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Thread: RKBA Organization Pledges

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    RKBA Organization Pledges

    The time to do this would have been November 2007 or earlier, I'll give you that. But I think it's time we start doing pledges to RKBA organizations.

    Right now everyone is going out to buy guns. Everyone thinks they need to stock up on guns and ammo. Maybe more ammo would be a good thing, but do you really think you need more guns? Every time you buy a new gun there's paperwork on it. And when they say 'turn them in' they've already got the paperwork for that fancy AR15 you purchased November 5 on file! So, to hell with buying more guns. Buy pens. Buy lobbying power. Buy political bribes and bullying. If you got a $1500 to spend on an AR or $500 on an AK, then you lack a good excuse for not doing this.

    So, our economy is in the crapper, I'm a month behind on my mortgage and I've got creditors calling. But I'm also renewing my NRA membership on Friday, when I get paid. I could do it now, but I want to be sure I've got gas for work. Then, every month thereafter, I'm sending the NRA $20.

    So, that's it. I just pledged to send the NRA an extra $220 over the course of the next year. I'll check in every month to mention that I've sent the payment. My financial situation could be worse--I could be unemployed. Instead, just my wife is unemployed. I'm not asking anyone else this bad off to donate. Not everyone can do this. Some can only do $5 or $10. Some of us are physicians and can do more. Others work at McDonalds, and can only afford the stamps to write their politicians. But I ask this:

    If you still have a job, I ask that you donate a specified dollar amount that you can easily afford to the RKBA organization of your choice. I ask that you do this every month, and that you do it for your Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Perhaps we could check in to this post and list your pledge and organization of choice.

    Who knows, but if 500 people actually sent an extra $200 as a result of pledges like this, then that is an extra $100,000 dedicated to our rights.

    If no-one does it but me, that's still $220. If it get's locked, I guess I'll save my money and my ink, shed a tear and go clean and disassemble them so they're ready to turn in...

    Strengthening the RKBA organizations is one of the most important things we can do.

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    We give extra money to our pro gun group every year. We belong to our range, like to take our friends there, hold shooting/picnic/camp events and belong to the BSPS Club too. My husband doesn't get to compete due to his work schedule now as he used to do. We are late for our 'event' this year due to his schedule and my older sister's bad health back east.

    I think that most people will try to do something even if it is a small thing in this economy.

    As a retired lady, I watch my budget and spending as much as I did when I was working for someone and later on 'self employed'. I am looking for land to build the small cabin since I moved out here too.

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