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  1. Is The Colbert Report anti-gun?
  2. Red Dawn (1984)
  3. Pseudo-PSA about guns
  4. Justified gets a two thumbs up!
  5. Tears of the Sun (another sleeper)
  6. "Matewan" (1987)
  7. Another piece of antigun fluff
  8. Waterloo
  9. New picture
  10. Summer Watching;Hollywood Celeb Choices
  11. Boo, CCRKBA
  12. Movies About Events in History You'd Like to See Made
  13. The Peacemaker (another sleeper?)
  14. Shane (1953)
  15. The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
  16. The Gun Obsession by Donald Mccarthy
  17. Sometimes a reporter gets it right!
  18. Harry Brown (2009)
  19. Quiz With a Prize: A Famous 2A Celebrity's Quotes
  20. Children of Men
  21. L.A.Confidential (1997)
  22. 20 Great Hollywood Crime Films.Which One Is Your Favorite?
  23. Olbermann hits a new low!
  24. The Winter War (Talvisota)
  25. Shooter (if you haven't seen it?)
  26. My New Novel Is On Sale NOW
  27. Winning!
  28. The Sand Pebbles
  29. Can you name this movie for me?
  30. Over There (another one under the radar)
  31. Dirty Harry
  32. Get Low
  33. Once Upon a Time In America (1984)
  34. No Country for Old Men.
  35. Verna: USO Girl
  36. Two Executions
  37. The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)
  38. Go for Broke! (1951)
  39. Letters From Iwo Jima
  40. Do TV Programs Count?
  41. I can't stand Gun Rights Radio Network anymore
  42. You Wake Up In the Middle of the Night (in California)
  43. In The Line of Duty
  44. Day of the Jackal (1973)
  45. You probably won't believe this, but..
  46. The greatest war movie ever?
  47. "High Noon" wrong?
  48. Is “The Walking Dead” a bad show?
  49. The Wild Geese(1978)
  50. A Pertinent Question
  51. CSI: Miami jumps on the GunWalker wagon....
  52. "American Guns", another retarded reality show
  53. The original purposes of this sub-forum
  54. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
  55. Fresh Air on NPR had a good piece on crime, did not blame guns!
  56. Video: Dumbest self-defense question ever?
  58. Armed America
  59. Free Gun Digest 1911 eMag
  60. Law and Order
  61. Secondhand Lions (2003)
  62. Just Finished Literary Project
  63. Volkstudio Photo Series
  64. The Wild Bunch
  65. American Dad/America Scrooge
  66. Concealed on Campus: Video & Article
  67. Pro-gun music
  68. Triggers on The Military Channel
  69. Two new videos produced by me
  70. A Kodiak Bear Mauling
  71. America's Gun
  72. Red Tails (2012)
  73. Kenny Rogers Remembers:The Gambler at 73
  74. New Applseseed poster
  75. December Heat
  76. Just posted the Brown Bess video overview
  77. Something To Share With Your Friends - Madison Rising
  78. Interesting New NatGeo Programming
  79. Another free promo for "A Kodiak Bear Mauling"
  80. Glock: The Rise of America's Gun
  81. "The Grey"
  82. Garden & Gun
  83. MAIG Super Bowl spot
  84. GUNS in the movie Gran Torino~~~
  85. New NBC/MSNBC Hit Piece
  86. "God Bless America" - this one won't be good for RKBA.
  87. "We Got Him" by Lt Commander Steve Russell (RET)
  88. Come and See
  89. The Kindly Ones (a very dense and well researched historical WWII novel)
  90. Red Orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad and Rising Storm (infantry platoon simulation)
  91. Miscellaneous pro-rights posters..
  92. True inspiration, real American hero.
  93. Funny music video
  94. Hanoi Jane to portray Nancy Reagan
  95. Jericho series~~~
  96. "Magic City" Coming to Starz.Set In 1958 Miami
  97. Magic City
  98. Images of WWII weapons
  99. NYC 22, New Cop Show Starting Friday,10 PM on CBS
  100. Sherlock - the 2010+ UK miniseries
  101. The Cowboys
  102. Penn & Teller Bullsh*t Season 8 Episode 3: Martial Arts
  103. Any good historical/documentary gun stuff on Netfix?
  104. Iron Sky: political satire with Nazis...
  105. Need help on an old guy movie. :(
  106. Video: Andy Garcia and "For Greater Glory"
  107. Anti-gun media create new "Menace"
  108. L.A. Confidential
  109. Dr.Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  110. I've got a new book out
  111. Links to gun-positive news reports
  112. My Name is Nobody (1973) - an oldie but a goodie
  113. Happy Birthday, Duke!
  114. RECOIL magazine?
  115. "Hatfields and McCoys". A Matter of Honor.Must Watch TV Says Glenn Garvin
  116. Our Favorite R2KBA Photog Featured In Daily Comic
  117. Denny's TV commerical
  118. God, Guns & Guts review
  119. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart coverage on ATF "Fast & Furious"
  120. Don't visit the Guns&Ammo Forums....
  121. Acto of Valor
  122. Bastiat Institute...
  123. Question: What's the difference between justice and punishment?
  124. Longmire!
  125. Kindle Series: Noble Intentions
  126. Scalia on FOX News Sunday
  127. Gottlieb (and me) on public television 8/6
  128. "Jack Hinson's One-Man War; A Civil War Sniper" by Tom McKenny
  129. WWII Documentary
  130. Oh, for the luva Pete!
  131. My daughter is reading Machiavelli's "The Prince"
  132. Hollywood hits new low - will remake Have Gun - Will Travel
  133. firearm lock box talk from a hacker convention
  134. The Well-Read Rogue: Monster Hunter Legion
  135. Very Cosmopolitan
  136. My New Article On Guns
  137. How the press loses points with gun owners
  138. Fascinating Documentary Footage of WWII
  139. Last Resort premieres Thursday night (but if you can't wait)...
  140. Emily gets her gun...and a SAF award
  141. CNBC Squawk Box
  142. Seal Team Six The Raid on Osama Bin Laden
  143. Restrepo
  144. High Plains Drifter (1973)
  145. NY Times eats crow
  146. panic 911
  147. Atlantic Monthly-The Case for More Guns (And More Gun Control) December 2012
  148. Jean Shepeard's "A Christmas Story"
  149. Piers Morgan Debate Against Larry Pratt Video
  150. Outed gun owners means outed non gun owners
  151. Top gun rights and wrongs of 2012
  152. Piers Morgan thinks it would be funny to shoot Alex Jones
  153. What is a normal kind of shooting? CBS knows
  154. Anonymous : hackers weigh in on gun control...
  155. Assault Weapons Ban Discussion
  156. "Assaulted - Civil Rights Under Fire" documentary
  157. Citizens Against Senseless Violence
  158. Sandy Hook shooting - new info
  159. This made my blood boil.
  160. Neocon article placement
  161. Registration. Confiscation. Extermination.
  162. Sheriff's safety message: consider a gun
  163. Enemies Foreign & Domestic
  164. Another Dishonest Video Edit from NBC
  165. Obamas YAHOO
  166. The Five on FNC 5PM ET
  167. PBS: Set your DVR
  168. The Walking Dead series.
  169. Maryland Call for Action SB281
  170. The Americans on FX
  171. WIRED loves the AR!
  172. keepandbeararms dot com FUBARed?
  173. Gun Rights Cartoon - not balanced but interesting
  174. PBS News Hour... Second Amendment...
  175. In the Bedroom (2001)
  176. Great cartoon...
  177. Gun Disassembly 2 (computer game, exactly what it says on the tin)
  178. NRA 500 this weekend (reminder)!
  179. You WILL feel your IQ dropping...
  180. Letters From Iwo Jima
  181. Gun talk at a hacker convention (Notacon 10)...
  182. Excellent NRA Video!!!!
  183. Gun Owners talk about Newtown
  184. What topics would you like to see discussed in this forum
  185. CNBC special on the AR-15 tonight (10pm & 1am)
  186. Offensive billboard?
  187. Police traffic stop firefight in Ohio...
  188. Thelma and Louise
  189. What is the Greatest TV Cop Show Ever Since 1950?
  190. Best TV Private Eye Show
  191. TV: Regular Joes with Guns?
  192. Constituion USA on PBS
  193. Finally watched Bitter Blood
  194. Good Forbes article
  195. Rising Storm (multiplayer WWII pacific infantry combat...uh. simulation?)
  196. Johnny Tremain
  197. Morgan Spurlock gets a job in a gun shop
  198. Gettysburg: The 150th Anniversary on the History Channel
  199. The Movie "1776"
  200. The Dark Knight Rises
  201. And ABC is at it again.
  202. 1955 SHTF novel: the diff between Americans and Brits
  203. Why don't they get a gun?
  204. These videos can save your life!
  205. DefCon 20 documentary
  206. shooting videos with music
  207. MSNBC Calls For Investigation of Megyn Kelly's Amazing Ratings. Learns They R 4 Real!
  208. Giffords op-ed is gun control bait and switch
  209. Oblivion - FINALLY some good Sci-Fi!
  210. Your 15 Favorite Movie Soundtracks.
  211. Another Zumbo moment!
  212. Seattle Times profiles Alan Gottlieb
  213. Richard Dreyfuss viewpoint on the NRA
  214. Interesting guy, anyone know of him
  215. my opologies
  216. NRA Fights For You - JFK Lifetime Member of NRA
  217. Guns Save Lives – Generals want Obama Out
  218. CNN says Sandy Hook ad is 'shocking'
  219. Movie Red2
  220. 10 round magazine limit public service announcement
  221. "If I wanted America to fail"
  222. 4 Politicians
  223. On CNN: Barbara Walters says Obama viewed as 'next messiah'
  224. Tiger Valley "Merry Christmas" commerical
  225. Gun Control Socialists Hate Gun Owners
  226. Ted Nugent and Brian at The Shot Show 2014
  227. Tin Man- America-1974
  228. 'Ventura Highway' America 1972
  229. Catching newspaper editorials in foolishness
  230. Timer for Piers Morgan to pull up stakes???
  231. Attkisson quits CBS; showed nat'l audience Fast & Furious
  232. Shooters and Fishers Party
  233. Gun Rights Websites
  234. Bill Maher honesty: 'Common-sense gun safety is bull-----"
  235. Another good sci-fi / mystery flick! (Deja Vu)
  236. Best Viet-Nam War Films. Which is Your Favorite?
  237. Leftwing Ret. Judge - States Block Federal Gun Laws
  238. Allen West's commentary
  239. Seattle Times columnist: 'Repeal the 2A'
  240. NRA Convention - Georgia Concealed Carry
  241. Huge anti-gun Boston billboard may vanish
  242. Military History Magazine's Choice of the 100 Greatest War Films
  243. Switzerland and Guns - 75% Gun Deaths Black on Black
  244. Nra tv
  245. Seattle Times: CPLs in WA are 'skyrocketing'
  246. POLICE Magazine editor: Gun control not the answer
  247. Intolerant Libs - Increase of Women Buying Guns
  248. Post deleted by poster
  249. CNN challenging '74 school shootings' claim... eh??
  250. What Is Your Favorite Academy Award Winning Song? (1934-2013)