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Thread: Our (next to) Last, Best Hope

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    Our (next to) Last, Best Hope

    If you aren't already a member, join the NRA as soon as possible.

    If you ARE already a member, first make sure that your own membership hasn't expired, and then get others signed up.

    Buy gift memberships for friends and family. I just bought 4 of them today.

    We're about to face a larger and more determined gaggle of gun banners than we did back in the early 90's. For those who don't know, Vice President-Elect Joe Biden was the senator who WROTE most of the 94 Assault Weapons Ban.

    When an NRA lobbyist walks into a congresscritter's office, he introduces himself by name and then says, "I'm with the NRA, and we represent (number) American gun owners."

    The last time I checked, that number was 3.5 million. Let's make it 10 million. Let's make it 20 million.

    Hell, let's make it EIGHTY MILLION - because that's approximately how many gun owners there are in the United States.

    .....and because if we DON'T, that number might be ZERO.

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    Yes, if you care enough to post here you should already be wanting membership in several of these organizations. More then one approach is -good-, just check out the cereal aisle next time you're at the store. Then, once you've sent in that check (or, those checks), if you have some free time don't wait for others to step up and -volunteer-. Give your personal time to the cause of preserving your own freedom. It's worth it. collect the whole set!

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    I knew it was vital when....

    I was presenting our position to an ill-inois (chicago) congress critter in Springfield during IGOLD (see ISRA or ConcealedCarry sites) and he asked me how much the NRA paid me. I responded that I wasn't an employee of the NRA but I was the NRA. And that I was his worst nightmare, an educated, elloquent, involved gun owner.
    When I joined, I swore to protect and defend the Constitution. No one ever said I was relieved of that oath.

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