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Thread: Charles Daly EFST

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    Thumbs up Charles Daly EFST

    Y'all did it to me again. I had planned to get my next pistol some time early next year, and it was supposed to be a more-or-less-as-issued 1911A1.

    But you all made the dressed-up guns sound so good... .

    So I'm on my way to work today (I'm on noon-to-nine on Thursdays) and drop by a local gun shop. There, among the high-dollar stuff, sits a used, full dress, stainless, Charles Daly Empire Field Stainless Target 1911A1. It has accessories hanging off of the accessories. Gaudy!

    Anyway, I talk the guy behind the counter down to $415.00 plus tax. Then, amazingly, he still lets me put it on lay-away!

    Merry Christmas to me!
    "Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect."
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