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    More or less helpful

    Howdy, folks.
    We know that on average, your typical CWP Holder is quite the law abiding citizen. As a rule that may be selfish, armed or unarmed, if my family's with me, I never help disabled motorists unless I'm in my home county or on base (always unarmed). When I'm by myself, I wasn't normally helpful to other motorists but my CWP has given me a little more confidence. My wife's staying in VA with her mother for a few weeks to visit so while I was driving back down, I saw a disabled motorist about 50 miles from my new house. I pulled over, asked him if I could help, let them use my cell to call a tow truck (they couldn't get any service), shook hands and took off. I didn't have to use my gun, and everything went fine. I know that a lot of people caution others not to help disabled motorists because they're all waiting to rob you, rape you, and/or kill you. Does the fact that you carry a concealed weapon have any impact on helping a disabled motorists?
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    In Wyoming, it's almost bad manners not to stop and help. But then we don't have many criminals either.

    I would stop for anybody. I always carry, either concealed or openly. I don't think it's a big factor here.

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    I'm fairly certain there a law here in Texas that will penalize you if you don't stop to help.....I'll ask the wife when she gets home.
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    I generally do not stop along the highway or elsewhere unless there appears to be a real problem or they're flagging for help.

    Generally, disabled motorists are not an issue. Why would a criminal stop alongside a road in order to attack someone? Steal that person's car and leave theirs behind?

    I don't doubt that it could happen. I don't doubt that it has happened. But I don't know if it is really worth losing any sleep over.

    If your family is with you, it could be pertinent to be weary, just in case.

    Here is an example of when I have stopped. Just last night, traveling between Buffalo, NY, and Bradford, PA, the car I was riding in slid off the road during a very severe snow storm. It just so happened that we slid off the road just fifteen feet from another car that had slid off. I offered them assistance before I pushed the car I was riding in back onto the road. Unfortunately, they were well into the ditch and I couldn't help them, but I did offer my mobile phone to call for help (which they did not need).

    In times of genuine, apparent need, I have no issue helping people. Mostly, when a vehicle is alongside the road, they are neither stranded nor in particular need of any help that I can offer them.
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    Under most conditions and if its obvious the stranded person is in a difficult situation(a woman alone,the very elderly,etc.)I'm going to stop and give a jump or let the person call AAA or whoever if they don't have their own cell phone.I've always done this even before I started carrying on a daily basis.
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    Unless something strikes me as odd about the setting (number of people, proximity to exit, call box, proximity of concealment for other person(s), etc.) I'll stop. But I stay alert and avoid getting in a disadvantaged position until I am comfortable with the situation, and even then I remain careful.

    As I've carried a gun in one capacity or another most of my adult life I can't say that having one gives me the confidence to stop, but it does increase my "comfort" in the belief of my ability to defend myself. And I suspect this is the same for most folks that carry a gun.

    Have I ever had a problem ... no, but if you send the right signals and stay sharp ... the other party can pick up on that and if they had thoughts of trying something, perhaps they rethought them.

    Road side ambushes do happen. If your not comfortable with the setup, but still feel the need to help ... stop a safe distance from them and ask if they would like you to call for assistance. Don't stop near them, or approach them after you stop.
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