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Thread: Gun Safe Problem.......

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    Gun Safe Problem.......

    Here is the problem. The owner died suddenly and we (his wife, brother, and myself) cannot find the combination. The safe brand is Sawmill Safe Co. made locally in NE Ohio. I have not yet found the business card, address or phone number of the gentleman who made it. Google search turned nothing so far. Is anyone familiar with the brand and have his number? Failing that, is the cutoff wheel our friend?

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    I would call around to Gander Mountain and a few locksmith's to see if you can find them directly. If not...time to get a locksmith out to see if they can get it open.

    Have to say...interesting story wifes uncle recently died...and live in NE was Jim
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    It is quite possible that a quality locksmith can crack the safe. It probably won't be cheap, but if you have any desire to re-use the safe, you can ruin it with a cutting wheel without even getting in.

    At the very least, I would carefully lay it on it's back and go in through the bottom. Then, after you get in and empty it, you can hopefully open it and then repair the bottom, even welding a new bottom in place.

    Or - figure the safe is a lost cause and go through the back or bottom.

    I have heard that the door is usually the place that most people attack, and it is usually the strongest area.

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    You can destroy the safe and possibly injure yourself, or hire a professional to open it. If a professional opens it, it may cost $300 to $400, but I doubt you could replace the safe for that.

    If you PM me with your location, I can probably point you to somebody who can help you out.
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