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  1. Antique shotgun case from 2007
  2. No law ? ? ?
  3. Don't Be Fooled!
  4. WA Concealed Permit versus a move to ID
  5. [California]: Do you know any Calif. cops with (likely) illegal assault weaponss??
  6. Gun Sales in Virginia
  7. Worst case scenario -- my take on it
  8. Do CHL holders have a duty to offer the BG a chance to surrender?
  9. Humane Society calls for lead ban
  10. Orange County sheriff's crackdown on gun permits comes under fire
  11. Out-Of-State Rifle Purchase
  12. Beware of the Ammunition Coding System
  13. Ending private sales -- how likely?
  14. NY/NJ Legal problem
  15. Is an FFL required?
  16. A screening question for positions with the new administration
  17. FTF private sale in Utah question
  18. Interesting comment on Heller and the Second Amendment
  19. Knife carry in Ohio.
  20. -CALIFORNIA Specific- Actually Using a COE + C&R (03 FFL) For Multi Handgun Purchases
  21. Ohio Keeps Some Road Side Rests Posted
  22. The Lautenberg Amendment, 922(g)(9) and misdemeanors treated as felonies for ....
  23. FTF private sale in Georgia ?
  24. Conceal carry on INdian land/casino
  25. HR 1955: What Was That You Said?
  26. The press spooks its readers about increased gun purchases
  27. Changes at change.gov
  28. WV adds LA and DE drops VA
  29. Virginia restaurant carry?
  30. How the Second Amendment Was Restored
  31. Winnetka repeals handgun ban (IL)
  32. Machine guns, is it just a matter of time?
  33. Confused about SBR's
  34. Carry restrictions
  35. Is it possible to import a gun in the USA ?
  36. Drew Peterson - In the news again
  37. Concealed Carry Age Limit
  38. Florida Castle Doctrine - Test?
  39. Cook County Strikes Again or tries to
  40. Obama's Pick for Attorney General: Eric Holden
  41. Brady legal perpsective on Heller
  42. Can Hillary be the Sec of State?
  43. Seattle Mayor Threatens to Ban Guns in December
  44. Imprisoned Sheriff
  45. CCW in Arizona?
  46. Legal purchases under the previous AWB
  47. Ohio: Anything I need to know for concealed carry?
  48. Nevada and non res ccw
  49. Conservative time estimate?
  50. PA woman sues anti-CCW sheriff
  51. Am I printing?
  52. Who really cares about it being unconstitutional?
  53. ? on car carry in MI (non-driver)
  54. RKBA is passe, we'll never need to tell our own government "enough and no more"
  55. Letter from my Senator
  56. open carry in tx soon?
  57. Items stamped 'For LEO and Military Only'
  58. Will an Assault Weapon Ban Pass next year?
  59. D.C. gun owners will have to re-register every 3 years
  60. Involuntary Manslaughter Indictment in 8 year old Uzi death
  61. Interior Dept to Allow Carry in National Parks
  62. Rights and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, S. 3207
  63. Heller in Harvard Law Review
  64. Transporting a pistol in California
  65. Where to buy Prints of the Constitution or Declaration of..
  66. Transporting ammo in checked luggage.
  67. POLL: Are the police obligated to protect you by law?
  68. AR Only Have to Inform LEO When Hunting (Corrected Post)
  69. Carry in parks-Brady Campaign has a total hissy fit!
  70. Jan. 9, 2009 Carry In National Parks/NWR Legal
  71. Why we need CCW on campus
  72. National Parks Concealed Carry-MSSA
  73. SCOTUS: Arizona v. Johnson
  74. Cannon Fodder Instead of Common Sense...
  75. Boyce Chief Convicted; Will Resign Office
  76. TX carry/gun storage laws
  77. Whattsa "Terry" search?
  78. Car Carry on Campus in Texas?
  79. Cook County Illinois Assault Weapons ban
  80. Investigation continues in shooting at Worcester store
  81. VA/KY/FL permit question
  82. Feds Raid Home To Confiscate Firearms - Owner Shot Dead
  83. US v Friesan Trial Transcripts Available
  84. NYS: Bills pre-filed by Sen. John Sampson for Senate Codes:
  85. New D.C gun laws
  86. "Packing Heat" - OC Lawsuit in GA
  87. Traveling Home to Virginia
  88. Norfolk, VA Settles Chet Szymecki Civil Rights Case
  89. Traveling back to NY State, need AWB advice
  90. Fellow Illinoians
  91. judge upholds chicago handgun ban
  92. National Parks and Off Limit Areas - Must Be Posted?
  93. The Los Angeles City Council passes a host of new gun and ammunition laws.
  94. Court orders gun libel lawsuit back to state
  95. More on the Closing of the Reynolds Game Farm
  96. KY courthouse question
  97. Self Defense questions
  98. How much trouble is my friend in?
  99. Legality of Resistance to False Arrest by Plainclothes Cops
  100. Ammunition Accountability...
  101. National Park Carry--New Question???
  102. The Lecture Notes of St. George Tucker: A Framing Era View of the Bill of Rights
  103. A citizen's rights restored in New Jersey? Wow!
  104. Gun Laws Are Full Of Holes
  105. Study: DoD May Act On US Civil Unrest
  106. Police fatalities for 08 prove ccw laws no threat to cops
  107. buying an AK and shipping it to USA
  108. Handgunlaw.us Seeking Information on Airports
  109. BRady Campaign sues to rescind NPS CCW rule
  110. Surefire Suing AAC
  111. Is This Something To Worry About?
  112. Rifle Purchase
  113. 11th Circuit: Fed Courts Lack Jurisdiction Over Gun Dealers' Case Against N.Y. Mayor
  114. Don't take your guns to DC
  115. "Little cousin"-NRA
  116. buildings in VT shot at, guns voluntarily(?) turned in to police for tests
  117. National Association of Park Rangers contemplating suit to stop new park CCW rules
  118. Does this constitute a criminal act?
  119. New Gun Ban
  120. Starting an FFL - help
  121. New AWB and Interstate Commerce
  122. Looking at the DHS's bookkeeping
  123. Petition to Repeal 1996 Lautenberg Amendment
  124. How Do You Change Your Permit Address If You Don't Have an Address?
  125. Brady Campaign emboldened by Obama victory
  126. Homelessness and RKBA
  127. NICs UPIN Process
  128. Castle Doctrine in the United States
  129. Michigan Judges can ignore Gun-free Zones...
  130. Democrats proposed gun ban list
  131. FOPA "safe passage"
  132. Brady Campaign at it again
  133. No FFL??
  134. Transporting Firearms in California
  135. Buying two guns at a time?
  136. Out-of-Control Felony Laws
  137. Ex-official's guns legal, lawyer says
  138. Advice request regarding a self-defense killing case
  139. gun control bill introduced in Congress
  140. What are we going to do when the BATFD/UN comes to take our guns?
  141. TN anti-gunners did good behind-the-scenes work
  142. Gary, IN lawsuit may proceed
  143. Question: what is the RKBA?
  144. Californian's, Attend the Nordyke Hearing!
  145. Those terrible awful horrible nasty wicked gun makers!
  146. San Francisco Housing Authority relents on gun ban, NRA wins
  147. Manufacturer or Dealer?
  148. All is not gloom and doom (other House Bills)
  149. Handgunlaw.us is Changing
  150. From latest Factcheck.org, re ammunition registration
  151. seen at Reason.com(Reason magazine), the following might interest some
  152. NYS law interpretation
  153. Several Nebraska Cities Ignoring AG's Pro CCW Opinion
  154. VA-ALERT: Urgent Legislative Update! 1/18/09
  155. Can I own a tank?
  156. Va-alert: Urgent legislative alert! 1/20/09
  157. New ATF Rulings/Definitions for Manufacturing
  158. New York: Taking aim at Gillibrand
  159. Pro-gun liberals in Congress?
  160. ABUSES - Gee, anyone can be called a TERRORIST, eh?
  161. Obama Administration Confirms Gun Policy Agenda
  162. CCW in national parks
  163. Imagining Gun Control in America: Understanding the Remainder Problem
  164. Guns in vehicle/work
  165. SCOTUS Sides With Police Officers in Utah Search Case
  166. Pro-gun Democrat replaces Clinton
  167. Incident w/Bass Pro Shops...
  168. Replacement for Hillary Clinton in Senate
  169. Arkansas: Must notify the officer when carrying (rule change)
  170. Can somebody else pick up a gun you've already done the paperwork for?
  171. Aggressive gun-rights bill widely supported, opposed
  172. VA-ALERT: Legislative ACTION ITEM 1/23/09
  173. VA-ALERT: More ACTION ITEMS 1/24/09
  174. 9th Circuit has 2nd Amendment Incorporation Case to decide!
  175. I want to import a gun from South Africa
  176. What percentage of American adults are ineligible to own a firearm?
  177. ATF definition of a magazine
  178. NRA: Obama Administration Halts Pending Bush Regulations
  179. VA-ALERT: Legislative Update / ACTION ITEMS 1/26/09
  180. VA-ALERT: - 1/26/09 more action items pouring in
  181. Excellent Video Clip on Effects of Gun Control in England
  182. Minimum barrel length question
  183. VA-ALERT: 1/27/09 Action items and Legislative Update
  184. AR Bill Proposed to allow CCW in Church
  185. Arrest Warrant Issued for Machine Gun Conversion Device
  186. How close was the vote on passing the original AWB?
  187. Should I expect a visit from the ATF and if so what should I say?
  188. A Nevadan Buying A Gun In TEXAS
  189. Sheriff's Association may be getting on board for IL CCW
  190. Pat Quinn on Gun control
  191. VA-ALERT: Good night for Gun Owners! 1/29/09
  192. England Called and They Want Their Guns Back!!
  193. Steele is the new RNC chairman
  194. On HR 45, as described in 15 Feb. Gun Week
  195. VA-ALERT: Gun show bill vote this Monday
  196. All-Out Attack Waged on Shooting Ranges in Connecticut
  197. Citzens Protest: Town withdraws effort to ban guns
  198. Minnesota gun laws
  199. VA-ALERT: legislative update 2/2/09
  200. National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Bill Introduced
  201. Mr. Cox is Polite and Calls it "Myths". A Better Word is "Lies"....
  202. Nonimmigrant aliens, gun ownership, possession, and whatnot
  203. VA-ALERT: Urgent Action Items - Legislative Update 2/3/09
  204. Florida Long Gun Question
  205. AR-15 Pistol Build
  206. The Senate Vote on Anti-Gun Eric Holder
  207. H.r 45
  208. Buying "Assault weapons"
  209. Another Isolated Incident...*Because* He Was a (Legal) Gun Owner
  210. Why A New Assault Weapons Ban May Be A Good Thing!
  211. San Franciso Pays NRA $380,000 For Successful Proposition H Lawsuits
  212. carbine kits for semi auto rifles
  213. Law Review Article about Keller
  214. New York:Gillibrand Is a Betrayer,Say Many Constituents
  215. push for state sovereignty, will it work, is it for real?
  216. BIG BIG Document haul: Congressional Research Service leak
  217. Tennessee Handgun Carry Permits
  218. Second Circuit to Second Amendment: Drop Dead...
  219. Asset Forfeiture Abuse
  220. VA-ALERT: Norfolk LOSES to Danladi Moore, again!
  221. 2nd Amendment backers to march on D.C.
  222. Invasion of privacy / Future ID theft
  223. Ark. House OKs Bill Allowing Guns in Churches
  224. Alert - gun control possible in spending bill!
  225. Brady Bunch Desperate to Overturn National Park Carry
  226. HR 45 included in stimulousity bill?
  227. Need a lawyer in NE
  228. President's Home in Chicago; Local Residents Searched
  229. Marine vet thrown out of Oregon school
  230. Planning activism: gun rights group doing agun buyback
  231. Gun free school zones - need some info
  232. New Illinois House Bill Introducted!
  233. Interesting court case felons and guns
  234. Machine Gun Paperwork
  235. Is it legal to deliver a firearm to a out of state ffl in person for transfer?
  236. Sly Theft of 2nd Amendment Rights
  237. Wyoming Drops 14 States From Reciprocity
  238. Drill Team Student Expelled For Fake Gun
  239. Wisconsin Open-Carrier found Not Guilty!
  240. 1st-hand experience - CHL guns in parkng lots of employers
  241. Oklahoma Wins in the Tenth Circuit (Guns in Cars)
  242. Urgent - help with federal law needed
  243. Need help in SC
  244. From Minnesota? Read this
  245. VA-ALERT: Legislative Update 2/19/09!
  246. Major Victory for American Workers
  247. Help: crime rates among police officers vs among CCW holders
  248. Iowa National Guard to practice house to house searches.
  249. Illinois CCW Bill Advances?
  250. Va-alert: Action alert 2/21/09