View Poll Results: How should we combat attempts to close the "Gun Show Loophole"?

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  • Convince the public that background checks are an unacceptable infringment on civil liberties.

    8 26.67%
  • Defend current system: FFL sales require checks & paperwork, private sales require niether.

    19 63.33%
  • Push to allow private sellers to use the NICS system without any requiring paperwork to be turned.

    3 10.00%
  • We shouldn't fight it. All firearms sales, new or used, should have to go through a FFL.

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Thread: How should we comment attempts to close the "Gun Show Loophole"?

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    How should we comment attempts to close the "Gun Show Loophole"?

    In a thread on another site I stated my thoughts on the so called "gun show loophole". I've copied them below. How do you think we should combat the attacks on / attempts to close the "Gun Show loophole"?

    Comment posted by me on another pro gun site:

    The "gun show loophole" has refered to the fact that people can do face to face sales with no background check or paper trail.

    The paper trail, IMHO, is not a significant issue outside of extreem anti gunners and strong pro gun people. The general public doesn't give a rats pettuti if there is a form 4473 for a sale. Only those who want to confiscate, or are afraid of confiscations that might happen are concerned with that end.

    The background check is a different issue.

    Anti's use the lack of background checks on private sales to paint gunshows, and all other private sales as a source of criminal firearms. The general "unaffiliated" public believes this to a large extent. They also have a hard time understanding the resistance to background checks in an era of terrorism and computers, when a background check can be completed in 5 - 10 minutes. Only srong 2nd amendment defenders understand the opposition to background checks as a defense of "innoncent till proven guilty".

    The way I see it, we have three choicse:
    1) Convince the general public that background checks at the point of sale are an unacceptable infringment on civil liberties.
    2) Continue allowing anti's to link private sales and lack of background checks, thereby forcing us to fight for unregulated private sales and heavily regulated sales from businesses.
    3) Redirect the fight by supporting private access to the NICS system for private sales, without requiring private individuals to involve FFL dealers for every sale.

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    Simply say that the gun show loophole was closed when the gun control act of 2005 (I'm just picking a year out of my... <ahem> the air) was signed into law.

    If any one is so ignorant that there still is such a thing as the gun show loophole then pointing out all the laws that closed the loopholes will be quite futile. Just say it no longer exists, you won, after 30 years (another number I made up) of fighting the powerful gun lobby the gun show loophole has been closed for years and you can sleep soundly knowing that criminals now have to get their guns the old fashioned way... by stealing them while you sleep.
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    While that will likely work in an individual when speaking to them, it won't work on a larger basis.

    Where there are still gun shows, the questions will come up. Here in S.E. Michigan, the gun show promoters took it off of our plate - by refusing to allow private sales at the shows. On top of that, the local newspapers refuse to accept ads for firearm sales. That did lovely things to the resale value of firearms (and to the price of new ones). Lovely that is if you are a FFL dealer. However, it did shut down most demand to close gun shows here.

    On a national level, it is still an issue. And it will only end one of three ways:

    1- We gain enough public support for our side of the issue so that politicians don't see any significant drive to do anything.

    2- Gun show promoters take the issue away either by not running gun shows or by eliminating private sales at the shows.

    3- The antis eliminate gun shows, private sales at gun shows, or private sales entirely.

    If we plan on winning this issue, we have to think about it and decide how to fight it. Just reacting to the anti's assaults on it is not going to be enough, we have to have a plan as to how to counter thier attacks. That's why I posed the question.

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    I see the "loophole" as mostly a fallacy. At the shows I've been to, most of the gun dealers are FFLs and most of the rest are primarily selling vintage rifles. Not what your average criminal is looking for. Private FTF sales are allowed anyway. Also, I've never seen a study that shows any significant percentage of guns from crimes that came from gun shows. Their arguments are based mainly on fear rather than fact.

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