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Thread: Leather Safariland Rifle Sling

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    Leather Safariland Rifle Sling

    I have a leather Safariland rifle sling, the basket weave type. Before Thanksgiving I lost a brass part that attaches the wide end to the sling swivel. Not sure what the proper name is, but it's a brass grommet with female threads inside. A brass screw running through the sling clamps the end of the sling together.

    I've tried contacting Safariland Customer service, but it's the pits. I've left an e-mail and phone message, but I haven't received any response.

    Does anyone have source for this part? Thanks.

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    That's called a Chicago screw and any Ace hardware has them.

    You can pick them up for about a quarter at any good hardware store, in a variety of sizes. Take the sling in to the store and get the one that fits.

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