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Thread: Secured gun display cases

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    Secured gun display cases

    In several movies, I have seen some display cases that secure and display guns in a very attractive manner. For example, the Mark Wahlberg character has a pretty cool gun display case/gun security thing.

    Anyone have any pictures of secured gun display cases they care to share?
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    I personally would love to buy an older, preferably genuine and still functional, single action revolver, or flintlock pistol specifically for the purposes of display in a glass case. Maybe an engraved 1911, or even a GI Issue WWII era one. I wonder what kind of options are out there. I have a fake (looks real though) flintlock in a display case that I bought at an import furniture store, and I have thought about building a similar one and using a real pistol, but there's something about having a real gun in an unsecured display case for everyone to see that doesn't exactly give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I have several guns around the house, but those aren't exactly in plain view. Any thoughts on this?
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    Semi off topic? I remember the late Dave Arnold wrote that he had a old non functional pistol hanging on a wall in his home.It was in a position where when entering the front door it was visible. I thief would surely grab it when seeing it, and that would alert the homeowner that someone is/was in the home. Neet idea.

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