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Thread: H&R Revolver Info......

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    H&R Revolver Info......

    A friend asked me to see if I can find any info on two H&R pistols that were his grandfather's. One is a breaktop .32 S&W w/ 3in. barrel, the other is a breaktop snubnose with a concealed hammer, it says .32 but looks as if the cylinder would only fit .22 shorts. The only info I found is an approximate date on the 3in. Does anyone no if there is a collectors groups for these kind of guns?

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    They made a zillion different models, most of them fairly similar, so pictures would help. Or, sift through the 75 H&Rs for sale on to see if you can narrow it down. From there we can start looking them up in the reference books.

    Looking at the pics in an old Gun Trader's Guide, the concealed hammer break top could be a "Hammerless Double Action" that came in Large Frame and Small frame. Both were discontinued prior to 1942. One weighs 17 ounces and the other 13. Of course, the pic/sketch in the book shows the word HAMMERLESS on the left side of the barrel, but there's no guarantee they all did.

    I don't know if there is an H&R forum, but I wouldn't doubt it.


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