Just watched a NatGeo program entitled "Factory Floor," sort of like their "How It's Made." On this episode they took the viewer on a 10-minute tour of the S&W factory, showing the manufacturing steps for the Smith & Wesson Model 500 revolver. I liked it quite a bit. Although I've read many times how Smith 'forges' their revolvers, I didn't really know what that was.

It was well done, and the host was pretty good, only making a coupla minor errors (put a "bullet" into the gun). I was impressed, and liked it when he fired the revolver and, in a clearly unscripted moment, proceeded to shout out, "holy sh*t!"

I'd love to tour that place. On a similar note, I moved to Utah recently and called NAA (North American Arms -- the manufacturer of the Mini Revolver line), asking them about their factory tours. The lady said that "there are no tours" of their factory. Bummer...

Does anybody know if there are tours of gun/ammo manufacturors in the Utah/Idoho/Wyoming area?? Thanx