I am writing to request assistance from like-minded individuals. This comment session closes on 12/2/2008

The Virginia Citizens Defense League is asking the State Forester to change the current regulation to allow the otherwise lawful carry of handguns, either concealed with a concealed handgun permit or openly, in a state forest.

To that end, there is an on-line petition. Gun owners in favor of enacting the petition far outnumber the comments that are against changing the regulation.

I wrote:
"When seconds count, the police are only minutes away." This quote underscores the fact that the American public cannot be protected by the Government at all times. There are times when the responsibility of self-protection falls on the individual.

As proof of this, I submit the case of Warren v. District of Columbia (1981) the Federal Court of Appeals for D.C. ruled that the police do not have a legal responsibility to protect individuals within society. The police must only to protect society 'at large'. This was a case in which three rape victims sued the District of Columbia. Two of three female roommates were upstairs when they heard men break in and attack the third. After repeated calls to the police over half an hour, the roommate's screams stopped, and they assumed the police had arrived. They went downstairs and were held captive, raped, robbed, beaten, and forced to commit sexual acts upon one another and to submit to the attackers' sexual demands for 14 hours. The police claimed that they had lost track of the repeated calls for assistance.

Having regulations that remove firearms from law abiding citizens only serves to create a potential victim for those people not inclined to follow the law. After all, people who are inclined to break the law will do so at will, and criminals not encumbered by following the law already carry concealed firearms wherever they go; and whenever they feel like it.

Having a prohibition on firearms in State parks may make some people (who do not like firearms) feel safer, but it won’t make them any safer in actuality.

I ask that you pass this petition as written.

The link to the town hall comment area is

If you are a Virginia resident who has a Concealed Handgun Permit, or a resident State with whom Virginia has a reciprocal agreement, this change could impact you. Please comment in favor of enacting the change in the regulations, as indicated in the petition.

Thank you.