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Thread: Witloe "Lee & Grant" Remington New Model Army

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    Witloe "Lee & Grant" Remington New Model Army

    I want to buy and need more info on the Witloe Precision Inc manufactured Remington 1858 New Model Army. They produced two revolvers, one called the "Lee" with a bronze frame and the other the "Grant" with a steel frame. There are others with just the "Witloe" on the barrel. I am interested these as well.

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    very nice keep it up

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    I had one marked Witloe on the barrel back in the 70's. I sold it a number of years ago and sorry I did. They were only made for a short period of time and then the manufacture went into making items for the Viet Naum war. They were a high quality gun, none better as far as replicas go. I paid either 350 or 450 for it back then. Good luck finding one.

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