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Thread: The Future of the CMP

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    The Future of the CMP

    Do you think that the future of the CMP may be in jeopardy under the new administration? I feel that the program is still around because it flies very low under the radar and most non shooters have never heard of it. Can you imagine what the reaction will be when they(the new admin.) finds out that the Government has been selling battle rifles to civilians for decades!! And that the ammunition that these fire will go though body armor (OK, most rifle ammo will do that anyway), so these will now be called cop killer battle rifles to frighten the public. Just to be safe I just placed an order for another CKBR, besides it takes three to use the stacking lugs.

    Just a thought.

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    CZRyan,some folks might not be aware of this fine program.
    Here's their link:

    I personally feel they will survive just fine.

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    As I recall the CMP lost government sponsorship under the Clinton Admin.

    I am not sure what the arrangement is between CMP and the govt. for the building(s) they occupy, nor the specific nature of the transactions under which the CMP obtains the guns and ammo that it sells.

    However, it is my understanding the the CMP is now self-supporting.

    Hopefully there will soon be other posts that can flesh out my poor recollections.

    Now will the new administration move to dismantle the CMP ... given the stripe of these "cats" I see no reason to think otherwise. Yet there is the question of; can the succeed?

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    The easiest thing to do, I imagine, would simply to prevent the military from turning over any more rifles.

    I would think most of what the CMP does is authorized by law. I can't imagine they could do much else except by passing legislation.
    "No tendency is quite so strong in human nature as the desire to lay down rules of conduct for other people."

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    From what I read on the CMP's site they are independent of the .gov, so I'm not as worried about their future as I was before.

    However, just to hedge my bets, I did order my M1 Carbine (Inland, arrived today!) and an M1 Garand right after the election, just in case. Probably a little bit of overreaction, but I'd have felt terrible if I'd simply just never gotten around to buying some of their fine wares while they were readily available.

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    Why do you think the CMP has opened up the rifle sales as much as they have. From 1 per life, to 1 a year, and now what 8+? And the liberalization of the marksmanship requirements? That is to get as many rifles out the door as possible in order to bulk up their endowment as large as possible. Because once the rifle sales end, due to being all gone, or by .gov orders, CMP has to survive off the endowment for its marksmanship activities.

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    +1 for what ke6guj said.

    If you read the forums over at CMP you'll see quite a bit a info. The main thing an Obama admin could do to screw up CMP would be to revoke their ability to sell across state lines w/o involving an FFL. I believe that was done by EO or some sort of administrative finagaling . . .

    So if Obama wanted to screw with them he jacks the FFL license fee's through the roof and eliminates CMP's ability to ship directly to your door. I believe all of that can be done administratively and not require any "laws".

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmftoy1
    The main thing an Obama admin could do to screw up CMP would be to revoke their ability to sell across state lines w/o involving an FFL. I believe that was done by EO or some sort of administrative finagaling . . .
    He couldn't do that. The President can't overrule an act of Congress with an Executive Order. The CMP exemption from GCA 68 was granted by Congress in the legislation that established the program.

    Some of you seem to think that the CMP is a big secret and is unknown to Congress. They are very aware of the CMP and provide oversite through GAO audits.

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