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  1. Would Anyone Be Interested In AN Off Topic Subforum?
  2. Welcome. :)
  3. One way to find more monye for guns & ammo ( ditch your cell phone contract )
  4. Say goodbye to the moon camo
  5. What Are You Currently Reading?
  6. Joke Thread
  7. Video Thread - Post links to amusing videos
  8. "A good day to die hard" - recent Bruce Willis film.
  9. What Are Your Favorite Vacation Travel Destinations?
  10. Got this joke from another forum.. Just had to share it!
  11. What Are Your 15 Favorite Films Since the Talkie Era Began in 1927?
  12. Are crimes committed because of hate really terrorism?
  13. Best Movie One Liners
  14. Ten Favorite Books ?
  15. Ten Favorite Authors Since 1500?
  16. Ten Favorite Movie Screen Actors?
  17. Ten Favorite Movie Screen Actresses?
  18. Favorite Movie Performances by a Supporting Cast Member
  19. What Is Sanity?
  20. The Ghost Army - PBS
  21. Your Eleven Favorite Movie Leading Roles since 1927
  22. [How To] Self-watering planters
  23. Launching Anvils
  24. Political suicide by immigration
  25. Colorado Burning (Again)
  26. Sierra Boot Laces ( I suppose they'd work on shoes too)
  27. Just when I thought I had seen everything stupid in politics.....
  28. Please tell me: Just what is ethical about this story?
  29. Only the Lonely Roy Orbison June 1960
  30. For those that qualify...
  31. WTK - Helikon-Tex dealer
  32. Caterday (Everyone needs a dose of cuteness)
  33. Mental Acuity Test
  34. Google your user name - a picture game
  35. Recent Obama Administration spying scandals.
  36. What Is Your Earliest Childhood Memory?
  37. Just what the DOJ wanted?
  38. Paula Deen "N" Word Exodus
  39. Wanna See a Great MLB Catch?
  40. Annother sensitive issue....
  41. Buying stock in gun companies
  42. If this doen't frost you, nothing will.
  43. Does this explain a lot about terrorism?
  44. And Sudden Death- Readers Digest August,1935
  45. Your 15 Favorite Songs of the Rock Era:1954-1989
  46. Has the Time Come to do Away With the IRS?
  47. US Public Schools are US Government tools of Official Indoctrination!
  48. Jack Reacher Novels
  49. Will Johnny Manziel Win Another Heisman Trophy?
  50. [PRIVACY ALERT] AT&T to sell your information.
  51. Medieval Helpdesk
  52. Army Vet takes US Flag off of Flag Pole for flying Mexican Flag Over It.
  53. Tough Mudder
  54. 2016 POTUS Race
  55. Detroit Bankruptcy
  56. Disgusting old guy song reveiw (du jour)
  57. zimmerman saves wreck victim(s)
  58. Profiling??
  59. If Tim Taylor built a drone . . .
  60. A matter of definition
  61. Fionnghuala
  62. Retirement
  63. The Assault Wheelbarrow
  64. Jeff Bezos is Buying the Washimgton Post
  65. Do You Believe In a Afterlife?
  66. Since 1900,Who Do You Believe Has Been Our All Around Greatest American.
  67. Who Was the Greatest All Around American Entertainer of the 20th Century?
  68. Smart Phone Showdown: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy 4
  69. Railroad Track Laying Machine
  70. McDonalds Customer Beating
  71. Elvis Aaron Presley January 8,1935-August 16,1977
  72. Elmore Leonard,Hard Boiled Crime Writer,Dies at Age 87
  73. Zimmerman's Civil Litigation Against NBC, Sharpton and Crump
  74. US Marine Preaching About the Police State
  75. What Is the Greatest TV Comedy Show of the 20th Century? (1947-2000)
  76. Social Insecurity
  77. Who Is the Greatest Fictional "Book" Detective Since 1900?
  78. 12 Useful Animals For Humans. Which of These Is Your #1?
  79. The Signs Are Hilarious At Switzerland's New 'Drive-In Brothel'
  80. Christian Bakery Closes After LGBT Threats
  81. Affordable Health Care Act Snafu
  82. Hello everyone
  83. The Golden Age of Pop Music. 1920-1950. What is Your Favorite Song?
  84. 4G cellular service (actual 4G) is here- and it's free!
  85. Obamacare horror story
  86. Veterans vs DC Police
  87. Aside From Death,What's the Worst Event That Can Happen to You?
  88. What Is Your Favorite Rock N' Roll Song From the 1950's?
  89. First Game of the World Series Tonight!
  90. Taylor Davis plays the theme from Game of Thrones
  91. Old Dominion Just Seems Old
  92. Greatest Movie Soundtracks
  93. Time lapse of all nuclear explosions on Earth
  94. LHO-JFK Connection Question
  95. NRA Fights For You - JFK Lifetime Member of NRA
  96. How Many Lines of Code Does it Take
  97. Resurrection
  98. Crye Precision releases new patterns
  99. Second amendment and internet rights
  100. Medical School Entrance Exam
  101. This Day In History
  102. Cinerama
  103. NFL Says No Tailgating At the Super Bowl
  104. Take a Cab
  105. What became of Selena?
  106. Who is the Greatest American Athlete of the 21st Century? 2001-2013
  107. Letter to the Editor
  108. Hobo Nickles
  109. Mikhail Kalashnikov 1919 - 2013
  110. Why Country Music Was Awful in 2013
  111. Happy New Year to You All!
  112. It's fun to watch snowflakes in a laser beam at night.
  113. United States Post Office Announces Giant Ammo Purchase.
  114. 'Don't Fall in Love With a Dreamer' 1980 Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes
  115. What is the Greatest Rock & 'Roll Song, 1955-1985 ?
  116. Do You have a Favorite Poem or Sonnet?
  117. 5 Question Pop Quick Quiz . Honor System!
  118. Do You Have a Favorite "Month" Song?
  119. 1900-2014: What is Your All Time Favorite Standard Song?
  120. Malaysia Flight 370 Mystery
  121. Two short sentences
  122. The Top 20 All Time Classic Hollywood Tough Guys. Who is Your Guy?
  123. Rhode Island Picking Name for State Appetizer
  124. The 20 Top All Time Glamour Gals of Hollywood History
  125. 50th Anniversary US Army Induction‏
  126. 18 World Changing Events of the 20-21st Centuries. What is Your #1?
  127. Sheriffs asked to "disarm" in OK
  128. Deep concealment
  129. Hello All I AM NEW HERE
  130. Sensible Gun Control
  131. Re-Introduction
  132. What Is Your Favorite State License Plate?
  133. It's Finally Here. The Gay Pride Whopper!
  134. Sgt. Tahmooressi
  135. 60 Iconic Moments From the 1960's
  136. If You Had a Time Machine, Which Decade Since 1870 Would You Prefer to Live In?
  137. A Picture Puzzle
  138. The Greatest Novel Written Since 1900: What is Your Choice?
  139. The 6 Greatest Novels Published before 1900. Your 6 Favorites.
  140. Opinions about Holder's resignation?
  141. Quick Quizzes
  142. Only In Seattle: Columbus Day is Now Indigenous Peoples Day
  143. If You Could Live in Any of These Major World Cities, Which Would it Be?
  144. What is Your Favorite Country or Western Song? Post it Up via You Tube,etc,
  145. Liberal Voter Loophole
  146. Can the GOP Win the Senate? WAPO Thinks It Can Be Done
  147. Favorite Place You Have Lived.
  148. Things that make you go hmm?
  149. What are your hobbies or interests?
  150. what are you up to today?
  151. Strange things you believed as a child
  152. Happy Thanksgiving
  153. The 10 Worst Cars of All time
  154. Judge Posner stabs us in the back!
  155. Fed judge says "Unconstitutional"
  156. "Aiding and abetting the enemy"
  157. Operation Enduring Freedom: A look back in photos
  158. Americas 17 Greatest Skylines
  159. Advertising Age's Top 15 Slogans of the 20th Century
  160. The Great Broadway Musical Show Tunes: 1925-2015
  161. That's between you and your god
  162. Earth Day Reality: We Are All Evil People
  163. Six strings, not six guns?
  164. RE: Red Jacket Firearms
  165. New version of "swatting"
  166. What should you do when someone puts gun to your head?
  167. Someone trying to access my account
  168. International Monetary Fund
  169. EPA is Stealing Our Waters
  170. What Is the Favorite City In the World That You Have Visited?
  171. Just Ran 4 miles
  172. Just Ran 4 miles
  173. Common Core a failure
  174. Heard any good new bands lately?
  175. 50 Question Quiz Contest: History,Literature,Politics,Sports. Ends December 20
  176. Butch the Rooster
  177. Christmas
  178. Rev. Al can't leave the country!
  179. "BroomHilda" to investigate UFOs!
  180. Land grab by the Feds in Oregon?
  181. Not happy with Verizon
  182. HitAir Going To The Dark Side
  183. Merle Haggard dead at 79
  184. Best guns for females?
  185. When the Army Invaded Montgomery Ward
  186. What Is Your Favorite Song (Vocal) From the 1980's?
  187. What Is Your Favorite Song (Vocal) From the 1970's?
  188. May We Never Forget.
  189. Concealed Carry - Should It Not To Be Shown?
  190. Another "Whitewater whitewash"
  191. What Are Your All Time Favorite Black & White Movies?
  192. What Song or Music Are You Listening to Right Now????
  193. What the NWO thinks of people
  194. I had a pleasant chat with a Vietnam veteran today
  195. Google and Facebook are creating "1984"
  196. DNS to be given to ICANN tomorrow
  197. Merry Christmas! Enjoy!
  198. Happy New Year!
  199. Was 2016 the Best Year In Our Lifetimes?
  200. 16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won
  201. Some April Fools Day Fun!
  202. Will Hayden sentenced
  203. The executions will continue until morale improves!!
  204. Democrats: No Guns For The Poor
  205. Dear Left, No More Gun Control
  206. New Favorite Song
  207. Kidde fire extinguisher recall
  208. Thanksgiving
  209. Here comes SKYNET!!
  210. Christmas
  211. Good news for Cliven Bundy, etc.
  212. Illinois Republican primaries
  213. Another innocent killed
  214. Computers!?!?!? ARGH !!!!!!!!!!
  215. What is your favorite advertising slogan of the past 100 years?
  216. Stan Lee - R.I.P.
  217. Judge calls out Hillary over emails
  218. Merry Christmas!
  219. Burial at Arlington for "The Gunny"
  220. Legislation in Congress
  221. Happy Thanksgiving!
  222. The man with no "cents"
  223. The headings highlight but...
  224. EDB to PST Converter
  225. Troubleshoot dial-up connection and get back into everything AOL
  226. How to use your McAfee activation key?
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  228. Best Gmail email backup software
  229. The most effective to export Outlook emails from Mac to Windows?
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  235. Adderall vs Vyvanse
  236. What is Norco? Buy Norco online
  237. Lorazepam Vs Xanax
  238. How to fix Quickbooks Error 1904?
  239. How to treat with ADHD?
  240. sbcglobal email technical support number
  241. What must you know about Pain Relief?
  242. Why is McAfee Antivirus Not Working Properly?
  243. Mayor gets power to seize property, ban sales of food, alcohol, guns, etc.
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  250. Which Mac Upgrade is Best: RAM, CPU or SSD- Myth Busted