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Thread: TX Appleseed Project-- Dec 6th and 7th

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    TX Appleseed Project-- Dec 6th and 7th


    This is a great opportunity to REALLY learn how to shoot a's inexpensive too, because ALL RWVA Appleseed Instructors ARE VOLUNTEER!

    Imagine that people, AMERICANS giving up their weekends, to drive and instruct for no monetary compensation, their reward and goal is simple, to REBUILD A NATION OF RIFLEMEN.

    If you can't hit a 4" square at 100 yards WITHOUT using a rest or a bench on which to support your rifle, YOU are not a Rifleman.

    A Rifleman doesn't need a bench or a rest to hit a 4" square at 100 yards or even a 20" target at 500 yards WITH IRON SIGHTS.

    A Rifleman owns every target he can see 360 degree around his position out to 500 yards. This is better known as the "Rifleman's Quarter Mile".

    In addition, learn about the history of our great Republic... the events of April 19th, 1775. Revere's Ride, learn what you were NEVER taught in public schools.

    Did you know that on April 19th, 1775 two horseback riders rode out from Boston at predawn to warn their Brethren that the tyrannical British redcoats were coming to confiscate their gunpowder and arms?

    Did you know that as a result of these two riders, that 14,000 Colonial militia showed up in 24 hours from upwards of 30 miles away to help in the defense of their Brethren to whip the tar out of the redcoats, the most feared military force on the face of the planet at the time?

    Please join us on this weekend, December 6th and 7th, Davilla, TX which is 1 hour NE of Austin, to better yourself with your rifle AND to hear historical speeches about the day that marksmanship met history and Liberty was born.

    Being in the company of Riflemen, there is none better.

    Be it known, RWVA Appleseed Project is NATION wide, not just in Texas.

    Cost is $80 for two days, $50 for 1 day for walk-ons.

    If you pre-register, cost is $70 for two days, $45 for one day.

    For the remainder of 2008, women shoot free. Shooters under 21 shoot free. Active military shoot free.

    Event information available here:
    Pre-register here:

    For 2009 Texas has several RWVA Appleseed Project venues :

    College Station
    Davilla (near Austin)
    El Paso
    Houston (in the works)
    Dallas-DFW (in the works)
    Corpus Christi (in the works)
    Beaumont (in the works)
    Texarkana (in the works)
    McAllen (in the works)
    Austin (in the works)

    (in the works) means working on getting range approval set up, which means, statistically, almost guaranteed RWVA Appleseed approval to host a shoot in these areas.

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    Id love to see something closer to Houston. Looking forward to hearing something about college station or Houston.
    At Thermopylae, 1,000,000 Persians lost 20,000 yet failed to disarm 300 Spartans. 80,000,000 lawfully armed Americans will resist even harder.

    That we promise. Molōn labe!

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    Alamogordo, New Mexico
    Gas is cheap again just drive on up
    I won't be back till Oleg owns his board again.

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    11-04-08 The Flags of Our Forefathers were unfurled...and bucked the prevailing wind with pride.

    500 yards IRON sights.....putting the .22 away.....taking up the centerfires now....M1A's, M1 Garands, AR-15's, FAL's, AK variants....putting instruction to the test.......Davilla, TX

    The Instruction continues.......Davilla, TX

    Davilla, TX (1 hour from Austin)

    Appleseed Project and the Revolutionary War Veteran Association is a NATION wide effort to rebuild a nation of Riflemen, preserve our 2nd Amendment right and to recognize the principles on which our Republic was founded.

    Q: Why doesn't Appleseed teach other shooting/preparedness skills like carbines, handgun, land navigation, etc.?

    Answer: Appleseed is an American Heritage program, with a very solid rifle marksmanship course. It is not a shooting school with some history. Appleseed's interest is in educating Americans about their Heritage from the Founding era, honoring those that sacrificed so that we may enjoy the Liberties and Freedoms that we have today. It's also about the tradition of the Rifleman, and a program very much energized to see that unique American skill live to be passed on to at least one more generation - hence, we are not into handguns, etc...

    Q: How do you expect to fend off a modern military with tanks, plane and machine guns?

    Answer: Appleseed is not about “fighting” anyone or anything. To the extent we are all concerned about preserving our nation, the Liberties and Freedoms secured by our Founding Fathers, this can only be done by knowledge and appreciation for the sacrifice made by those that secured our Freedoms.

    The Founding Generation had no peaceful resolutions available to them, as they struggled to preserve their Liberties, since they were subjects of the Crown. When they gained Liberty from the Crown, they did it so their posterity would have an alternative by allowing the citizens of this nation to have control of their government.

    Long before there would be a need for any force, the American people have, since 1783, the opportunity to have a peaceful, political resolution to issues. A quick and easy translation: If you want change, win the hearts and minds of Americans back to the spirit of the American Revolution, and any political changes needed will follow naturally as a consequence of waking Americans up to their history and heritage.

    Q: How can there be a political resolution to American's concerns, when the politicians do not listen to the American people?

    Answer: The Politicians DO listen to the people, when the People speak clearly and in a language that the politicians understand. Americans were traditionally very active in their government, but over the last few generations, they have stopped interacting with their Representatives like they used to.

    If the people demand an action/inaction on a specific item, the politicians listen. They have to or lose their cushy DC office.

    However, look at these facts:
    -Most Americans do not know who their representatives are, let alone know how to call or write them.
    -Most Americans do not know who their state level Representative is.
    -Americans have lost sight of the fact that if they are one in 1000 or even 10,000, that is much better odds than one in 300,000
    -The Politicians listened during the Illegal Amnesty Bill. Even during the Bail Out Bill, for a short period of time.
    -The States are bucking the federal government on the following items:
    -Illegal Alien issues
    -National ID
    -Castle Doctrine
    -Eminent Domain
    -Firearm confiscation during an emergency.

    So, the state level politicians are getting it. This is because a relative few Americans are having their voice heard.

    Also, Americans are doing a poor job of having their voice heard. On the federal level, they may send one letter or make one phone call, then they stop. On the state level, there are many states that half to three quarters of the state level representatives run unopposed. So there is little incentive for them to listen to the people.

    Too many Americans are apathetic to stepping up to become representatives of their neighbors, and far too many are neglecting to tell their Reps their desires.

    Q: Shooting at 25 meters is not the same as shooting at 500 yards.

    Answer: Nobody is saying that shooting at 25 meters is the same as shooting at 500 yards. However, it is well proven that shooters can gain the mechanical skills that are necessary, to be accurate out to 500 yards, at reduced size targets, at 25 meters.

    This technique is very well proven and used by the military and competitive shooters alike. The Appleseed Project has the experience of thousands of shooters using this technique to improve their skills and once the shooter learns the mechanical skills, they transfer to any shooting platform, whether rifle, pistol or shot gun. Also, once the shooter has their skills honed to be able to shoot 4 moa (1inch square) at 25 meters, it is rather simple to transition to 500 yards. Furthermore, at Appleseed locations which allow shooting at longer distances, our students will confirm, for themselves, that "what works at 25, works at 500".

    Q: Why bother with Appleseed when the NRA has a Basic rifle course?

    Answer: Appleseed shoots are much more than Basic rifle shooting, it is 'foundational' rifle shooting. The skills taught are what a traditional American Rifleman of the past would have learned, such as how to be accurate out to 500 yards, in field positions, with just a sling for support. This is the traditional Rifleman's Quarter mile. With 2 solid days of marksmanship instruction, over 400 rounds shot, and instruction in all the skills that are required to be accurate to 500 yards, there really is not another course like it in the shooting community.

    If you factor in that there are extensive discussions about the Founding Generation, April 19th, and the people who sacrificed for our Liberties, well, Appleseed us unique in many ways. This is not to say that the NRA courses are bad, for what they are, but just much different than Appleseed Shoots.

    In addition, Appleseed is a program on A Mission - and our Mission is to double every year until we have every American remotely interested up to speed as a rifleman, skilled in use of a rifle, and ready to pass the tradition on to the next generation. With any luck, we'll soon be teaching tens of thousands of Americans each year (we're already teaching thousands).

    Q: Appleseed is just another militia group.

    Answer: Appleseed is what it says it is. A 501.c.3, non-profit, all Volunteer organization that is dedicated to teach today's Americans their Heritage, and the Tradition of Rifle Marksmanship.

    These are family friendly events, with kids under 21, Women and current Military (active, reserve, guard) shooting FREE. It is very common to see 2 or 3 generations of family on the firing line together and to see women and children as well.

    Some of our Instructors are Military and Law Enforcement. We have conducted Appleseed Shoots on many Military bases around the country. But ALL of our instructors have scored EXPERT using the Army Qualifaction Test, are your basic-issue, volunteer Americans, and are passionately dedicated to teaching the skill of rifle-shooting.

    Subversive or political speech is not allowed at Appleseed Project shoots.

    Q: Do you need special guns and gear for an Appleseed Project weekend?

    Answer: No. Appleseeds are not a competition, but rather a learning clinic. Any safe, functioning rifle will work at an Appleseed Shoot. The course is designed around the M1 Garand; as such, those with semi-auto rifles will feel right at home. That said, it is very common to see bolt action rifles, lever action rifles and even single shot rifles. While some rifle platforms are better tools for the Appleseed Shoots, shooters with any rifle will learn a great deal.

    Appleseed Shoots are designed to teach the shooters how to shoot their rifles better. The only “competition” is with one's self, to improve one's own shooting skills. Most shooters, regardless of rifle type, leave Sunday evening vastly improved in their shooting skills and knowledge.

    Q: Why the Revolutionary War Veterans Association?

    Answer: The goal of the RWVA is to reintroduce Americans to those men and women who made a great sacrifice for our Liberties and Freedoms. These first Americans deserve to have a special place of honor in Americans' hearts for what they gave for us, and for which we need to be thankful.

    While some of those from that generation are household names - George Washington, Samuel Adams, John Hancock - there are many common people who sacrificed as much or more and deserve honor. Folks like John Parker, Issac Davis, Mother Batherick and Dr. Samuel Prescott deserve to be remembered as well.

    At an Appleseed, you will be introduced to a whole host of men and women who stood for Freedom, Liberty and did so, not so much for themselves, but for generations to come - you and me. Many of these stories go to the heart of what it means to be an American Rifleman; these people set the standard by which all Americans from then to today need to measure themselves by.

    Q: Why Appleseed?

    Answer: Johnny Appleseed traveled the country, spreading Appleseeds, not so he could benefit from the fruit, but so that future generations could. Likewise, Project Appleseed is a not about a benefit to those who are making these events possible, it is to pass on the American Traditions and Heritage to future generations. All at the RWVA are volunteers, and we are a non-profit organization. We do what we do for others, for our children and grandchildren.

    "I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging the future but by the past."

    - Patrick Henry


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