I'm sure that I am not alone in sensing a storm front with regard to our RKBA.

As such, I am looking for a grassroots organization with which I can get actively involved. I used to be a director of the Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed, but cannot determine whether it is still active other than having a web site. I have also found a group called Kentucky Firearms Foudation but it really doesn't seem active. No one from either group has returned e-mails.

So, does anyone know of a group with active members in Kentucky? If not, is anyone interested in getting together with me to form such a group?

I don't want to create a duplicative group if one already exists.

My goals in an organization would be to create a legal literary arsenal with a few smart men and women who would be willing to use logic, statistics, and the law to protect our rights here in Kentucky.

I know that the NRA has a bit of a presence in Kentucky, but have no idea of what it does, who to contact, and if they work solely on Kentucky issues and national issues that directly effect Kentuckians.

Any guidance will be most appreciated.