In my part of the country it is opening day of deer season tommorow. And while in Kentucky hunting accidents are fairly low I believe that they are to high. I would just like to remind everyone as hunting seasons open nation wide to be careful. With a new president who supports the anti's the last thing we want is the paper to read 10 year old boy or girl killed by hunting accident. It is hard on the family and the community. I ask everyone to keep a eye on their safety. Reamber do not load your weapon until you are at the area you will hunt. Reamber that all weapons are always loaded at all times and are ready to do their job so PLEASE treat them with safety and fear. Also a big thing that will get even the most experienced hunters "ID your target before you touch your weapon off". Not everything that moves in the brush is a deer. It can sometimes be a PETA person sent to destroy your day of hunting. Also don't mix cows up for deers. And most important know WHAT IS BEHIND YOU TARGET! We all need to know what is behind the target. Even if you hit the animal that bullet is still going to go somewhere and through a persons living room is a bad place.
So please hunters and shooters be safe.