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Thread: .40 vs .40 S & W ?

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    .40 vs .40 S & W ?

    I'm a newbie to semi-autos and will appreciate some clarification from you experienced shooters out there. My question:

    Are .40 caliber and .40 Smith & Wesson the same? If so, why the two names? Do they both use the same .40 caliber ammo? TIA.
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    Welcome, newbie!

    Yup, they're the same. S&W came up with the idea that a 10mm downloaded to (wimpy) FBI specs could actually be put into a shorter (9mm size) cartridge. And therefore into pistols with smaller grips. So they got to name the cartridge.

    Why would companies like Ruger, Sig, Springfield, Para Ordnance, Kimber, Kahr, HK, Steyr, etc. etc. etc. prefer NOT to use Smith & Wesson's name every single time they try to sell one of their own pistols?

    Couldn't tell you.

    (There are other .40ish calibers out there, but this is the one you mean: the foh-tay!)

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