Constitutional Battlefield
  38. Photography
  39. Florida VS Utah for Reciprocity
  40. A Nationwide Second Amendment Renewal:Even In New Jersey
  41. SIG SAUER, Inc. Secures a $306 Million Pistol Contract by the U.S. Army's Material Co
  42. Ammoman: Wolf 7.62x39: "THIS ITEM ALMOST SOLD OUT"
  43. NRA Convention WAIT TIME 2-5Hrs!
  44. Oleg recently claimed he was running short on cute models for his pro-RKBA posters
  45. Desert Eagles to be manufactured in MN?
  46. COLORADO: Gov Ritter vetoes CCW background check exemption bill: HB1180
  47. Experience w/ Barnes' Triple Shock Bullet
  48. Front Sight Goes Into Receivership
  49. What Does Your Credit-Card Company Know About You?
  50. Can A Civilian Own A Tank?
  51. Plan B
  52. Seconds to respond
  53. New Front Sight article
  54. Can anyone else just not use earplugs?
  55. Don't like them
  56. The NRA Is Thriving,Says CNN.Yes!
  57. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) Presents The No Fly No Buy Act
  58. NRA show in Phoenix, AZ, a few pics included.
  59. Henry Rifle Ad on cable news TV
  60. Guys, guns, laws
  61. America's Most Wanted, America's Least Accurate!
  62. what's the most unusual bullet construction?
  63. Just completed my first FTF:)
  64. New Che t-shirt draws Commie ire
  65. Findings from the FBI about Cop Attackers & Their Weapons
  66. "Enemies" Trilogy by Matt Bracken. III is out!
  67. The Direction of Sturm, Ruger
  68. Priceless
  69. Arming sailors on US flagged ships goes mainstream
  70. "Just call the police"...or not
  71. First seven chapters of (very-gun-related) Monster Hunter International posted free
  72. Stop legislative "raid" on Florida's CCW permit trust fund.
  73. Android people, free ballistics is here
  74. Did record-setting NRA meeting deter anti-gunners?
  75. So where is it going?
  76. Are Democrats Abandoning Gun Control?
  77. NRA Life Membership?
  78. Ammunition - Western Montana Newspaper
  79. Newest from maryland shall issue, please read
  80. A Pro 2A Win...and you'll never guess where
  81. Man Kills Self Demonstrating "Gun Safety"
  82. question about buying from an C&R license holder
  83. House guns in parks vote looming
  84. Crack in the Dam? Now that House passes gun amendment in CC overhaul bill, will they
  85. "I told you so" moment: Win on National Parks CCW came from gaming the system
  86. Disposing of found ammo
  87. It's been way too long for the RCMP north of us !
  88. The NYT is Crying:Gun Rights Activists Poised For a Victory.How Sweet It Is!
  89. Paranoia about where my holstered gun is pointing.
  90. Ammo shortage?
  91. Remington on ammo shortages
  92. Why no 22LR?
  93. Comics
  94. Buried in the headlines
  95. Follow-up: Voting rights v. gun rights in parks
  96. How do you guys handle....
  97. I've been complaining about Remington rimfire ammo
  98. Democrats Have Surrendered:NRA Has Won Say's USA's Most Anti-Gun Journalist
  99. So this is what happens after a successful gun buy-back program....
  100. Sleep Peacefully
  101. Bear Encounter - You just never know...
  102. How Would You React?
  103. Went to my boy's doctor for his checkup and she said....
  104. Guns smuggled into Mexico?
  105. Question for those in the political know.
  106. Why You Should Carry in a National Park
  107. Keepandbeararms.com Site Gives Oleg a Big Plug Today
  108. Could Tourists "Pack Heat" in the White House?Politico Investigates!
  109. NY Times debate on guns in parks
  110. Is the 2A an "absolute" or "fundamental" right?
  111. On CNN: Chicago Kids Dying
  112. Wal-Mart in La Plata, MD calls security on my friend for trying to buy too much ammo
  113. LAPD melt down of Firearms
  114. GUNS being destroyed - Swat team guards the guns and the smelter place is a 'secret'.
  115. Any ideas on the credit card rider?
  116. Police: Man Fired At Attempted Robbers
  117. VA Doc Concerned About my Firearms
  118. I found an AK for sale, what says Ye?
  119. Memorial Day
  120. Pass it on thread.
  121. Pro-Tip on .380acp in VA
  122. Bear spray Vs. Guns
  123. A good listen...
  124. Bonnie & Clyde:May 23,1934.75 Years Of Obsession With 2 Cop Killers
  125. Has your fear subsided since National Park carry passed?
  126. Memorial Day redux
  127. Disabled veteran kills armed robber, he is a hero again!
  128. Subscribing to GunTalk using Zune?
  129. Wiki firearm article needs some attention
  130. Surprise! Obama nominates liberal to SCOTUS
  131. Great motivational poster
  132. 2A March poster
  133. Japan to Import Firearms into the US?
  134. Shouldnt PDs have their own ranges?
  135. Stand Up to the NRA!Loaded Weapons Don't Belong In National Parks Says the Herald
  136. Taurus 38 special ID?
  137. Looking For A Thread
  138. Defensive tools when traveling to Europe
  139. Georgia Arms Ammo
  140. Vigilance Is Urged To Avert Robberies
  141. Why Sotomayor should not be confirmed
  142. Toledo police layoffs leading to gun buying
  143. When do you actually ~own~ that gun?
  144. First Amendment Rights Trampled in Pittsburgh
  145. Very big OOPS!
  146. Seattle's gun rights stalemate
  147. Louisville, KY Trap-Skeet-Clay. Chance to keep some converts.
  148. New posters
  149. Re-building search indexes
  150. College posters
  151. Would You Buy A Gun You Knew Was Going To Be A Safe Queen
  152. Oklahoma pharmacist being charged with murder now!!!
  153. Gun laws target wrong people, don't prevent crime
  154. Hollow point bullets
  155. Time for the June NRA drawing!
  156. Definition of "Liberal"
  157. What's the ACLU's stance?
  158. Shipping long guns
  159. Street Kings (movie)
  160. Friend or Foe Tool - Update and New URL
  161. WOW
  162. Guns In Parks:The Hoplophobe's Travel Guide To the United States
  163. Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License
  164. Camping?Don't Forget To Bring Your Gun ,Says Noted 'Humorist'
  165. Pro-gun firearms commercial airing on cable in the DC area
  166. Did abortion doctor "Tiller the killer" have a CCW?
  167. Flying With Gun. Layover in Unfriendly State?
  168. The Rise of Guns in China
  169. Anti WaPo Collumnist Marc Fisher going away
  170. New firearm sites
  171. Where'd Booger Bench go?
  172. June drawing winners
  173. King County, WA SWAT had a busy weekend!
  174. When Guns Are Outlawed...Only Government Will Have Guns
  175. Giving Judge Sotomayor a fair hearing
  176. Why do you carry a gun?
  177. Just how important is a comma?
  178. 2A questions for Sotomayor confirmation hearing*
  179. At what point is a gunshop owner being unethical and not just a good businessman?
  180. Who insures their firearms
  181. Should I sell or give away my reloading equipment
  182. A funny - but also evidence we're winning the culture wars.
  183. Shoot-to-wound advocates watch too much TV
  184. Armed Citizen: LI deli owner pulls gun, pays robber‏
  185. poll tonight on lou dobbs for 2nd amendment
  186. Another MT Home Invasion - Read what the police say!
  187. The Daily Show - AR-15 vs AK investment
  188. ATTENTION ARIZONA! important legislation!
  189. Gun Digest Asks the Question:What Is the Best Disaster Gun?
  190. Buy A Gun With Notches
  191. Nra files appeals on 7th circuit ruling
  192. A tale of two hunting fatalities in WA
  193. Some Colleges Bar Even Talking About Right to Bear Arms
  194. Gun-loving pastor to his flock: Piece be with you
  195. Do you train you babysitter in gun use?
  196. Why You donīt carry gun?
  197. somebody stop me (from buying a kel-tec)
  198. Keystone Kriminals
  199. Brutal WA robbery shows difference between good guys and bad
  200. .348??
  201. What's wrong with this caption?
  202. Fort Bliss Soldiers Told to Register Private Firearms
  203. A thinking for those who..
  204. History Channel right now!
  205. Any members in Apache Junction, AZ?
  206. NYPD seeks way to let guns 'talk' to one another
  207. 65 years ago...
  208. Nevada justices consider secrecy of concealed weapons permits
  209. Gun-Loving Pastor to His Flock:Piece Be With You
  210. Prices Are Coming Down
  211. Starting Up A State-Wide Gun Rights Organization Is Not Easy
  212. LearnAboutGuns
  213. New search engine
  214. Give Women Guns says NYT
  215. Dirty Deeds in Virginia
  216. 2 hour gun battle in Acapulco, that gun free paradise...
  217. Phoenix liquor store clerk shoots would-be robber
  218. Looking to make reactive targets
  219. The Movie, The Cowboys:Your Reaction
  220. Found on LOLcat site...
  221. Hit this Parade gun restriction poll
  222. Ammo found, Harrisonburg, va
  223. Good shoot, or bad?
  224. Follow-up: What would you do at Wal-Mart?
  225. 22LR - out of stock - everywhere?!
  226. Thoughts on truck gun box location?
  227. A safety reminder...
  228. Seattle GRE to King County Exec: Buy a gun, learn to use it
  229. PPK recall and S&W incompetence and dishonesty
  230. "Rights Suspended" during traffic stop?
  231. The War on Guns - David C.
  232. The thug politicans in Chicago are just as guilty as the thugs on the street!
  233. Knight Rifles shutting down.
  234. CNN Campbell Brown
  235. Grizzly attacks jogger in Glacier National Park~~~
  236. Ammo Report, Hurry!
  237. Car Owner Fatally Shoots Burglar
  238. Ethics: Selling a gun
  239. Hero Gear Weekend: Cute Kids Rocking Full Auto in Southern Tennessee
  240. Police: At least 2 shot inside Holocaust Museum
  241. DHS "Right Wing Terrorist" -- Fun
  242. D.C. shooting shows gun laws don't work
  243. Open carry laws for NM, OK, KS, NE & CO?
  244. Best Recipie For Banana Bread
  245. I think I'm getting a little paranoid.
  246. Seattle's hypocrisy, social bigotry v. guns is showing
  247. More clear media bias
  248. Anybody go to the Helena gun show? 6/5-6/7?
  249. Security Systems
  250. Looking for another .357