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Thread: Putting the 800# Gorilla on a Weight Gain Program

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    Putting the 800# Gorilla on a Weight Gain Program

    In my last NRA related thread, I attempted to get membership pledges or donation pledges here. There was limited interest that, and I'm going to think the best of us and believe that's because we're already donating as mush as we can.

    Last week I was talking with someone I work with who owns and shoots pistols. He too was concerned about what our current house, senate, and president elect will do to our rights. However I was shocked to learn that he wasn't a member of the NRA, GOA or any other RKBA organization. Yes, it's true. The biggest one is the NRA. 4 million or so members? Yet it's speculated that there are 40 to 80 million gun owners. So, it's plainly obvious that there are many out there who simply own firearms and sit back.

    So, what could we do in the form of an NRA or other RKBA organization membership drive?

    The prices of firearms have gone up drastically. Supply and demand... Are there any gunshops out there that would be willing to increase prices $5, and offer to kick in half of the membership fee for every firearm or bulk ammo order they sell?

    I'm figuring you'll either break even on that or possibly make a slight profit as not everyone will opt for this.

    Any other ideas?

    The fact is that increasing the membership or financial clout of RKBA lobbying organizations will help our cause. If our proverbial 800# gorilla weighed more like 2 tons it certainly wouldn't hurt. Also wouldn't hurt to have another 800# gorilla on our side...

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    I would harangue your friend to join. Like you, I learned after the election that I'd known several gunowners who did not belong to the NRA. I've given away a couple of one year NRA memberships (started doing that last year after I got the idea from reading about it on THR), but after the election I've gotten at least 2-3 people to join up on their own.

    In a related vein, I would nag your friends to write actual letters at least once per month to key people (your rep, your US senator, and probably to Pelosi, Reid, and maybe Obama also). A written letter sent in the mail is supposed to be the equivalent of about 50 like-minded voters who did not write. I'm nagging people in my circle to do this and I think we've gotten a lot more letters written and sent than we would have before.

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    Join Here

    You can join through a link in my signature.
    Join or renew your NRA membership for $25 at

    If we fail to elect pro-gun politicians to Congress and fire those who are anti-gun, it won't matter who the President is.
    If we succeed at electing pro-gun politicians to Congress and fire those who are anti-gun, it won't matter who the President is.

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    Biggest impediment to new members joining the NRA is bad press/bad reputation.

    The media constantly refers to the NRA as "the gun lobby," (I think of them as the gun-owner lobby and as a civil-rights organization!) and paints them as extreme: "They don't care if children get killed, as long as they can have their assault weapons!"

    On the other side of the coin, the NRA gets attacked by gunnies because they're too wimpy ("You ought to join GOA instead!"), too internally political (the whole Neal Knox thing), too focused on self-defense arms (for some hunters and collectors--maybe SASSers, too?), and too removed from the local level (I haven't seen the NRA accomplish anything here in Mass. Ever. Of course, that doesn't make them different than any other gun org!). Also, they were not prime movers in the Heller lawsuit, and we've just had an abysmal election--so folks could easily consider the NRA off its game, if not passť.

    What can we do? TALK THE NRA UP TO OTHER GUN OWNERS! Let people know that the NRA is our best hope: join them first, join as many others as you can, if you can, after.

    Don't beat the NRA down (especially to newbies)--in this economy, it doesn't take many criticisms of a product to get me to decide to keep my money in my wallet. The NRA will never be perfect, so criticisms are appropriate--but save them for later, or modify your criticism with something like (if you agree with me) "But whatever their faults, they're the best thing we gun-owners have on our side."

    If that message gets out, you'll see more people sending in $25. But don't spend your time HERE: you're preaching to the choir here, and everyone at THR has probably already decided to support the NRA, or decided very certainly that they don't want to.

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    Hard to do anything to change the NRA and align their goals with your own if you're not a voting member...

    As you can see in my signature, I diversified my portfolio. I assure you, if you want to see a "no compromise" gun organization, join the JPFO... those people make me look lackadaisical. Some of the publications they sent me with my membership are... well, you'd have to read them, but these people are not kidding around. At all.
    "[The 2nd Amendment's] free exercise is the antithesis of serfdom and the only meaningful form of holocaust insurance known to man." -- Gus Cotey, Jr.
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    Perhaps their "settlement" in the NOLA debacle turned more than few people away. I know it affected some people who live in NOLA.

    Just a thought.........
    Shelley B.

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