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Thread: 110g Fed Hydra as a carry load

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    110g Fed Hydra as a carry load

    I basically stole a Smithy 442 with 2 boxes of Federal 110 low recoil. I got it all for $$250.00. His reason for selling was not enough confidence in this as a carry setup. I swallowed my tongue and took the deal. So the question is ...what are the thoughts on fed 110 ????... A point of note, I do want to keep this carry setup as light as possible.

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    Hi tackleberry it would seem you have yourself a fine carry set up indeed. On the ammo it seems this load does quite good out of a snub nose revolver especially for a non +p loading in this caliber. This load it what I carry in colt cobra,agent and S&W model 42 lemon squeezer as +p in a big no no in these early alloy frame snubs. Second one down is the load you speak of not bad at all,this website has a lot of great info on snub nose revolvers and the best ammo/holsters and how/where to carry them. I hope this helps you out some.

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    That old 110 gr stuff basically gives you the terminal performance of a .380 in a 9mm-sized package. Even the +P+ "treasury load" is severely sub par.

    I'd buy a box of Speer 135 gr Short Barrel Gold Dots, shoot 5 to confirm point of impact, and never look back.
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    Yeah, that gun is easily tough enough for +P and the Speer 135 load isn't that nasty in terms of recoil and would be a big jump up in performance.

    If you must use standard pressure, consider the Buffalo Bore 125gr load - mild recoil and almost as effective as the Speer 135+P. The Buffalo Bore standard pressure 158gr will match or possibly exceed the performance of the Speer 135 but recoil will go up to at least as high if not a bit higher.

    Nothing at all wrong with the gun . At 15oz it's as light as I'd want to go in a 38Spl.
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