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  1. Two Killed After Police Pursuit
  2. 'Blood money' frees CIA contractor in Pakistan
  3. Death Penalty,Revenge or Justice?
  4. US Army Apologizes for Horrific Photos from Afghanistan
  5. Libya No-Fly: Constitutional?
  6. Muslim's Rights?
  7. "He just needed killin'" -- Legtimate self-defense?
  8. The religion of peace...
  9. Now that's FUNNY!
  10. LBJ's 'Great Society'.Was It the Beginning of Most of What Ails America Today?
  11. The ethical problem with the notion of authority
  12. Investigations Find ‘Unprecedented’ Political Review of FOIA Requests by Homeland Sec
  13. Ethics/consequnces of carrying Cap and Ball revolver
  14. State Issued Medical Marijuana Card = No CCW card?
  15. Should citizens go about voting with Party Loyalty?
  16. Illegal AND Unregulated?
  17. What is th elimit of the right to keep and bear arms?
  18. Pat down of girl with FREE drug test!
  19. April 12,1861,the Civil War Begins.Was Retention of Slavery the Souths Primary Cause?
  20. April 13,1743 Thomas Jefferson Is Born.Is He Our Overall Greatest American?
  21. The Ethics of Admission of Evidence or Let's Hear All the Tapes
  22. Lee Wins at Gettysburg.A Divided Nation Results.Would the World Be Better Today?
  23. MJ Decrim Benefits Rights?
  24. Legality of an illegal alien arresting a US citizen?
  25. Warning: Don't videotape from your own property.
  26. What if the south won the civil war?
  27. How's this for a sick sense of humor?
  28. Illegal Alien an Achorage cop for six years?
  29. Ethical Quality of Ignorance
  30. Should the Fed Gov Be Able to Dictate Whether Boeing Can Open a Plant In S.Carolina?
  31. Liberty & purity of our essential bodily fluids ..
  32. OK to redistribute confiscated items?
  33. Let's have some fun!
  34. SF Chronicle says WH is lying
  35. Better to be judged...?
  36. Should JD Make Another Poll Thread?
  37. Gee, Who Saw That Coming? Oh, Wait. I Did.
  38. DC Still Keeping Guns Out of the Law Abidings Hands
  39. Economic Freedom of North America
  40. Was Killing Rather Than Capturing bin Laden the Right Call?
  41. NRA Outrage of the week:
  42. Have citizens defended democracy at home?
  43. Should the Osama bin Laden Death Photos Be Released?
  44. WhiteHouse invites controversial rappers
  45. Baseless rhetoric endangering citizens?
  46. Rapper Who Glorified NJ Trooper Killer, Invited to White House
  47. The SAF is Challenging the Interstate Commerce Clause
  48. Jillian Michaels To Adopt
  49. Should Judges Who Authorize Warrants Be Present During Their Execution
  50. Presumed Insane?
  51. Servants? or Masters?
  52. Anonymous* untraceable*, unforgeable currency: Bitcoin
  53. Supreme Court of U.S. OKs warrantless searches ...
  54. Ethics of Police Discipline
  55. The Ethics of Military Industrialists
  56. Liberty and Domestic Violence
  57. Chicago Politics? Boston Herald Denied Obama Access
  58. Ethics of a cash economy, electronic currencies
  59. Black Columnist Says:No PC,Black on Black Crime Must Be Addressed
  60. Ethics of knowledge
  61. Is one required to give aid to one he shoots?
  62. Outdoor Smoking Is Now Illegal In New York City.Agree or Disagree?
  63. Murder on the Orient Express
  64. Ethics of parenting vs basic human decency
  65. Should Access to a College Education Be Every American's Birthright or a Privilege?
  66. Rescue? Not my job!
  67. Just saw the movie "The Hiding Place"
  68. Dept. of Education breaks down Stockton man's door
  69. Dept. of Education SWAT?
  70. The U.S.Postal Service Is Dying.Should the Government Bail It Out?
  71. Ethics of Sponsoring /Advertising Government agencies?
  72. Psychopaths and their liberty?
  73. Ethics of teaching children that defending yourself is wrong
  74. Bellevue family sues FBI over 'terrifying' raid
  75. When the State Breaks a Man
  76. Who to vote for?
  77. Caught flak for sharing Olegs piece on the TSA
  78. Gun Carriers: A Protected Class?
  79. You Knew The Conditions Of Employment When You Took The Job
  80. Ethics of bounty-hunting
  81. Violent Vid Games OK for Kids
  82. Ethics of Austerity, Protest and Revolution
  83. I don't agree with the ruling
  84. Ethics of Courtroom Behavior
  85. Ethics of Jury Verdicts
  86. Ethics of mandatory Gay History in Schools
  87. Ethics of pre-judgement based upon...
  88. Ethics of the justice system
  89. Ethics of intellectual property
  90. The ethics of civil suits.
  91. Here's a What If For You
  92. flip side
  93. Remember John Kerry being "Swift Boated"?
  94. Loosening Norway's Strict Gun Laws May Have Prevented Mass Murder
  95. The ethics of counterfeiting
  96. Where to begin...
  97. No taxation without representation and no representation without taxation
  98. Secret laws?!
  99. Standard&Poor's a joke!
  100. The Oldest Profession: Decoy Cops in Ft. Lauderdale Pull Sting. Ethical?
  101. Electronically Watching Over Our Children.Is This Acceptable Parental Behaviour?
  102. Mandatory Evacuation
  103. Ethics of enviromental protection?
  104. Would You Advertise For a Cigarette Company?
  105. New Video Game: 'Tea Party Zombies Must Die'. Just Good Fun or Over the Line?
  106. Court ruling on illegal aliens and RKBA
  107. Americans Express Historic Negativity Toward U.S. Government
  108. Florida's Proposed Caylee's Law. Good Idea or Over the Top?
  109. Should Forum Members 'State' Their Locations Below the 'Handle'?
  110. Crucial SCOTUS Term Coming Up? Affirmative Action,Immigration,Healthcare on Table
  111. Unregulated Immigration and Rampant Disease
  112. “Wanted — Dead or Alive”
  113. The latest infringement of American Liberty by our Government
  114. HR 1505 - Homeland Security: Don’t let gates disrupt public lands.
  115. Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet
  116. Get the Nazis!
  117. Breyer's honest!
  118. Occupy Wall Street: Legit Protests or More Pro Commie Stupidity?
  119. So much for "democracy"
  120. Can Politically Correct Speech by Overturned In the United States?
  121. No Dom. Violence in Topeka!
  122. Are Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal Eligible to Become Prez? 'Birthers' Think not.
  123. Check out the ethical questions in THIS case!
  124. Is it ethical for cops to fix tickets?
  125. Accused of what, exactly?
  126. Montgomery County, Texas fields weapons-capable UAV
  127. Military morality
  128. Arm yourselves
  129. "Help Me America". Is This the Most Pathetic Letter to the Editor Ever?
  130. Cain, like McCain, promises the end of free speech in elections
  131. Roberts, Scalia, and Ginsburg all agree... It is TEOTWAWKI!
  132. A Veteran's Day thread....
  133. A SEAL deserving to be honored on this day...
  134. The Ethics of Civilians Wearing Military Camo
  135. Wear the American Flag on a T-Shirt to School? No Says Fed Judge
  136. Religious fantaticism comes in all flavors
  137. Sometimes the system just works.
  138. Horse meat steak?
  139. Ethical to use foreign aid to promote an agenda?
  140. Are You a LEO Publicly Advocating Ending the War on Drugs? You May Be Fired
  141. We all like to bash the Government...
  142. Why Would This Be Ethical
  143. Should anarchists be tolerated?
  144. Indefinite detention without trial? Ethical / constitutional?
  145. Working For A "For Profit" College
  146. Leoaffairs.com.Free Speech Outlet or Out of Control Rabblerouser?
  147. 2011.Great Moments in History? Not So Much
  148. Court says illegal aliens don't have the right to arms.
  149. Where is Sharpton, Obama, the NAACP, and Hollywood?
  150. Speed cameras and potential abuse
  151. Racism?
  152. What should TSA do with found money?
  153. Employer's Obligation
  154. Corporate snitch culture
  155. The Ethics of 250k votes
  156. Self Defense in Asia vs the US
  157. The ethics of shutting it down when backed into a corner.
  158. Trusting One's Government
  159. Man held for 2 years without seeing a judge
  160. Self-regulation of business: A Wall Street Example
  161. Stop the Madness. Pythons Destroying the Everglades
  162. The game IS rigged...
  163. Totally Unethical: Miami Deemed Most Miserable City In America
  164. Unethical Judges and Justices Dis Their Oath and the Constitution
  165. SC Justice Ginsburg's Advice to Egypt:Use S.Africa Constitution as Model,not the USA.
  166. Guns & Insurance & Bloomberg
  167. Why ask permission?
  168. New Navy Ship to be Named For Gabrielle Giffords
  169. Is it ethical for elected representatives of a democratic republic to lobby ..
  170. Unarmed Liberal Robbed by Machete Wielding Nut
  171. FCC to regulate speech in Arizona?
  172. anti-gun Justice Breyer robbed at machete point
  173. No-fight hockey?
  174. Morality of gladiator fights, gladiators recruited from death-row convicts or lifers.
  175. Seattle dash cam story
  176. Flag Burner Pilloried by Veterans
  177. Police insanity: entrapping high school students
  178. Ethics of social engineering and eugenics...
  179. Ethics & UN HRC (class IIIA enhanced beverage alert in effect)
  180. NYPD- jurisdiction?
  181. "Don't Call Me African-American. Call Me Black or a Person of Color."
  182. So, an Englishman and a Canadian walk into an Alaskan bar...
  183. The Ethics Of Vagrancy Laws
  184. Use of Espionage Act to Silence Whisleblowers
  185. Constitutional Fact v. Interpretation
  186. Worst US President ever
  187. Impeachment of a President for use of combat troops?
  188. The Unethical Seventeenth Amendment
  189. What do you think of requireing Video of SWAT raids?
  190. Was given a link to a film on Athens, TN
  191. Whoa! Talk about invasion of privacy!
  192. What possible good can we do?
  193. Murder Rates Have Doubled in the Past 50 Years Due to Liberals,Says Walter Williams
  194. Blood money
  195. Don't Rush to Judgement-Duke La Crosse,George Zimmerman Comparisons
  196. The Race Card Again.Jonah Goldberg Examines the "White Hispanic" in the M-Z Tragedy
  197. I Love My Guns
  198. Media Threatens SCOTUS
  199. FaceBook & Twitter:Viable Networking or Vicious Monsters
  200. Criminalizing pig farming...
  201. Can something be voluntary and unethical?
  202. Is Resistance futile?
  203. Direct election of U. S. Senators
  204. Possible easing of the war on Drugs..
  205. Is it ethical for the Senate &/or Congress to not flex their disciplinary muscles?
  206. Trayvon family's attorney threatens riots if no prosecution announced on Friday
  207. Unethical Law Enforcement Actions (NO COP BASHING, PLEASE!)
  208. CISPA: fearmongering statists** at it again...
  209. Is an apology enough?
  210. Ethics of not having strict laws regarding campaign donations....?
  211. NSA and the extent of it's violation of the constitution...
  212. Justice? Revenge? Hate Crime?
  213. Ethics of suppressing scientific knowledge
  214. Origins of American Liberty
  215. Ethics of generational class warfare...:
  216. Racial Profiling
  217. I wrote an article
  218. Ethics of public education....vs religious belief
  219. How to regain ststes rights?
  220. The Ethics of a Firm Prediction: Obama the Underdog Can't Win?
  221. Ethics of the Free Press (News of The World phone hacking scandal)
  222. Lack Of Ethics In Govt...Add To List
  223. A bit off topic but I'm curious of the board's opinion.
  224. Duty to Engage?
  225. Justice Breyer robbed AGAIN!
  226. I was stopped on the interstate and I'm not happy.
  227. NY judge just decides HE can smoke pot illegally
  228. Do we get what we pay for? Do we get what we ask for?
  229. New Bill: gov't created propaganda to be legal for dissemination in the US
  230. I want to live in peace
  231. Dead-or-Alive?
  232. Ethical Duty To Intervene
  233. It's Memorial Day
  234. Something to think about
  235. WTF: Guy charged with 1st deg assault let out on a bond? Then eats someone?
  236. Medical Marijuana and Gun Rights
  237. Wisconsin recall election tempers flare
  238. The Ethics of Bail Bonds
  239. "Predator Drones.The Prez as Hitman in Chief" Are They Necessary or Evil?
  240. Before the gavel falls...
  241. Political powers to foreign businesses?
  242. Can obama's newly amnesty-ied million NEWLY LEGAL WORKERS own guns now?
  243. Just how far can a President ethically go with the Executive Order?
  244. A Tale of Two Police Forces
  245. Jails as if RKBA mattered
  246. A Sharp Contrast
  247. Liberty is dead - Long live the USSA
  248. The Birth of Liberty
  249. Men who signed the Declaration of Independence
  250. Declaration of Independence is forever