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Thread: I voted with $150.00 Today!

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    I voted with $150.00 Today!

    I cast my vote today on the 8th of November, 2008. No booths were open and no one covered the event, except for my wife. On this day I voted by purchasing an AR15 stripped lower reciever.

    Although it is too late to change the outcome of events, I suggest we all vote a symbolic gesture in the form of a AR15 stripped lower receiver. For the cost of approximately $150, less if you are in good with your local gunshop, you can own one of the most controversial symbols of gun ownership. This very weapon was one of firearms listed on the “Crime Bill” that lasted from 1994 and thankfully sunset in 2004. Rest assured that if any new gun control legislation enacted will definitely include the AR15 series of rifle.

    What are the benefits of owning an AR15 stripped lower?

    1. The lower is the only serial numbered part of the AR15 weapons system. A stripped lower comes to you minus the internal parts, however, complete lower parts kits are available for approximately $75 or less. The only tools needed are a couple of punches, a hammer and some patience. From there, the rest of the AR15 rifle is easy to put together since the component systems such as the upper receiver are pre assembled. If you are uncomfortable with assembling the lower, lowers are available partially and fully assembled at a higher cost.

    2. Although all gun owners should stick together and respect each others choice of weapons, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Purchasing a stripped lower a is a way of us banding together and making a statement.

    3. A stripped lower is an investment. During the period of 1994 to 2004, lowers produced prior to 1994 were considered “pre ban”. Depending on the manufacturer, these lowers skyrocketed in value from $100 to $500 and higher. Prices are now down from those high levels in the majority of states. Unfortunately some states continued the “assault weapons ban” on a state level after the federal law had expired. If a new bill is passed, you can bet your investment value will skyrocket.

    4. A stripped lower is an affordable way to supporting our right to bear arms. Not many of us have the surplus funds to purchase a new AR15 without consequences. For many of us, saving upwards of $1000 will take a little while. However, most of us can come up with $150 between now and the first of the year.

    If you still don’t agree with buying a AR15 lower receiver from your local dealer or gunshow, do the next best thing, exercise your freedom of speech by purchasing a gun.
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