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Thread: urban sight range

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    urban sight range

    What would be the best distant to sight a rifle at for urban combat , most likely under 100 yard's ?
    Using a Multi reticle Reflex Sight Compact and a 3x9x40 scope

    Rifles 223 , 7.62x39 , 9mm . 308

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    Compromise to something between the end of the driveway and the end of the block. 75 yard dead on zero should handle anything up close and personal but far enough out to handle any reasonable long shot in an urban setting.
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    Depends on the trajectory of the rounds. I'd prefer to be sighted in for the longest range that wouldn't require hold off for elevation. For the .223/5.56x45 and .308/7.62x51 I'd say 150 to 200 yards, for the 7.62x39 I'd go for 100 to 150 yd or maybe 200 yd, and for the 9 mm 50 yd. Unless it's necessary to part someone's hair those should work. I believe that the military uses 200 m or ~220 yd as the sight in range for the 5.56 now. I can't remember what zero we used to use with the 7.62x51 a century ago, but 200 yd would seem reasonable too. For the 9 mm I don't think I'd want to try to take on someone at more than 50 yd or meters unless it was absolutely necessary. It's a pistol round even from a carbine, sub gun.

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