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Thread: Gun Dreams

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    Gun Dreams

    Howdy, folks.
    My CCW is a FEG PA-63 with 7+1 of S&B 95 grain FMJ. I can put every shot where I want it. I was out of town when I had that dream and since I just finished a move, I can't find my other 5 magazines (I normally carry a spare with me). The other night I had a dream that some neo-nazis had tried to attack my family and me. There were 3 of them. The 1st 2 went down with 1 shot. I put 6 into the 3rd. He just wouldn't go down. I woke up before he got to me. I trust my life with that gun but I think I might need something of a higher capacity.
    I had another dream a while ago that my dog had gotten sick and I had to put her down. I had put 15 into her brain box and she didn't even realize I had shot her. I love my Bonnie-B and woke up crying about it.
    A third I remember is the dream that I had been made. In the dream, I was carrying and someone made me, called the cops and I was arrested because of a city ordnance banning CCW.
    What gun dreams have you had?
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    What gun dreams have you had?
    Suddenly realizing that I'm blatantly open carrying inside a school or courthouse

    I guess that's my version of dreaming about being naked out in public

    I've had a couple of "confrontation" dreams, but I usually wake up at the instant I pull the trigger.
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    I have also had dreams where I've had to shoot someone and they were unaffected by it even after multiple shots. I think it's probably a fairly common fear in the subconscious of us shooters (if you even believe in the subconscious mind, which not everyone does.)
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    I've had that same dream before, where accurate hits had no effect. I've also had dreams of a trigger pull so long, heavy, and gritty I couldn't pull it to save my life. Along the same line, a couple of times I've dreamed about not being able to reach the gas pedal on my car, or not being able to depress it, when I desperately needed to avoid a collision.

    I think it falls under something like performance anxiety. I think us males are a bit insecure in some ways, thinking we won't be able to do what needs to be done. Best advice - practice.
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    I dreamed about buying an M1 Garand, then another, then an M1 Carbine, then an AR.

    Lucky me, all my dreams came true.

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    I have had 2 recently. The first, I had the BG in my sights but couldnt muster the strength to pull the trigger, it was just too hard. I even tried with both hands.
    The second, I shot a tiger and it didnt die so i went to chamber another round but the shells were in the magazine backwards. I ran to the house and managed to get inside before the tiger got me.
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