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Thread: Open sights and lasik eye surgery

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    Open sights and lasik eye surgery

    A few years ago I had lasik eye surgey. Now I have 20/15 and really love it EXCEPT for one thing. Shooting open sight has become pretty hard. I need to still use reading glasses, 1.25 or 1.5 power, for up to about 3 feet out. Past that I'm ok. Without my reading glasses my gun sights are pretty blurry and with them I can't see what I'm aiming at. What does everyone else do with this problem?
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    What do I do? I live with it.

    I had a pair of shooting glasses made with a +1.00 for the aiming eye, and just distance for the other. I like'em fine, but they're probably not for everyone.

    Someone makes a stick-on-your-glasses aperture for increased depth-of-focus. Works best in sunlight.

    Then there's optical sights. And BIG HONKING iron sights or fiber-optic sights.

    That's about it. Pick your poison.

    Or get younger.

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    I had Lasik "mono-vision". My right eye sees near the left eye sees far. I only need reading glasses for things closer than about 20". Works great for shooting and its a joy to use iron sights again! Previously I couldn't because between the presbyopia and and my astigmatism I couldn't see the front sight.

    Mono-vision doesn't work for everyone though. You can try a single contact lens in your eye to see if your brain can adapt to mono-vision and if you can, no reason you can't use them when shooting.

    Getting younger would be great, where do I buy some?

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