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Thread: GunVault Full-Size Safes

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    GunVault Full-Size Safes

    I'm looking at one of these new(?) full-size biometric GunVault safes. I know they're not as 'robust' as a full-on safe, but I live in a duplex condo, and it would have to come up 3 flights of stairs. For the capacity and security I'd like, as well as the size for the capcity, it seems like a nice compromise, and at <400lbs, I think it'll be reasonable to get up the stairs. I know many like the smaller pistol safes from GunVault, but has anyone had experience with their full-size products?

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    Might want to give a lot of thought to the biometric feature. There seem to be a lot of reliability issues brought forth by some people who actually own a safe with this feature. To me, anyways, it doesn't sound like it's quite ready for prime time.

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