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Thread: Best scope under 600?

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    Best scope under 600?

    Hey all!

    So I bought an upper..
    Dropped the hammer on a 24in Stag arms R6.
    anyway now I have a rifle and no scope..

    The purpose of this rifle is two fold...
    1. Teach me long range riflery. (like out past 500-to as far as one would reasonably expect to shoot with a 5.56 rifle.)

    2. Possible take varmint/ predator type animals.

    Any help on this journey would be greatly appreciated..

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    Some to consider, should be under $600 if you look around,

    Nikon Monarch, 8-32x50 w/ SF

    Leupold VXIII's 4.5-14x50 or 6.5-20x40

    Bushnell 6500 2.5-16x42

    Sightron Bigsky 6.-20x50 Mil Dot

    Let me know if you want other prices,

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    Burris Fullfield II, Signature Select, Zeiss Conquest and Nikon Monarch are great scopes under 600$.

    I can't get into the circles of the Nikon, but their glass is clear and quality overrall.

    I surgically placed a 50gr .223 to kill a deer at 120 yards this year. Made possible with a Burris 4.5-14 scope on my DPMS.
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    Leupold Mark 2 is a very good scope under $600.00. Has a turret and mildot cross hairs. 1/2" MOA and is very clear.
    I am not a fan of Burris, I had one and the adjustable eye piece adjusted while hunting and I could not get it clear before the elk ran away. Leupold has a lock ring on all there scopes. A much better idea.

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