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Mods - please don't delete this, but feel free to lock it. We need all the prayer we can get right now.

My aunt, grandpa, and two cousins were in a wreck with two semi's while driving their minivan on Halloween. My aunt broke her arm, ribs, and c2 vertabre. She has bruised lungs as well. My grandfather, the man of iron, broke his temple, eye socket, jaw, and scapula. Bruised lungs and frontal lobe of his brain. My 8 yo cousin has a diffuse axional injury (worst type of shaken baby syndrome). My 3 mo cousin didn't make it.

My aunt is home, and healing but in serious pain. My grandfather is in a nursing home and is feeding himself and moving around. My cousin is still going in and out of a coma.

This morning, the father of this family, my uncle, had a stroke. He is in an ICU and is bleeding into his brain.

I just ask for prayer for my family, we need all we can get.

He posted it on .org, thought I might as well post it here too.