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Thread: There should be a Wikipedia entry for Oleg and/or this site

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    There should be a Wikipedia entry for Oleg and/or this site

    Why isn't there a Wikipedia entry for Oleg Volk and the site that he created? I think he is definitely notable enough at this point. I realize that Wikipedia has some requirements for notability - you have to be able to link to sources other than blogs and forum posts, is the main one, and there are a few others. But I think that Oleg/THR qualifies for that at this point, right?

    Someone who knows more about Wikipedia than I do should create the article.
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    Someone get Jimmy Wales on the horn. We got a new entry for him to type up.

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    Personally I've tried to do a wikipedia thing a time or two before and won't bother again. In many cases it turns into something where the person with the most interest and time "wins." For example the wiki page on hydrostatic shock is largely written by michael courtney. Some of the people most suited to giving the other side of the story have already grown tired of dealing with him and have no interest in updating the wiki. Personally I've tried to have constructive discussions with him and after he's taken them to ad hominem attacks I don't have the interest in doing so either.

    Anyway I suppose the short of that was why bother unless say you're interested in spending time debating "the truth" on the .org/.us issue?
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