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Thread: Long Arms Are a Drag.

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    Long Arms Are a Drag.

    Does anyone make a handgun scope with an eye relief longer than 20 inches?
    My standard stance is 26" ocular to ocular and I need something more finite than a red-dot.

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    You might look at:

    Pride Fowler Rapid Reticle Heavy Duty Pistol Scope 1.25-4x 28mm 44 Remington Magnum Rapid Reticle Silver

    Although calibrated for .44 magnum at 1400 fps for 100, 140, 200, 250 yards, it is not difficult to shoot any caliber and determine to the range for each cross hair in the rapid recticle.

    A reviewer on indicates eye relief to be 12-24 inches. Nice scope.
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    If you don't mind bulky an eotech would do the trick. Forget about eye relief. I'm planning on putting one of mine on my S&W 629 but just haven't had the time. I have one a kel-tec PLR-16 and it's fantastic. The reticle with the 65moa circle around the red dot makes it easy to see. I also have trouble with just a red dot by itself.

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