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Thread: Pediatricians

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    I go to my doctor for advice on guns in much the same way I go to the handgun instructor for advice on neurosurgery.

    From another forum:
    Doctors Practice Form For Patients

    Part One: Qualifications
    I affirm that I am certified to offer (Name of Patient: ), herineafter referred to as "the Patient", qualified advice about firearms safety in the home, having received:
    Specify Course(s) of Study: __________________________________________________ __________
    Specify Institution(s) __________________________________________________ __________
    Specify Course Completion Date(s): __________________________________________________ ____
    resulting in:
    Specify Accreditation(s), Certification(s), License(s) etc.: _______________________________________
    __________________________________________________ _________________________________
    Check one, as appropriate:
    ___ I represent that I have reviewed applicable scientific literature pertaining to defensive gun use and beneficial results of private firearms ownership. I further represent that I have reviewed all other relevant home safety issues with the Patient, including those relating to electricity, drains, disposals, compactors, garage doors, driveway safety, pool safety, pool fence codes and special locks for pool gates, auto safety, gas, broken glass, stored cleaning chemicals, buckets, toilets, sharp objects, garden tools, home tools, power tools, lawnmowers, lawn chemicals, scissors, needles, forks, knives, etc. I also acknowledge, by receiving this document, I have been made aware that, in his inaugural address before the American Medical Association on June 20, 2001, new president Richard Corlin, MD, admitted "What we don't know about violence and guns is literally killing us...researchers do not have the data to tell how kids get guns, if trigger locks work, what the warning signs of violence in schools and at the workplace are and other critical questions due to lack of research funding." (UPI). In spite of this admission, I represent that I have sufficient data and expertise to provide expert and clinically sound advice to patients regarding firearms in the home.
    ___ I am knowingly engaging in Home/Firearms Safety Counseling without certification, license or formal training in Risk Management, and; I have not reviewed applicable scientific literature pertaining to defensive gun use and beneficial results of private firearms ownership.
    Part Two: Liability
    I have determined, from a review of my medical malpractice insurance, that if I engage in an activity for which I am not certified, such as Firearms Safety Counseling, the carrier (check one, as appropriate):
    ___ will
    ___ will not
    cover lawsuits resulting from neglect, lack of qualification, etc.
    Insurance Carrier name, address and policy number insuring me for firearms safety expertise:
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    I further warrant that, should the Patient follow my firearm safety counseling and remove from the home and/or disable firearms with trigger locks or other mechanisms, and if the patient or a family member, friend or visitor is subsequently injured or killed as a result of said removal or disabling, that my malpractice insurance and/or personal assets will cover all actual and punitive damages resulting from a lawsuit initiated by the patient, the patient's legal reprerentative, or the patient's survivors.
    Signature of attesting physician and date: __________________________________________________ _
    Name of attesting physician (please print):___________________________________________ _______
    Signature of patient and date: __________________________________________________ __________
    Name of patient (please print):___________________________________________ _________________
    Note to patient: Indicate if physician "REFUSED TO SIGN." Ask physician to place copy in chart/medical record.
    Risk Management Advice to Physicians and Malpractice Insurance Providers: Don't Borrow Trouble
    2000 by Joe Horn ...

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    ^ Brutal, but effective! I love it!

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    LOL, will have to take that to my ped, wonder if she'll laugh or get pissed?

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    I don't think they need to ask and would be annoyed if they did.

    But I don't think it is unreasonable for them to distribute safety information pertaining to guns, or trampolines, unattended baths, etc.

    My daughter's pediatrician has never asked if we had firearms in the house. If she did I'd likely say I prefer to keep them on my person.
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    Isn't the #1 cause of homicide in children a non-related adult male in the household? Has a pediatrician ever asked about that risk factor? Just a couple of cities away from me, in Fontana, CA, a man is being charged with 2 counts of killing infants. He shook his girlfriend's 2-month-old baby to death for crying and, while awaiting trial for that, shook his new girlfriend's 14-month old baby to death for crying.
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    My doctor asked if we keep firearms in the home; I felt like asking her where else should I keep them because the police frown upon leaving them in the car. Instead, I asked her if owning a gun would have prevented a torn ACL, cuz I'd definitely buy one if it would help avoid pain like this in the future. She said gun ownership would do nothing to prevent such an injury. We stared at each other for about five seconds before she started to smile a bit. Smart lady.
    A gun is a tool; the mind is the weapon.

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    Our Doctor didn't have to ask us about having guns in the house, I have hunted with him before. Our other now retired doctor has asked for shooting lessons.

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    Of course if you enjoy drama you can always 'plan B.'

    OH MY GOD!!!! Are you saying my baby has been SHOT in your care???? screamed loud enough those in the waiting room can hear might create an motivation to change the subject.

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    I used to work for a DA(no I don't mean double action) Dr. who carried a gun in his pocket at work and was prone to pull it out in front of Pts.
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    I just say NO and move on..NO stress.. What are they going to arrest me for not telling they truth?
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    I was delighted to run into my family doctor at the gun shop.

    We discussed the Mosin Nagant 91-30 he was looking at and then moved on to the SKS on the rack.

    I corrected the clerk on the origin of this model - it was a Yugo, not a norinco.

    I gotta have him down to shoot when the weather breaks......

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    But I don't think it is unreasonable for them to distribute safety information pertaining to guns
    Has anyone run into this?

    I'm curious if any such information--verbal or print material (and soon to be video via portal!)--takes the form of the NRA-compatible "keep guns and ammo separately stored when not in use, and secure from unauthorized users", or "you should remove all firearms from your house if you have kids--and even if you don't."

    I know there are some (inaccurate and poorly done, IMO) studies that "show" that training kids in proper firearm use does not discourage them from handling guns without parental supervision, so I think it would be too much to hope that one of their safety recommendations is training any children in the house. But it should be.

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    Kids Teeth Removal

    Are there any recommendations for teeth extraction for kids. i have a case of a root canals.

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