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Thread: 330+ members shooters group in DFW looking for more members!

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    330+ members shooters group in DFW looking for more members!

    Hi All,

    I run the Dallas Target & Action Shooters group: D.T.A.S.

    We're 330 members strong and growing.

    We average 7-9 events monthly that include:

    -Monthly Social dinner
    -Monthly Range day
    -Various trainings (such as combat pistol, self defense pistol, low-light shooting, etc)
    -Various competitions (metal mania, IDPA, Real World, GSSF, etc).

    My membership is a 50/50 split between men and women. They are all skill levels from the absolute beginner to LEO and military.

    The only requirement is that my members treat everyone with respect and come with a casual, friendly attitude. There is no cost to be a member (I pay the $500/yr to run the site out of my own pocket).

    We also have give-aways often. Currently for D.T.A.S. members we've got free drawings for Glock pistol range bags and certificates for ANY Safariland holster...for free! We also receive free shirts, hats, and merchandise from manufacturers for our members to have/try.

    Also visit our official video page that has some short video's from past events:

    D.T.A.S. Video Page

    I hope you'll join! And tell your friends about us!

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    I wanted to post some comments members left regarding our Monthly Range Day from this past Saturday. If you've haven't joined us yet for an event, or have joined but not attended and event I hope we'll see you soon! We had approx. 20 people at the event.

    Comment 1:

    This was my first event with DTAS. I had a great day at the range meeting fellow enthusiasts. Everyone was very approachable and friendly. There are many experienced members that can offer great advice on shooting techinique or firearms. I was really surprised at how everyone was willing to loan their firearms for other members to test and evaluate. If you are new or just getting started, there is a wealth of knowledge in the members I met today.

    Comment 2:

    I have a very nice experience!!! everybody was so nice!!! relax,and the most important he was very safe!!! I enjoy my time.

    Comment 3:

    Another fun range day, started out cold, but warmed up nicely by noon. A last minute lunch afterwards with 9 of us was really enjoyable. I shot my first AR... nothing but

    Calendar of Events

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    DFW, TX
    I'd like to join in sometime, but can rarely guarantee attendance (busy, busy).
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    No worries about being busy - there is no requirement on attendance other than you keep your RSVP accurate.

    By signing up for the group, you'll receive emails (if you choose) on all our events (we have 9 in December), and be allowed to take advantage of the freebies such as:

    --Our drawing for FOUR FREE small Glock range bags next week;

    --Drawing to win one of TWO FREE Safariland certificates good for ANY holster they make!

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