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Thread: Askins-style holster for Python

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    Askins-style holster for Python

    One of the best pieces of equipment I've ever had has been the Galco Avenger holster I picked up in the classified a few years ago. These are a sort of a half-pancake type with a rear loop that's extended back.
    The one I have is for the Government Model, and I use it a lot for competition and the range.
    I called Galco and asked if they'd make one for a Python (or 586, if you prefer) but they don't do custom work.
    Any suggestions for a good holster of this type for a mid-size revolver?
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    El Paso Saddlery makes somethng similar, except this one is optionally a cross-draw. The main belt loop on the back doesn't look as sturdy as on the Galco you show, however. It seems like they can fit pretty much any handgun.

    My experience with three EPS holsters so far is mixed, with the lined hosters being very good quality. The one linked above will likely be my next purchase from them for a 2" Model 10.

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