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Thread: Fireams related Executive Orders?

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    Fireams related Executive Orders?

    Not the Bush43 has shown any willingness to act as a friend of gun owners and gun rights, but, were he so inclined, what sort of pro-gun EOs could he issue before he leaves office?

    A few I can think of:

    -eliminating the "sporting use" import restrictions put in by Bush41.

    -ending Clinton's ban on guns & ammo from China (No, I don't like sending $ to China that much, but anything to increase the supply & decrease the price of 7.62x39)

    -undoing the ATF "no importing parts kits with barrels" rule

    Personally, I like things like this for two reasons: first, it gets back some of what has been taken away in the past; and second, it forces Obama and the Dems to cede that ground or take actions, early on, that are guaranteed to piss off gun owners who are already inclined not to trust him.
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    eliminating the "sporting use" import restrictions put in by Bush41.
    Congress codified this in 1990.

    As for Obama, there's a report/rumor? going around that one of his first EOs on or about January 20 will include a ban on ammuntion from Eastern Europe. I don't think he really cares if he ticks of gun owners or not. He's got 2 years to lull them back to sleep, especially over something that "won't affect hunters" like making AKs and ARs far more expensive to operate.

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    Isn't it obvious?
    If I understand correctly executive orders cannot be used to make law, only to carry out existing laws.

    You could not undo a ban via executive order if that ban was signed into law.

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    If GW Bush issues an Executive Order, it can be undone on BHO's first day. All he has to do is issue an Executive Order revoking the EO that Bush issued. Clinton did this on his first day in office when he issued an EO revoking an EO issued by Ronald Reagan having to do with rights of non-union workers in a union shop.

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